Maternity hospital № 2, Voronezh: patient reviews

Maternity homes are places where a newhuman life. Here the newborns spend their first days together with their mothers. Many seriously approach the choice of maternity home. And this is the right decision. On how the childbirth process and the postpartum period will pass, the health of the mother and the baby will depend. Therefore, it is necessary to read numerous reviews about this or that organization in each city before contacting them.

Today we will be interested in maternity hospital № 2(Voronezh). Is it worth to go here? Is this a good medical institution? What are the pros and cons? Respond to all this will help the numerous opinions of patients. Immediately prepare for the fact that there is no single conclusion. Everyone assesses the significance of the advantages and disadvantages of the organization, and then makes some conclusions. Therefore, the final decision will have to be made independently, specifically for themselves.

maternity hospital 2 voronezh

Description of organization

What is the hospital number 2 (Voronezh)? It's easy to guess that this is the place where people give birth to children. The most common maternity hospital that does not offer any specific services. Everything is very clear and simple. It is an independent organization, it is not at any hospital.

Antenatal care is envisaged here, butonly from the 38th week of pregnancy. And then in exceptional cases. Basically, no additional services the hospital does not offer. This is frustrating for many. There are some nuances of providing special opportunities, but they are a little later.

Roddom number 2 (Voronezh) is not a private oneorganization, and state. It turns out that here you have every right to give birth free of charge. The main thing is to have a certain list of documents with you. A great opportunity, which pleases.


Where is this maternity hospital located? This is also an important point. After all, often the mothers come to one or another maternity hospital according to the area where the women's consultation is located. Or, more simply, by residence permit. Very convenient - you can once again not think about where to give birth. Although most women in labor prefer to choose a place for childbirth. In any case, you will know exactly where to go.

Maternity hospital No. 2 (Voronezh) has the following address: Leningradskaya street, 57. Accordingly, this organization is located in Russia, in the Voronezh region. And it is not hard to guess, directly in Voronezh. If you look at the map, then this organization is located closer to the outskirts of the city. This fact is not very happy visitors, but nothing to do with this will not work. Therefore, many are advised to go to the hospital in advance, if you have already begun the birth process. Although getting to the institution is not so difficult.

2 maternity hospital Voronezh reviews


Of course, before any medical institutionyou have to dial in from time to time. Some visitors evaluate the work of the organization on this indicator. You can say, the faster you can get through, the more responsible is the service staff. It is recommended not to evaluate the work of the maternity hospital by the speed of answering calls, but it is also impossible to overlook this factor.

You can call the registry by severalphones. They are only 2: 8 (4732) 49-17-13 and 8 (4732) 49-07-42. It is for these combinations that you can contact the maternity hospital № 2 in Voronezh and ask all the questions that interest you.

It is noted that there are no significantno problem. Usually patients easily dial up to the registry of the hospital. And this fact really pleases - employees respond quickly, which means that at least they do not care at all about customers' appeals. A small, but nevertheless advantage.

maternity hospital 2 Voronezh doctors

The services

2 maternity hospital (Voronezh) receives a variety offrom women in childbirth and ordinary visitors. Attention is drawn to many points. For example, on the services offered by the maternity hospital. It has already been said that we are dealing with a public medical institution. This is not a private organization. So, all services can be obtained absolutely free of charge. The way it is. This factor is very encouraging to the parturient women - there is no need to spend money on childbirth.

Only maternity hospital No. 2 still offers paid services. In principle, they are not much different from free ones. You are simply allowed to do things that are not feasible for the free of charge to realize. For example, choose a specific doctor, obstetrician and neonatologist for the child. Also among paid services it is possible to note an individual rodzal, the possibility of partner births (at the request of the mother in childbirth), an individual chamber of high comfort. In general, paid services are directed mainly to the comfort of mother and child. Both psychological and physiological. Such a decision pleases many. And therefore, reviews of maternity hospital № 2 please. It turns out, for a fee you will be officially given all the best.

Conditions of stay

Conditions of stay also play an important role. A mother and baby should be comfortable in the walls of a particular institution. It is noted that not always paid services are worth the money paid. And not in all cases, free services are as terrible as they are depicted.

2 maternity hospital Voronezh reviews about doctors

Maternity hospital № 2 (Voronezh) offersgood conditions of stay. Mothers of women say that everything is clean, light and cozy. Discomfort is not particularly noticeable. Cosmetic repair is, but there are no frills. Free chambers are designed for a large number of places - from 4 beds. Therefore, not everyone is comfortable in such conditions. But not so critical. The women in attendance still emphasize the frequent lines in the toilet and shower - the common toilet is free of charge for the freebies. So some discomfort can appear.

But the payers were more fortunate. It's no secret that such customers are surrounded by great comfort. And indeed it is. It is noted that the paid chambers are better equipped, a separate bathroom is envisaged here. It turns out, no queues, everything is just yours. Nevertheless, there is one drawback - some do not have enough communication. But this is easily solved - visits of relatives are allowed. Therefore, if you have a large family, you will not be bored even in a fee-paying ward. All this very much pleases women in childbirth. After all, it can be noted that in the 2 nd hospital in Voronezh you are offered conditions for choice: either in the company, but with some inconvenience, or alone, but with complete comfort. All honest, no deception.


What else can offer maternity hospital № 2 (Voronezh)? Doctors - this is another point that affects the decision of the mother in childbirth to use the services of a maternity hospital. Medical workers are extremely important for such an organization - they will depend on the life of the baby, as well as the mother.

maternity hospital 2 address

It is noted that doctors in the hospital number 2 workexperienced and educated. There are practically no new frames. There are both obstetricians and gynecologists of higher categories. You can find even a few candidates of medical sciences. This is very pleasant and joyful news - you can trust people who know their business.

That is why the 2 maternity hospitals are so popular (Voronezh). Reviews about the doctors are diverse - and good, and not very much. Someone says that many doctors are not very friendly, some assure otherwise. To that to believe? Everything - from the human factor, no one is immune. Therefore, you can not always be welcome. But they are trying to fight this phenomenon. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, there are no complaints against doctors. Professionals who know their business. Many practice on natural birth, which pleases women in childbirth. Cesarean section is performed only on medical grounds or in extreme cases.

Junior staff

Serving staff also plays a role forrating of medical institutions. And not only when it comes to maternity hospitals. Our today's organization has a lot of junior staff. And about him you can find a variety of reviews.

Someone indicates that the hospital number 2 (Voronezh), photowhich is presented in the article, recruits a kind and sympathetic staff. Before you do anything, you will be told about the procedure. Therefore, you can not be afraid for your health. Attitude to women in attendance is attentive and careful. Just what so many maternity homes do not have! If a new mother has questions or needs help, you can contact the nurse and nurse. Everyone will show and tell.

maternity hospital 2 voronezh photo

There are also not the best reviewscharacter. They point to the disparaging and inattentive attitude of junior staff. It is impossible to get help. Rudeness and rudeness - this is what is common to many nurses and nannies. Inattention is allegedly found in the 2 nd hospital in Voronezh very often.

It turns out, opinions are divided. To that to believe? This you must decide on your own. One can hope and believe in the best, but prepare for the worst.

Strong differences

There are also opinions on the Internet pointing toon the strong differences between payers and freelancers. You can say that everything goes first, and the second - nothing. Paid patients receive all attention, they are constantly approached and are interested in their condition. But free women in labor can hardly wait for help. This is how the visitors assure. There are no proofs, but such responses are often met.

What other features does maternity hospital No. 2 (Voronezh) have? Midwives here with special trepidation and attention refer to paid patients, to free of charge is not always this attitude. Sometimes you can see how the payers sympathize with the free. Yes, the comfort of the payers is clearly greater, but it is for him and the women giving birth.

Playing Roulette

Actually, it is often emphasized thatin maternity hospital № 2 (as well as in other maternity hospitals) childbirth is a game of roulette. Someone is lucky to get free service at the highest level, and some even do not pay due attention for a fee.

maternity hospital number 2 Voronezh

So no one can exactly answer you,how good this organization is. If you believe the written, many believe that in the 2 nd hospital of Voronezh better than in other similar organizations. For a fee, they will treat you as their relatives. And for free - just like with the rest. That is without special attention.


What conclusions can be drawn? Maternity hospital No. 2 in Voronezh is not the worst place of treatment. About him, women leave a variety of opinions. There are bad and good. Only the first and the second are not confirmed by anything. It remains to rely on your intuition.

Many women recommend signing a contract withmaternity hospital if you doubt the quality of free delivery. For a fee, there are usually fewer censures. The final decision remains only for you. In any case, the girls give birth here and are not afraid to apply again.

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