Propolis tincture: application, reviews. Tincture of propolis for coughing

Propolis is a natural product,possessing a mass of unique properties. Often it is also called bee glue. This substance is a mixture of juices of coniferous and deciduous trees, as well as pollen, which are fermented with saliva of striped hard workers. For bees, this mass is vital. Her insects cover all the lumps that are in the hive. In addition, propolis bees process any object that gets into their home.

tincture of propolis

From this it becomes sterile. Propolis helps to clean the hives, hitting bacteria in them, as well as certain viruses and fungi. In doing so, it plays the role of a natural antibiotic. About the same effect this substance has in the human body.

The composition of propolis

In medicinal bee glue can enter up to a hundredfifty different ingredients. Depending on the place of collection, propolis can have a different color. The range of tones ranges from greenish and gray to brown. However, in any case, propolis is a bitter product that smells of resin.

tincture of propolis

In its composition are all those minerals thatare necessary for the normal life of the human body. In addition, the product contains vitamins P, H, C, as well as those belonging to group B. Propolis also contains such valuable ingredients as amino acids, essential oils, as well as flavonoids and many other important substances for our body. That is why bee glue has long been used for medical purposes.

propolis tincture for children

And in the middle of the last century recipes of folkhealers received scientific confirmation. Researchers have proved that, just like honey, propolis can be used as an internal or external remedy. To date, pharmacy chains offer various drugs, the basis of which is a unique bee product. These are tablets and sprays, ointments and capsules, as well as candles. The propolis tincture is also in great demand - the application receives reviews, as a rule, positive, as this drug is effective enough to get rid of many diseases.

Description of the medicinal product

About how the tincture of propolis looks,instructions for use in detail tells. According to the description given in it, it is a transparent liquid, which has a red-brown color. This tincture has a characteristic smell of propolis.

Application in medicine

Thanks to its unique healing propertiesvery wide found propolis tincture application. Reviews of doctors and patients confirm that its use is equally effective as both external and internal remedies. By its nature, this drug is an ideal antibiotic. To date, scientists have not been able to identify the fact that any bacteria are getting used to propolis.

tincture of propolis

Each year, researchers develop newand new drugs related to the group of antibiotics. However, bacteria constantly mutate and become resistant to a variety of drugs. The situation is different with propolis. So far no bacteria has been able to adapt to this product created by nature. And not only do these harmful microorganisms perish. What else has a propolis tincture application? The experts' opinions confirm the fact that virus and fungi were destroyed by this means.

Tincture of propolis on an alcohol basis

This drug is used to get rid of many pathologies of the respiratory system. Especially often with influenza, colds and pneumonia, tincture is used propolis on alcohol. Application (reviews of patients confirm the high effectiveness of the drug) it is justified for sinusitis and sinusitis.

Spirituous tincture of propolis is also used forinternal reception. In this case, it will have a rapid therapeutic effect when eliminating flatulence, colitis and gastritis. But not only with these pathologies, alcohol propolis tincture is recommended. The use of the inside will help to get rid of such diseases of the genitourinary system, as jade and cystitis, prostatitis and some others. Effective reception of the drug and in the event that the bladder is just chilled. Tincture for a short period will effectively eliminate the problem.

With some dental problems alsorecommended tincture of propolis. The application inside will effectively eliminate the diseases of the eyes and ears, relieve the skin rashes and fungal lesions, as well as the specimen.

Recommended dosage

With many diseases, tincture is foundpropolis application. Reviews of doctors not only folk, but also traditional medicine positively characterize those medicinal properties that this remedy possesses.

On how to take the drug, you will tellspecialist. The necessary information is contained in the instructions to the preparation. When setting the dosage, it should be noted that the propolis tincture can be either 3% or 20%.

tincture of propolis application reviews for children

Instruction for such a remedy as tincturepropolis, the use of the interior recommends a volume of fifteen to fifty drops of medicine. During the day you need to take the drug from one to three times. Individually, the course of therapy should be calculated. Duration of admission will depend on the complexity of the disease. Treatment can take 3 days and 2 weeks. If necessary, the course is repeated again. This will fix the positive effect of the bee product on the body.

Application of the agent

List of pathologies that can be eliminated fromusing this drug, is extensive. It should be noted that single doses differ depending on the type of disease. For example, to treat the sore throat thirty drops of alcohol tincture of propolis is recommended to add to a hundred grams of 10% of St. John's wort infusion. Such a drug is used to rinse your throat.

Propolis is recommended to eliminate strongpainful sensations, as well as with various diseases of the reproductive system. Thus, with the erosion of the vagina it is recommended the introduction of tampons, which are pre-soaked with 3% alcohol tincture.

This drug helps during treatment of dermatitis. To eliminate skin rashes and get rid of itching, it is recommended to prepare a mixture of:

- 40 ml of 10% propolis tincture;

- 20 ml of tincture of peppermint;

- 10 g of celandine powdered into powder;

- 30 ml of glycerin.

This drug, infused for 3 weeks, is smeared with itchy areas.

It is used 20% alcohol tincture of propolis with a cold. A tablespoon of the drug is mixed with honey and vegetable oil and applied as a lotion on the nose.

Propolis is recommended in case of peptic ulcer. To get rid of this pathology, a solution based on tincture and oil is prepared. One teaspoon of this drug is consumed 4 times during the day.

Spirituous tincture of propolis helps to get rid offrom furuncles, chronic gastritis and eczema. With its help, you can treat polyarthritis, which has a rheumatoid character. With this pathology tincture can have a faster effect than a special ointment.

tincture of propolis on alcohol application reviews

Especially well this drug has established itself as a means for inhalation. The procedure with its application will very quickly get rid of the common cold.

Miracle tincture is recommended not only when treating a particular disease. It helps to strengthen immunity by acting as a preventive agent.

Propolis tincture for children

The natural product presented to us by bees,so good that many parents ask the question: "Is it possible to give it to a child?" Yes, and in this case, it finds its propolis tincture application. Children, however, should be given it with extreme caution. This beekeeping product can cause a strong allergy in a baby. Children may have an individual intolerance to propolis, which can not be foreseen in advance. That is why the child should first give the minimum amount of the drug. Only in the case when there are no manifestations of allergy within twelve hours, a greater dosage of such a drug as propolis tincture may be given. The use of children under three years is not recommended. Such treatment can have negative consequences.

Quite often, alcoholic tincture of propolisis recommended for small patients to improve immunity. Dosage is one drop per year of life. Often tincture of propolis is used with milk. Such a drug perfectly helps with respiratory diseases. But not only in these cases does it find propolis tincture application. Feedback (for children) on the use of this remedy indicates its high effectiveness in the treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia, tonsillitis and asthma.

External application

In what other cases is alcohol recommended?propolis tincture? Instruction for use advises to treat it with scratches and cuts, abrasions and wounds. Rapid healing of the skin is possible due to the antibacterial properties of propolis.

With the help of alcohol tincture of the bee product, fungal diseases, as well as otitis and conjunctivitis, are treated.

Treatment of cough

To get rid of this unpleasant phenomenonmany parents use different syrups. However, they do not always help a small patient, because they contain sugar and flavorings, as well as preservatives. And here to help the baby can come propolis (tincture). The use of this natural remedy for coughing makes it possible to obtain a remarkable result already in the first days of the course. Just keep in mind that small patients need a tincture with small concentrations of alcohol and propolis. If the child does not want to drink this unsweetened medicine, you can add a little honey.

alcoholic tincture of propolis

With a beginning, still dry cough, it is recommendedgive the kid a glass of hot milk, which is added 5-10 droplets of propolis tincture. These two components will remove irritation of the mucous membrane, normalize nasal breathing and improve overall health. Such a drink is given to a sick child at night.

Milk with propolis eliminates cough and in an adultrights. To prepare the drug, twenty drops of tincture will be needed for a glass of warm milk. To eliminate the perspiration in the throat, it is recommended to add butter to this composition.


Tincture of propolis has somecontraindications for use. Sometimes, when it is taken, dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness and allergies in the form of skin rashes may occur. The appearance of such symptoms requires immediate medical attention. Sometimes an overdose of the drug weakens the immune system and causes an allergic rhinitis. In rare cases, it can lead to the development of bronchitis or asthma.

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