Plastic surgeon Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich: biography. Professor's Clinic of Doctor Pukhov

Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich, perhaps todayknows the whole world. His truly scientific and non-ordinary approach to his work allowed him to make a real revolution in both microsurgery and plastic surgery.

Most of his practice is in reconstructive operations. He spent over a thousand operations to patients who had complete traumatic limb amputation.

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short biography

Alexander Pukhov is a professor and doctor of medical sciences. He has many honorary titles.

Graduated from Chelyabinsk State Medical UniversityInstitute (in 1979), then until 1986, he studied at the All-Union Scientific Center of Surgery in Moscow with the subtleties of microsurgery. In addition, he became a graduate of the Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Medicine (Department of Microsurgery) in 1989. He repeatedly raised his qualification level both in Russia and in the leading clinics of France, England, Spain, Italy, Austria, the USA, Germany, Portugal.

When did he start to practice surgery?

Alexander Pukhov has been engaged in surgery since 1983, specifically reconstructive and plastic surgery since 1993.

From 1979 to 1983 he worked as a surgeon formetallurgical plant in Chelyabinsk, rendering assistance in the medical and sanitary unit. Then for two years he was a clinical resident, the place of work was the Department of Hospital Surgery at the Chelyabinsk Medical Academy. Since 1985 he worked as a vascular surgeon, the place of work is the Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital (vascular surgery). It was the basis for the first time in the Southern Urals and in Siberia the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Microsurgery was organized. And in 1991 A. Pukhov was appointed its head.

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Scientific activity

The scientific activity of the plastic surgeon Alexander Pukhov is also quite extensive. In 2000, he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. A year later, a doctorate was obtained.

Alexander Grigoryevich since 2004 in the BashkirState Medical University (with IPO course) took the post of Professor of the Department of Oncology. Since 2006, at the Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy, he has become a professor at the Department of Surgical Dentistry. With his help, five candidates of science were defended (he was their scientific supervisor). He has more than one hundred and thirty scientific publications in Russian and foreign periodicals, including the textbook for medical universities "Oncology" (co-authored with Professor Sh. H. Gantsev) and a monograph published in 2001.

Professorial clinic

Professorial clinic Pukhova AlexandraGrigorievich was established in 1991. At the moment it is one of the most active in our country surgical clinics in such areas as aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive. Under the leadership of Alexander Grigorievich, a friendly and highly professional team of cosmetologists and surgeons was formed. Doctors working in the clinic, repeatedly trained in the depths of plastic surgery in the famous clinics of different countries. This allows you to carry out operations of any complexity and technology at the highest level, as well as carry out proper postoperative rehabilitation.

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What can the clinic do?

The work of the professor's clinic of Doctor Pukhov is based on the following main directions:

  • reconstructive operations, in which precision and microsurgical techniques are applied to urological, oncological, vascular, traumatological patients;
  • microsurgical operations of an emergency nature, replantology, that is, engraftment of limbs and other organs severed from injury;
  • reconstruction operations after various injuries, burns, as well as with congenital pathologies;
  • aesthetic and plastic surgery of the body and face, including dermolipoplasty and ultrasound diploplasty of the body;
  • all kinds of rejuvenating operations on the face;
  • lifting, prosthetics of mammary glands;
  • male and female intimate surgery;
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  • rehabilitation and aesthetic cosmetology, that is, a more rapid recovery after a plastic surgery;
  • scientific research, continuous improvement and the development of technology for conducting different types of operations.

In addition to cosmetology services, the clinic performs correction through wraps and massage. Specialists use only effective effective correction techniques.

Professorial clinic of plastic surgeonAlexandra Pukhova is one of the most famous clinics not only in Chelyabinsk, but all over Russia. The staff of this medical institution is very attentive and experienced, there is a round-the-clock close monitoring of the patient in the first days after the operation. The hospital is equipped with very comfortable rooms, in which there is all the necessary modern equipment.

Most of the patients of Alexander Grigorievich -Russians, including performers, politicians, rich people. Thanks to a deep chemical peel, such stars of television and pop stars as Valentina Leontieva, Nadezhda Babkina, Edita Piekha, Roman Viktuk, Elena Obraztsova and others began to look ten to fifteen years younger.

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Trust the clinic, thanks to the efforts of AG. Pukhova, as well as foreigners, which brought her fame throughout the world.


Pukhov Alexander Grigoryevich deserves onlypositive reviews. He really is a professional in his field. He has many grateful customers. The clinic is constantly visited by people who are unhappy with their appearance. They trust only Alexander Grigorievich.

To the academician of four academies of sciences (twoRussian, Italian and American) come not only for beauty and health, but also for knowledge and experience, as a lot of his scientific works are published abroad. Pukhov Alexander Grigorievich regularly takes part in international scientific conferences, symposia, seminars and congresses. For his brilliant work in the field of healthcare, he was awarded a number of diplomas and medals of international scientific associations and academies.

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