The drug "Dimexide" - compresses with a unique effect

Back pain, inflammatory skin disease,bronchitis - in these and not only cases apply the drug "Dimexide", a compress with which gives very good results. The drug combines very important properties:

  • has anti-inflammatory effect;

  • relieves pain;

  • is an excellent conductor.

This is what makes it very effective in treating many diseases.

Treatment of musculoskeletal and osteochondrosis

Feeling the pain in the back, you can buy at the pharmacymedicine "Dimexide" - a compress with this drug will help to remove both pain and inflammation. The medication is released at the pharmacy freely, the doctor's prescription is not required. This medicine is able to improve blood circulation deep in the tissues of the body. It quickly and easily penetrates inside, without damaging the cells, providing anti-inflammatory action and relieving pain. This is valuable for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

The bulk of patients are well tolerateddimexide. Compress can cause only a slight tingling, even a little pleasant. But, using the drug for the first time, it is better to check if there is an allergy to it. To do this, apply a small amount on the skin with a cotton swab soaked in a undiluted preparation. If no reaction is observed - everything is in order, you can start treatment.

How to compress with Dimexide for the back. The solution is easy to make. It is enough to take the same amount of medicine and boiled water and mix. The cloth soaked in solution is applied to a sore spot, then wrapped with a film and cloth, like any other compress, and held for about half an hour. After this period, you do not need to rinse the residue. It's enough just to put on dry clothes. It is advisable not to take a shower (so as not to wash the drug) for six hours.

Such procedures need to be carried out at least 10, makingthem daily. If the skin is very sensitive, then you can repeat the manipulations every other day. At first, if you feel severe pain, you can add 2% novocain ampoule to the finished solution to remove it quickly.

Dimexide in cosmetology

This drug is not used in cosmeticgoals - and in vain. It copes well with purulent skin diseases, infectious formations, even with acne. For skin care, you can use as soon as the drug "Dimexide" (compress or lotion), and the mixture of the product with other components.

It works best on oily skin,disinfecting and drying it, killing germs and removing inflammation. Apply masks in combination with other substances for any skin. Before the first use it is necessary to be checked for allergensensitivity.

How to make a compress with "Dimexid" for the face. To do this, make the solution weaker, itsdilute in a proportion of 1: 4. Apply for 15-20 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Rinse immediately after removing the compress. The effect will become noticeable after the first procedures: the focus of inflammation will decrease, pus will begin to resolve, redness will disappear.

It is possible to enhance the effect if added to the solutionpreparation of tea tree oil in a 1: 1 ratio. Ready mix should not be used as a compress or mask. It is applied pointwise, only to the affected areas and after a few hours rubbed to remove the remains that are not absorbed. This procedure - one of the most powerful means of combating any skin problems, especially inflammation and even purulent.

In the fight against acne is very effective mixture alreadydiluted solution of "Dimexide" with two tablets of the drug "Erythromycin". This means it is enough to wipe your face with a cotton swab in the morning and in the evening.

Compress with Dimexide for coughing

If the doctor diagnosed bronchitis, most likely inAs an additional treatment, he will appoint a compress with this drug. For the treatment of bronchitis apply a solution of 1: 4. Hold such a compress to one and a half hours. You can make the solution weaker (1: 6 or 1: 7) and hold all night.

It will be safer if the doctor tells you how to use the drug in a particular case.

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