Miracle berry is cornelian. Beneficial features.

Tough little dogwood can bestow on usThe riot of taste and the mass of elements necessary for the body. This is a medium-sized shrub, but sometimes it can be a small tree. From the earliest times, mankind has cultivated cornel, useful properties of which have been estimated in modern times by the largest number of European countries.

Its fruits have an oblong, sometimes slightlypear shape and it is simply impossible to recognize them. They are bright red, cherry blossoms, but they can be purple and even almost black in color. The rind is always smooth, and inside is an inedible and very hard bone, around which is a delicious pulp. More often it is sour, but there is also a sweet dogwood. Its useful properties are in the pulp, which is more than eighty percent of its bulk.

Its use is very diverse. If we talk about cooking, here the cousine is used both in fresh, and in dried and marinated form, for making compotes, jams, and even as a spice and coffee substitute. Its value lies in the high content of vitamin C, which is no less than in the well-known citrus fruits. A plant version of the vitamin A, so necessary for our body, you can safely call a dogwood. Its use is in the content of a large amount of beta-carotene and vitamin R. No less useful here is a set of trace elements, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium. A considerable amount of iron, sulfur and zinc salts contains cornelian, its useful properties, thanks to such a wide range of valuable components, allow it to be used not only in cooking, but also in medicine.

If we talk about how useful the dogwood is,to mention all its important qualities. This is an excellent choleretic, diuretic, antiscorbutic, antipyretic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory. Due to this variety of properties, it is used to treat gout, anemia, hemorrhoids, dysentery and typhus. It is good in the therapy of various problems with the stomach and intestines. With such a serious disease as arthritis and in the fight against all kinds of skin diseases, also recommended cornel.

Its use is in large numberstannins. That is why this is the first and very effective tool in the fight against digestive disorders. Experts recommend it for use in cases of suspected poisoning with various toxic substances, especially mercury or lead. Not only berries, but also roots, bark and leaves are applied. To prepare berries for the winter, they are harvested at the time of full ripening and dried necessarily in the shade. Store and apply such useful fruits can be for three years.

To strengthen immunity and increase the tone of the wholeorganism also use cornelian, useful properties of which can not be better promoted. Take a spoonful of fresh or dried berries, pour hot water, in an amount not more than a glass and allow the broth to boil. Then leave it for several hours for infusion and strain. The production of large quantities is not recommended, since the best effect on the body is the freshly prepared broth. Take it you need no more than one glass a day, divided into several receptions.

If we talk about how useful the dogwood is,to say about his ability to equalize the pressure, and therefore to eliminate headaches and prevent atherosclerosis. If you consume it regularly, you can get rid of the inflammation of the veins, strengthen the walls of the vessels and capillaries. This is an excellent antipyretic, so at high temperatures you need to use a decoction of its leaves and berries. When diabetes is very useful, corn syrup, regulating the amount of sugar in the blood, and with nervous disorders using crushed bones. Its only contraindication is the increased acidity in the stomach.

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