Colonoscopy: is it painful and how to prepare for the procedure?

There is such a procedure as a colonoscopy. Is it painful? Everything depends on how to prepare and approach this survey. The mood, by the way, is no less important than preparation.

colonoscopy does it hurt

Colonoscopy: what is it?

What is a colonoscopy? Is it painful? These and many other questions arise in people to whom the doctor has appointed this procedure. In general, a colonoscopy is a type of endoscopic examination that covers the large intestine. When this procedure is performed, a special device is placed in the anus, a colonoscope, with which the colon is examined from the inside.

Indications for colonoscopy

What are the indications for a colonoscopy? There can be many.

1. Pain in the lower abdomen (both sharp and sharp, and pulling).

2. Problems with the stool: constipation, loose stools or undigested food in the feces.

3. Any intestinal bleeding.

colonoscopy it hurts

4. Some suspicions of internal bleeding, such as anemia.

5. A sharp increase in the volume of the abdomen.

6. Sudden and rapid weight loss.


Can colonoscopy be performed in all cases? Contraindications exist.

- Myocardial infarction.

- Peritonitis.

- Colitis (ulcerative or ischemic).

- Acute infection.

Contra-indication Colposcopy

Features of the procedure: the possibility of pain

How is a colonoscopy performed? Is it painful? In general, a colonoscope is a rather small device. In addition, no surgical intervention is required. So in most cases, pain should not arise. The patient should lie on his side and pull his legs to his stomach, as much as possible relaxing the anus. If you follow the recommendations given by the doctor, then there will be no severe pain. Of course, if the intestine has structural disorders, for example, adhesions or polyps, then in some places the colonoscope will come into contact with the mucosa wall, which has a lot of nerve endings, which will cause pain. As the device moves along the gut, air will periodically be injected (to spread the walls and see their entire surface), so that unpleasant sensations and very strong urge to defecate can arise. The whole procedure lasts about half an hour, after it is better to lie down on the stomach for 2 hours to prevent the appearance of spasms. You can eat and drink almost immediately. Anyone who believes that a colonoscopy is painful should know that anesthesia can be used, but only in some cases.

Preparing for the procedure

Those patients who think about what isColonoscopy, if this is painful, we should understand that in order to avoid unpleasant sensations it is worth paying special attention to the preparation. So, it is important that the bowel before the procedure is emptied. All the subtleties will be told by the doctor, since everything depends on the specific case and features of the organism.


In conclusion, we can add that the colonoscopy -this is sometimes the necessary procedure. Do not be afraid of her, everything is tolerable. But after carrying out it will be possible to be convinced that everything is all right, or to begin treatment in case of presence of a pathology.

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