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Health is the main value for each of us. The quality of our life, its fullness and brightness, our self-realization in work and in personal life largely depends on the general condition of the organism, as well as on the proper functioning of individual organs and systems. As it is said in the famous saying: "All diseases from nerves". This means that the brain and the nervous system play an important role in the formation and course of any pathology. The central nervous system is the main center of activity of our body, and without its functioning our life is practically impossible. In this case, we would exist just like a car without an engine or a device without a battery.

Diseases of the brain and nervous system area complex group of pathologies, certain difficulties arise in the diagnosis of this type of disease, and in the conduct of operations or drug therapy. But still in the modern world, many diseases, previously considered fatal, are discovered and successfully treated at an early stage, thanks to the rapid development of such branches of medicine as neurology and neurosurgery.

What is neurology? What does she learn?

This area of ​​medicine is engaged in diagnosticsand therapy of CNS diseases. Most often, this kind of pathology is difficult to detect, and in order to successfully do this, the doctor requires a high level of professionalism. The task of the doctor for the detection of nervous diseases is now somewhat simplified as a result of the introduction of modern specialized equipment and diagnostic techniques that allow an accurate picture of pathologies and defects in the brain, spine and nerves.

Thanks to such innovative devices,a specialist in the field of neurology draws a conclusion about the existing problems with the patient's health and prescribes methods of therapy that are appropriate for this particular situation. Since the CNS takes an active part in the formation of any pathology, and in the general health and well-being of the patient, it can "lubricate" the symptoms of the disease. For this reason, before conducting any special examinations, the general practitioner asks the patient to go to the neurologist.

Neurosurgery. The relevance of this section of science

Neurosurgery is a branch of medicine that deals withproblems of surgical intervention in the pathology of the central nervous system. Such diseases include, for example, the consequences of accidents, diseases of the vertebrae, brain, various neoplasms and cancerous tumors. Neurosurgeons conduct surveillance and medical research, as well as various operations and medication.

Surgical interventions used in thismedical industry, are rightly considered to be one of the most difficult to implement, so the doctor needs high professionalism, specialized skills in this field, as well as extreme care, accuracy, consciousness and accuracy.

burdenko institute

One of the most urgent tasks for the doctorafter the operation is a rapid rehabilitation of the patient and his rapid return to normal health and a full life. To this end, the neurosurgeon should be aware of the complex of restorative measures and supportive treatment for his patients.

The Burdenko Institute as one of the most famous neurosurgical clinics in Russia. General information about the institution

Since neurosurgery is one of the most importantbranches of medicine, and more and more scientific research is devoted to its issues, which have already been successfully applied in practice, many specialized clinics are being created in many countries of the world. Our country is not an exception. In Russia, one of the most famous medical institutions dealing with neurosurgery is the Burdenko Research Institute.

Burdenko Institute
This institution exists for a long time, since the 30s20th century. To date, it is one of the largest scientific research institutes, where patients with various pathologies of the central nervous system help. The clinic exists and has been functioning successfully for more than 80 years, and its specialists use the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to determine the illnesses of patients and their treatment. The Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery is located in Moscow, in 16th house on the 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, close to the Mayakovskaya and Novoslobodskaya metro stations.

From the history of the research institute. Briefly about the biography and professional activities of its founder

The founder of the Burdenko Institute is the Russian andSoviet Academician and Surgeon. He is also recognized as the founder of health and neurosurgery in our country, and was also a member of the Union of Physicians in London and the Academy of Surgeons in Paris.

Institute of Neurosurgery imid burdenko

Nikolai Nilovich Burdenko was born in the village of Kamenka,next to Penza, in 1876, in a clergyman's family, he graduated from the seminary. But his further life decided to devote to a medical career. In times of military conflict between our country and Japan, Burdenko served as a volunteer in the medical unit, helped with injuries, fought against the spread of typhoid infections and other dangerous viral diseases. In 1906 he graduated with honors from the medical faculty of the University in Tartu.

Some time later he received a professor's degreesurgery. When the First World War began, Nikolay Burdenko worked in this specialty: he applied bandages, carried out operations with wounds. In the 20 years of the last century, he was appointed head of the largest Moscow hospital, and then created in the capital of our homeland Institute of Neurosurgery them. Burdenko.

Structure of the clinic

From the very beginning of the establishment and functioning of SRIhe quickly developed due to the effective operation of the management clinic. The specialists of the institution have the opportunity to constantly improve their professional level, and for this purpose the institute has developed a system of classes for both experienced doctors and medical students. Doctors of the clinic are actively engaged in writing scientific works, and their theses can often be seen on the pages of foreign publications. The founder of the research institute, probably, would be sincerely glad for his followers, because the academician more than once said that words can create real miracles.

Burdenko Institute

The clinic consists of several blocks:

  1. Department of Diagnosis (MRI).
  2. Operating room.
  3. Children's neurosurgery.
  4. Department for the treatment of vertebral, vascular and brain diseases.
  5. Oncological block (treatment of neoplasms of the central nervous system).
  6. Department of craniocerebral injuries.
  7. Department for resuscitation.

Directions of work of the institution

The research institute employs many specialists, for example: neurosurgeon, neuro-reanimatologist, neurologist, pediatrician, therapist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, urologist, psychologist, oncologist, otolaryngologist, otorhinolaryngologist. Most doctors have a Ph.D. Such specialists as Goryainov SA, Okishev DN, Golbin DA, Maryashev SA, Fomichev DV, Kudryavtsev DV, worked in medicine for more than 10 years.

Doctors of the clinic constantly take part in foreign medical symposiums, improve their professional level and practical skills in the best foreign medical institutions.

One of the most urgent tasks of the research institute istreatment of various neoplasms of the brain and the central nervous system. Leading scientists and experienced specialists of the neurosurgery center have developed innovative techniques for low-traumatic surgery and effective drugs for the treatment of tumors that give high chances for recovery even in quite severe cases. Also, the doctors of the Institute conduct complex operations on the bones of the face and skull. As you have already seen, the doctors of the Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery are characterized by a high level of qualification and professionalism. They work accurately, accurately, thoughtfully and consistently, in concerted interaction with each other.

institute burdenko neurosurgery doctors

Before deciding whichmethods of surgical intervention or drug therapy used for the patient, doctors conduct preliminary studies and refer patients to laboratory tests. At the same time, neurosurgeons work in conjunction with other medical specialists: a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, an ENT, a specialist in diseases of the LIV.

Clinic services and research

Institute of Neurology. Burdenko has advanced diagnostic technologies and the latest medical equipment, which allows carrying out various studies and complicated surgical interventions that require special care. In the clinic, methods of magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound are widely used, various types of laboratory tests are also used, and brain tumor and vertebral cell samples are sampled. Doctors conduct therapy in stages, namely:

  1. Ask the patient questions about his physical health, carry out a general examination and make a conclusion about the physical condition of the patient.
  2. Perform detailed studies to identify neurological and neurosurgical diseases.
  3. Prepare the patient for surgery or perform drug therapy.
  4. A complex of restorative measures (exercise therapy, medication and vitamins, massage, etc.) is performed to achieve the greatest effect of the operation or preparations and the patient's return to normal life

In general, neurosurgeons and neurologists are engaged incomplex problems such as malformations of the central nervous system, neoplasms and cancer of the brain and vertebrae, cerebral palsy, tremor paralysis, hemorrhages and craniocerebral trauma, impaired pituitary activity, convulsive seizures, and so on. All these pathologies require an attentive approach, careful observation, timely detection and adequate therapy.

Patients' comments about the Burdenko Institute. Conclusions on the topic of the article

Research Institute. Burdenko is one of the outstanding medical institutions of our country. Many patients remember with gratitude the doctors who gave them or their relatives much needed medical help. To some, these health workers even saved life or returned work capacity. In addition, patients with heat respond to the cozy interior of the hospital, modern equipment, a favorable attitude of staff. Negative feedback on the clinic includes statements about high prices for the services of the Burdenko Institute, the difficulty of obtaining a quota for surgery or therapy, as well as surgical manipulation of young specialists and too fast discharge of patients who have not yet recovered from the operation due to lack of available seats.

Having described in detail about the Burdenko Institute, one shouldalso add that your health is not only in the hands of doctors, but also, above all, in your hands. Preventing pathologies is the best treatment. And one of the main tasks is to recognize the disease in time.

What are the symptoms that indicate the presence of CNS pathologies?

Institute of Burdenko Neurosurgery
There can be many such signs. It must be remembered that a visit to the neurologist should not be delayed if you have found the following abnormalities in your health:

  • pain in the head, arms, or legs;
  • speech disorders;
  • Insomnia or drowsiness, depressed mood or excessive anxiety;
  • periodic loss of consciousness;
  • motor disorders;
  • increased fatigue;
  • cognitive impairment;
  • loss of sensitivity of the face or body or, conversely, its amplification;
  • trembling of limbs.

Do not delay the doctor's visit "for later"because, as they say, "the delay in death is like". And, on the contrary, the faster the disease is diagnosed, even, at first glance, difficult to cure, the higher the probability of effective therapy or surgery.

Institute of Neurology im Burdenko
All the necessary activities will preserve the possibility of a full life and health.

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