Cervicalgia - it's painful and serious ...

Cervicalgia is a syndrome of dorsalgia, in whichthere is a specific severity in the neck. Also, this pathology is characterized by stress and painful discomfort in the muscles of the neck. Cervicalgia is a condition that can lead to a restriction of the mobility of the entire cervical region, dizziness, visual impairment, and autonomic dysfunction.

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Painful sensations in the neck may have a tingling, pulsating, shooting character. Increases pain from the slightest movements (cough, physical stress).

This pathology manifests itself in such states as:

  • numbness of the hands or occiput;
  • noise in ears;
  • painful sensations in the nape;
  • the inability to tilt and turn the head.

The peculiarity of such a condition as cervicalgia -it is the irradiation of pain. Painful discomfort spreads through nerve fibers and passes to the shoulder joint and upper limbs. On the branches of the vertebral nerves, pain can spread to the temporal, parietal and occipital areas.

From the side of the spine, changes in statics and dynamics can be observed.

chronic cervical

Cervicalgia: Causes

In most cases, pain is the result of such phenomena as:

  • emotional or physical overstrain;
  • pinched nerve;
  • uncomfortable position of the body for a long time;
  • hernia of intervertebral discs;
  • trauma of the cervical spine;
  • supercooling;
  • infection, tumors of the tissues of the spine.

If the pain in the shoulder, neck, and nape of the neck is worried for a long time, then this is chronic cervicalgia. In this case, cervical spondylosis or osteochondrosis may develop.

Diagnosis and treatment of cervicalgia

In order to diagnose this condition,it is necessary to conduct a competent clinical analysis of pain manifestations. Particular attention should be given to the conditions under which pain occurs: after sleep, hypothermia, uncomfortable body position, weight-bearing, etc.

Diagnosis is carried out by means of roentgenography of the cervical department, MRI, CT, panmyelography, electroneurography, EMG.

Cervicalgia is a pathology requiring, above all, conservative treatment. The following methods are used for this:

  • anesthesia with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • injections of anesthetics are used to relieve muscle tension;
  • therapeutic gymnastics;
  • physiotherapy: compresses, mud baths, massage;
  • use of a special orthopedic pillow.

Surgical intervention is necessary only in extreme cases: acute spinal cord injury, severe pain syndrome, muscle weakness.

Cervical causes


For the prevention of cervicalgiaEnsure good mobility to the spine and a reasonable load to the muscles. It can be swimming, regular physical education, massage. It is also necessary to avoid hypothermia (clothes not by season, air conditioners in the room, open windows in transport) and injuries. Working in a sitting position, take a comfortable pose and periodically take breaks. For sleep, choose a low and comfortable pillow.

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