Man's pain points will help you to know your own body better

The human body is a complexa mechanism that some researchers consider even an artificial product. Of course, this viewpoint belongs to the category of fiction, but there is some truth in it. Simply, many internal organs and systems function due to the stable operation of the center, where all the necessary information comes from. When the central computer, that is, the human brain, fails - the malfunctions begin in the whole body work. True, serious consequences can be avoided if you listen to the signals of your body in time. As a rule, the painful points of a person perfectly report the problems in the early stages.

Some believe that knowing your bodynot necessary. They prefer to give themselves to the mercy of doctors, forgetting that any disease is easier to prevent. In addition, early detection of failures makes it possible to solve the problem more quickly, until it becomes destructive. Any disease is easier to win at the initial stage than at later stages of development. It should be remembered that the pain points on the body are uneven, but their location is easy to calculate. Simply, they are in the intersection of nerve nodes, which allows them to respond as quickly as possible to the slightest problems in the body.

When you are concerned about pain pointsperson, it is possible to say with a high degree of probability where the failure went. If the painful points on the body in the sternum region near the collarbone on both sides are firmly felt, then we can talk about intercostal neuralgia. Pain can also be given to the lumbar region, so sometimes it seems that the kidneys are troubled. There are cases when unpleasant sensations arise in the area of ​​the heart - and the patient begins to be treated for non-existent diseases.

To facilitate the diagnosis, it is enough to checkpainful points of a person - and then everything will fall into place. True, no one has ever canceled an ordinary examination with the help of special equipment. Simply, a person can find the cause of the problem by himself, which will allow reacting in time - and contact the right specialist. Just do not engage in self-medication, as self-medication in a number of diseases can lead to the most disastrous consequences.

The manifestation of pain points on one level withthe navel, and also slightly above this line on the right side in most cases warns about the presence of appendicitis. Although there are exceptions, when pain in this area indicates problems with the bladder. In this case, an accurate diagnosis in such cases can be made only after a thorough and immediate examination.

When the painful points of a personbuttocks, as well as in the nasolar calyx, with a high probability of talking about radiculitis. Pain at the same time gives in the foot, which can cause even a slight temporary lameness. However, sometimes the same symptoms are observed with neuralgia, so the diagnosis can only be made by a specialist. Also, neuralgia, but already the facial nerve can indicate point pain in the eye area. If there is a sensation of pulsation in the field of the temple, then the migraine makes itself known. As a rule, it is possible to reduce the pain a little, if you lightly press the pulsating vessel.

Some active points can be usedonly with diagnostic, but also with preventive purposes. So, gently massaging the points on the foot, you can remove many types of pain in the internal organs, in the spine, and improve the psychological state of a person. Just the foot is connected by nerve endings with all internal organs, which allows you to influence many processes without resorting to medications.

Of course, this information ischaracter - and do not pretend to be an absolute truth. A person should listen to inner feelings, trust themselves - and then his health will improve significantly. Just do not forget about the official medicine, and use the active points as an additional means.

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