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Problems with the lungs are not a joke. They not only cause discomfort, worsen well-being, but can provoke various complications. For example, asthma can even lead to death. The preparation "Formoterol", the instruction on which application will be presented below, is just intended for treatment of pathologies of the respiratory system. However, note that it is used to combat a narrow range of diseases.

Features of the drug

formoterol instructions for use

The remedy is a blockerbeta-adrenergic receptors, that is, it can expand bronchial lumens. In doing so, it significantly slows the release of leukotriens and histamine from the lung tissue. The main active substance is fumartate dihydrate.

The drug is effective after 5 minutes, andIts maximum effect is achieved in 2 hours. If the bronchial patency is broken, then the drug can maintain its effectiveness for about 10 hours. This makes it possible to alleviate the patient's condition for a long time.

A significant part of the remedy after inhalationfalls into the stomach. There, the components are absorbed. The half-life of the drug is approximately 13 hours. Its components accumulate and are metabolized in the liver. The drug is excreted in the urine. Its bioavailability is more than 40%. And with blood plasma, it binds to 68%.

The most basic document with which you mustbe familiarized before using the product Formoterol, - instructions for use. The form of the preparation is not one, there are several of them: capsules with powder, dosed powder in a bottle, aerosol dosed. Regardless of which one you purchased, the medicine is used only for inhalations. Sold in a cardboard box.

What indications for use exist?

formoterol instruction on the use of analogues

If you have already used Formotherol,instructions for use (synonyms of the drug, we'll discuss later) indicates a fairly narrow range of use. Such indications can be singled out for application:

  • Treatment and prevention of sharp narrowing of bronchial lumens - spasm.
  • Asthma. In this case, the drug is not essential, but is used only to support the body.
  • Chronical bronchitis.
  • Pulmonary emphysema.
  • Allergic bronchial spasm. The fact is that the drug is able to inhibit the release of histamine.
  • Obstructive inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, which is accompanied by a violation of air patency in them.

In what cases is the drug prohibited?

formoterol instructions for use form of release

Not everyone can take Formorol. Instructions for use indicate such contraindications:

  • Too high sensitivity to the main or additional components of the drug, which can lead to deterioration.
  • Excessive production of hormones by the thyroid gland is thyrotoxicosis.
  • Steady increase in blood pressure.
  • Pregnancy and the period of feeding. The fact is that there have not been any studies in this field. That is, it is not known whether the main component will be excreted with milk. Therefore, if the drug still needs to be taken, then it is better to stop feeding. As for pregnancy, then everything is decided by the doctor in charge.
  • Heart rhythm disorder: arrhythmia, tachycardia.
  • Cardiac ischemia. The interaction of certain drugs can lead to problems in the operation of the ventricles.
  • Age to 5 years. For young children, the drug is very heavy.

Possible side effects

"Formoterol" (instruction for use isin each package) can provoke some unwanted reactions, although their likelihood is low when observing the rules for taking the drug. There may be such side effects:

  1. From the nervous system: pain and twisting in the head, tremors, cramps, sleep disorders, nervousness, increased anxiety.
  2. On the part of the cardiovascular system: the rapidity or irregularity of the rhythm of the heart, stenocardia, persistent decrease or increase in blood pressure.
  3. From the digestive tract: nausea and vomiting, dryness of the oral mucosa, abdominal pain, gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach), dyspepsia (difficulty digestion, which may be accompanied by pain syndrome).
  4. On the part of the respiratory system: infectious diseases of the bronchi, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, exacerbation of asthma, voice disruption.
  5. Others: pain in the chest, an allergic reaction in the form of a rash, itching, anaphylactic shock.

Features of the drug

formoterol instructions for use Synonyms

If you need to take Formorol, the instructions for use tell you about these dosages:

  • When bronchial asthma you need to do inhalationsevery 12 hours for 12 mcg. Only 1-2 breaths are enough. Thus, the body is supported. If the attack can be provoked by physical exertion, it is better to take the drug 15 minutes before the start of the proposed work, and the dosage is the same.
  • To support obstructive pulmonary disease, inhalations should be administered twice daily for 12 μg.

It should be borne in mind that the appliedthe medicine can not be more often than once every 12 hours. That is, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 24 mcg. The product is intended for inhalation only. If the doctor prescribed Formotrol, the instructions for use (aerosol is most often used), prohibits taking it intravenously, intramuscularly, orally.

If there was an overdose

Are you forced to take Formotherol? Instructions for use (prescription drug can be bought at the pharmacy only by a special permission of the doctor) is not in the box for a reason. It clearly indicates the dosage of the drug. But if for some reason you violated these instructions, an overdose may occur. It is determined by such signs: tachycardia, dry mouth, pain in the head, nausea. If you do not correct the situation in time, then even a lethal outcome is possible.

Overdose should be urgently calledfirst aid. Treatment should be symptomatic. In this case, the further use of the medicine ceases. During treatment, it is necessary to monitor the work of the heart with the help of electrocardiography. During the recovery period after an overdose, the patient should be under the constant supervision of specialists.

Features of drug interaction with other drugs

formoterol instructions for use review

Do you take Formotherol? Instructions for use (analogues have a similar composition) contains information on the features of its combination with other drugs. For example, caution should be observed when using it simultaneously with adrenergic agents.

Pathological decrease in the level of potassium in the bodycan trigger a combination of "Formoterol" with diuretics, steroids, as well as xanthine derivatives. However, the potassium is not a constant state. And any external replenishment of the amount of this element in the body is not required.

Try not to take this medication togetherwith tricyclic antidepressants. Combination of this with beta-blockers leads to mutual blocking of the action of these drugs. That is, they will not benefit from it, but the harm can be serious.

Joint reception with such tools as"Quinidine," "Dizopyramid" can be dangerous, as it provokes the development of cardiac ventricular arrhythmias. If there is a cardiac reaction to the drug, then it must be urgently canceled.

special instructions

formoterol instructions for prescription use

"Formoterol" (the instruction is already known to you) has some features of application:

  • Do not use the drug to eliminatean attack of asthma. There are other means for this. If "Formoterol" is needed, the instructions for use (reviews about it are mostly good) suggests that it is only an addition to the main therapy. If during the treatment you feel that the condition worsens, then you should immediately contact a doctor.
  • Do not take this medicine insteadcorticosteroids. "Formoterol" does not have a pronounced anti-inflammatory function. In this case, the use of corticosteroids should be continued without reducing the dose prescribed by the doctor.
  • Very carefully it is necessary to treat the remedy for women who have uterine fibroids diagnosed, as well as people with diabetes mellitus.
  • Do not immediately after the admission to drive or engage in activities that require increased attention.
  • Do not use the product during labor. The fact is that the main active substance can adversely affect uterine contraction.

Analogues and features of storage

formoterol instructions for use aerosol

Most often, patients prefer an inhaler, inwhich contains 100 single-use doses. Store the product in a cool and dark place, but it is undesirable to freeze it. Direct sunlight should not fall on the bottle. Do not place the medicine near a heat source.

If this drug does not suit you, you canconsult with a doctor about the analogs. Among them can be identified such: "Atimos", "Oxis", "Foradil", "Bronchoril", "Shadrin". Please note that you can not buy and take any other medicines yourself.

Reviews and expiration date

As for the reviews, users notegood, fast and lasting effect. However, the presented medicine has a rather high cost: 1300-1600 rub. This is not affordable for all patients. Also, reviews report that after the withdrawal of the preparation of a violent spasmodic reaction bronchus is not noted.

Shelf life of the drugis 2 years. However, after you open the inhaler, you can discard it after 4 months. Eliminate any possibility of getting the drug into the hands of children. After use, the vial lid should be tightly closed.

That's all. Remember that self-treatment is fraught with a lethal outcome. Be healthy!

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