How to cure a sore throat without health consequences

Angina at least once in a life every person was ill,and many know how to cure angina. The disease, to put it mildly, is not their pleasant. In medical practice, this disease is called acute tonsillitis. Angina can affect both adults and children. However, at the age of up to three years this is rare.

Than the acute tonsillitis is cunning, and how to cureangina without consequences? The relationship between angina and acquired heart defects, as well as diseases of joints and kidneys has long been established. Postponed even in mild form, this disease can subsequently become the cause of disability. Therefore, having felt a pain in the throat, take time and visit the doctor.

Acute tonsillitis is a contagious infectiousa disease that can be caused by various pathogens. These include fungi, viruses and bacteria. The most dangerous pathogen is the bacterium called beta-hemolytic group A streptococcus. As a result of its life in the throat, on the tonsils of a person with angina, white-yellow or white-gray rape occurs.

There is pain and difficulty in swallowing. These phenomena are accompanied by a fever, an increase and soreness of the cervical lymph nodes.

Currently in the mediayou can find information about the harmful effect on the body of antibiotics. Because of this, more and more often the question began: "And how to cure angina without resorting to antibiotics?" Remember once and for all - true streptococcal tonsillitis should not be treated without antibacterial drugs.

Acute tonsillitis requires careful, adequateand completed treatment. Reception of antibiotics in injections or in tablets is combined with local treatment of the oropharynx with antimicrobial agents. For the treatment of sore throat with angina pharmacy network offers many tablets for resorption, aerosols and solutions. After consulting with a doctor about which of them are right for you, you can easily buy the right drug. Do not forget to ask the doctor if you can use home remedies in your case. After all, there are a lot of recipes for folk medicine that are no worse, and in some situations even better than expensive chemical preparations. How to cure angina with folk remedies? For example, 20 - 40 drops of marigold tincture add to a glass with water and gargle 4 times a day until the condition improves.

There is a recipe for one healer who describedhis way to treat acute tonsillitis in an article: "How to cure a sore throat for 1 day." He suggests gargling with a mixture of juice, squeezed from 1 root of red beet, mixed with 1 tablespoon of 9 percent vinegar. Rinse every 3 hours for a day. Immediately need to make an amendment - a sore throat for one day can not be cured, and if it turned out - then it was not she.

Traditional medicine offers goodantiseptic remedy for sore throat. It consists in the following: in a glass of strong tea stir 1 teaspoon of salt and rinse your throat five times a day for 5 to 7 days. The positive effect comes in a few hours. Do not forget that all non-traditional drugs can be used only in combination with taking antibiotics.

How to treat a child's sore throat, betterask the children's doctor. In essence, the principles of treatment of acute tonsillitis in children and adults are almost the same. The district pediatrician together with the otolaryngologist deals with the treatment of this disease at home. They will examine the child and, in accordance with age, will give recommendations on the treatment and care of the baby. But if the child is small and the severity of the condition requires hospitalization, then a pediatric infectious disease doctor will treat him for a sore throat in the hospital.

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