Rash on the forehead

Rash on the forehead appeared at every person at leasttime. Of course, it looks far from aesthetically pleasing. The rash on the forehead appears more often than in other areas of the face. This is due to the fact that it is in this area is the largest number of sebaceous glands.

Of course, the rash on its foreheadsignificant damage to health can not bring. However, it refers to unpleasant defects on the skin. Moreover, a rash on the forehead may indicate the development of any unhealthy processes in the body. As a rule, this defect annoys adolescents.

Rash on the forehead. Causes.

It should be noted that in most cases the manifestation of a skin defect is a reaction of the body to some unfavorable process.

In order to choose the right treatment,it is necessary to evaluate the nature of the rashes: small pimples on the forehead, large, single. In addition, it is necessary to understand the frequency and intensity of their occurrence. In case of profuse and regular rashes it is better to consult a specialist.

Among the most common causes of rash on the forehead are the following:

- imbalance in the intestinal microflora;

- individual medicinal products;

- disturbances in the functioning of the pancreas or gallbladder;

- Inadequate or incorrect hygiene of the face.

Any intestinal disturbances, mainlythus, indicate a bad diet. In the diet, you need to limit the amount of fatty and sweet food. It is recommended to replace tea and coffee with freshly squeezed juices. Thus recommend nectars not only fruit, but also vegetable, as the latter are also enriched with vitamins. An effective way to help normalize intestinal work is to drink every morning a glass of kefir on an empty stomach. In the absence of effect, it is advisable (after consulting with the doctor) to take the drug "Linex" or another medicine. It is recommended to include in the diet products containing fiber (fruits, cereals, vegetables). Do not neglect and dishes from low-fat meat varieties (turkey, chicken, rabbit).

When influencing the skin condition of a person, violations inThe work of the pancreas or the gallbladder with self-medication is extremely unsafe. It is more expedient to consult a specialist (gastroenterologist). He will appoint the necessary tests and select the most effective and appropriate treatment.

In some cases, acne can result from the intake of dietary supplements, hormonal drugs, oral contraceptives, vitamins, antibiotics.

Very often, rashes appear due to lack of proper face hygiene.

To relieve some unpleasant symptomsit is recommended to use only suitable for the type of skin remedies. In addition, you should use the cosmetics of proven and high-quality manufacturers in order to avoid the appearance of even more irritation.

In water for face washing it is recommended to add a few drops of lemon. Thus, you can slightly dry the skin.

Every morning you should always wipe your face with an ice cube. In this case, instead of water, use a decoction of chamomile, plantain or mint.

Regular use of special masks for the skin will help maintain her tone, saturating her with useful substances.

Aloe vera juice is very effective. In addition, it is possible to use a mask based on oatmeal. To do this, pour it with boiling water. Cooled porridge is recommended to apply to the face for thirty minutes. Effective is also finely grated mixture of carrots and cottage cheese. It is also recommended to keep on the face for half an hour.

It should be noted that the appearance of rashes is easier to prevent than treat. However, the most effective tool, tailored to individual characteristics, can only be selected by a specialist.

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