Salpingoophoritis: symptoms, causes of development and treatment

The diagnosis of "salpingo-oophoritis" suggests thatwomen there is a pathological inflammatory process in the area of ​​the fallopian tubes, as well as the ovaries. It is worth noting that this disease can be very unpleasant. Despite the fact that salpingo-oophoritis symptoms are not very pronounced, morphological changes in the fallopian tubes can lead to great problems with conception. So it is better to treat such a disease immediately after its detection.

Salpingo-oophoritis symptoms

Causes of development

The main factor in the onset of this diseaseis the infection in the fallopian tubes and ovaries. At the same time, 2-sided salpingo-oophoritis is formed most often. This disease can develop under the influence of both specific (for example, chlamydia), and nonspecific microflora. To get an infection in the fallopian tubes and ovaries can be from two main places: the uterus and the abdominal cavity. In the first case, infection usually occurs against the background of the presence of any venereal diseases or endometritis of infectious etiology. As for the penetration of pathogenic microflora from the abdominal cavity, this usually occurs when a woman has a disease such as appendicitis.

It should be noted that salpingo-oophoritis is practicallynever appears in the event that there are no predisposing factors other than getting the infection. The fact is that the local immunity is strong enough and can cope with virtually any pathogenic microflora. It is for this reason that salpingoophoritis usually develops only in women with reduced immunity. This is observed in cases where a representative of the beautiful half of humanity is supercooled or has another disease that significantly reduces the protective forces of her body.

2-sided salpingo-oophoritis

Clinical course

If such a disease develops assalpingo-oophoritis, the symptoms may not appear immediately. This ailment can for some time proceed at all asymptomatically, manifesting itself even when the pathological process has developed quite strongly. First of all, the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen on the right and / or on the left attracts attention. In the future, they can be transformed into a dull aching or drawing pain. It is rarely too pronounced. In addition, pain can also appear in the lumbar region. Often a woman with this disease has a little fever. Also, if salpingo-oophoritis develops, the symptoms of this disease may include impaired urination and dyspepsia.


This disease must be tried to cure aspossible ahead of time. The fact is that if salpingo-oophoritis occurs, the symptoms of this ailment are not the worst. Where more troubles can arise due to its main complication - the formation of adhesions in the lumen of the fallopian tubes, which leads to infertility.

The diagnosis of salpingo-oophoritis

When the body is prone to this disease,a woman is advised to avoid hypothermia, to maintain a diet that eliminates smoked, too much flavored, as well as fried foods. The basis for the treatment of salpingoophoritis is the use of antibacterial drugs. First, doctors prescribe drugs with a wide range of actions, and when it becomes clear which kind of infection caused the disease, they are replaced by more effective medicines in the fight against the microflora detected.

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