A few tips than gargling with a purulent sore throat

Many people, probably, have a sore throat from time to time. And everyone knows perfectly well that rinsing is the best way to treat it. So, what to gargle with purulent sore throat?

than gargle with purulent sore throat


At any diseases of a throat, including atpurulent angina, it is good to use the old proven method: rinsing the throat with salt-soda. To do this, a glass of warm water should take one teaspoon of salt and soda and add a couple of drops of iodine. All stir and rinse with a medical solution as often as possible a sore throat.


Than to gargle with a purulent sore throat? An excellent assistant can be a beet. You need to take freshly squeezed beet juice (1 glass), add there ch. L. vinegar and such a medicine to wash the throat quite often. Beet juice perfectly removes pain, and also acts as an antiseptic.


Than to gargle with a purulent sore throat? Excellent in this situation can help herbal fees. To do this, you need plants such as chamomile, eucalyptus leaf, calendula. A tablespoon of the collection should be boiled for a couple of minutes, and then let it brew for a couple of hours. After this, you can wash your throat with this product. It perfectly relieves pain and swelling, speeds up the healing process. By the same principle, you can prepare a medicine from other plants. You will need a plantain, a calendula and a herb of bitter wormwood.

purulent sore throat than gargle


Than to gargle with a purulent sore throat? Not only herbal preparations, but also individual plants can help. So, well help infusions of chamomile, linden, calendula. All people know that propolis is a national antibiotic. You can also rinse your throat. A glass of warm water only needs a dozen drops of propolis tincture. The sore throat due to this medicine will recover much sooner.


More than you can gargle, if a personpurulent angina? It will help ordinary tea tea. You need to cook a steeply brewed drink, and instead of sugar, throw a teaspoon of salt. This and gargle. Do the procedure better couple of times a day, not more often. It should also be remembered that for brewing you need to take a sheet, not a tea bag.

Than you can gargle
Mongolian folk remedy

There is also a special Mongoliana remedy that helps quickly get rid of a disease such as purulent sore throat. To do this, you need the seeds of cumin, grinded into powder. They are poured with boiling water and boiled for 15 minutes until a viscous liquid forms. Then they squeeze everything and add a tablespoon of cognac to the solution. This drug can not only rinse your throat, but also be treated by taking it inside.


In addition to folk remedies, there are alsospecial drugs that can wash the sore throat with such a form of sore throat. The strongest antiseptic is the drug "Furacilin". Therefore, it is good to gargle with his solution, which can not be cooked: you need to dissolve two tablets in one glass of water. Excellent helps such a rinse aid as "Chlorophyllipt". It is sold in every pharmacy and is ready for use. If a person has purulent angina, how to gargle more? A doctor may prescribe a drug such as Miramistin. It is produced not only in the form of a spray, but also a solution, which can also rinse the sore throat.

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