The drug "Ascorutin": reviews and applications

The drug "Ascorutin" serves to strengthen the wallsvessels, allows to reduce their permeability. The composition of the drug includes vitamins P and C, which are the main active ingredients. Vitamin C does not need a presentation, its useful properties are known to anyone. As part of the drug, this substance gives elasticity to the capillaries, provides a normal fluid exchange between the tissues of the body and the bloodstream. In addition, vitamin C increases the resistance of humans to infections, has antioxidant activity, improves the production of hormones.

However, for the complete assimilation of vitamin C,the effect of vitamin R. Therefore, the drug "Ascorutin" reviews has, as a remedy, which is used for the prevention and comprehensive treatment of ailments associated with the fragility of capillaries.

The drug is produced in the form of tablets, which are sold in packs of 50 pcs. Each. in each.

Contraindications for taking Ascorutin

Reviews of doctors and instructions for use prohibit the use of medication with increased blood clotting, blockage of blood vessels, gout, thrombosis, kidney stones, diabetes.

There are contraindications for the use of the medicine "Ascorutin" for pregnant women (1 trimester), for children under three years old, and also for individual intolerance.

With long-term treatment, blood pressure may increase, sometimes urolithiasis develops when taking Ascorutin.

Reviews of patients taking the drug, giveinformation on some side effects. When using the medication, headaches, digestive disorders can occur, a person can experience undulating hot flushes.

In case of occurrence of such negative phenomena it is necessary to refuse from use of the given medicine and to address to doctors for purpose of a preparation with similar action.

The drug "Ascorutin": reviews

On the Internet you can see a lot of messagesabout taking the medicine. It turns out, in some cases, still prescribe the drug "Ascorutin" in pregnancy. The responses of most women taking the medicine are positive. It is believed that the agent retains the walls of the vessels in a healthy normal state, normalizes the circulation of blood. Usually the weaker half takes the drug with pleasure, because these are vitamins, and everyone knows about their need. But still there are reviews of patients who have had allergic manifestations due to taking this medication. It was reported that after a two-day use of the drug, some women showed signs of hives. After the drug was canceled, allergy symptoms disappeared, and the itch stopped worrying.

Some patients after treatment with the drugnote the improvement of the vessels. Many are interested in the question of the duration of the drug. According to doctors, the drug "Askarutin" can be taken constantly, however, after a 1.5-month admission, a two-week break should be performed.

Some people believe that due to the fact thatthe drug is a vital vitamin C, you can take the drug in any doses, without restrictions. But do not do this, despite the fact that the human body really needs a large amount of vitamin. After all, it is present in the main products in itamin C, and excessive use of the drug "Ascorutin" can lead to an overdose.

Before using Ascorutin, you should get information about the interaction of the drug with other medicines and consult a specialist.

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