What should I do when my throat hurts during pregnancy?

When a woman is waiting for a child, she must carefully monitor her health. The body becomes more vulnerable, and any infection can damage the baby.

At the slightest sign of a cold,consult a doctor. For example, if the throat hurts during pregnancy, you must immediately determine the exact cause of this, in order to properly prescribe the treatment. So, the factors that cause pain in the throat, there may be several:

  1. Pharyngitis.
  2. Tonsillitis.
  3. Angina in any of its manifestations.
  4. Mechanical damage: microtrauma, burn mucous membrane. In the case of mechanical damage, as a rule, no special treatment is required: the pain passes through time itself.

As a rule, the symptoms of infectiousDiseases like, in particular, always have a sore throat in a pregnant woman. It must be remembered that angina is caused by pathogenic bacteria and is characterized by serious complications. Therefore, if you are diagnosed with this diagnosis, you should immediately begin treatment: compliance with bed rest, plenty of drinking, taking medication prescribed by the doctor. Remember that infectious diseases are dangerous for the health and further development of the fetus. Therefore, you should not postpone treatment to a doctor.

When the throat hurts during pregnancy, you can nottake many medications that you can use in another situation. Therefore, self-treatment is excluded. After consultation with the otolaryngologist, you need to coordinate the prescribed treatment with a gynecologist in order to avoid adverse consequences.

Sometimes we do not try to cure coldstreat at all. But this can not be done when the throat hurts during pregnancy. Treatment should be prescribed and strictly observed. But there are situations when there is no way to quickly contact a doctor (a woman is on the road, outside the city, etc.). In this case, there are several safe recipes to help overcome the pain in the throat, eliminate or at least alleviate the condition of the woman for the first time. Of course, it is better to coordinate their use with a doctor at least in telephone mode, but if you can not do this, then strictly monitor your condition while applying the treatment. If it worsens, call an ambulance. Although such cases almost never occur.

So, if your throat hurts during pregnancy, you can help:

  1. Lemon juice.It is necessary to squeeze out juice from half a lemon, to preheat 250 ml of water, then to dissolve juice in it. In this mixture, you need to add a little honey (1 tablespoon). Many drink this drink as tea. But, since a pregnant woman's stomach is also vulnerable, it is best to restrict rinsing every two hours. As a rule, with regular use, pain passes through the day, and after the first rinse there is a significant relief.
  2. Application of soda and honey.Also, if the throat hurts during pregnancy, high efficiency gives the application of soda-honey solution. To make it, you need to warm the boiled water to about 45 degrees (250 ml of liquid), add a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of soda. To rinse it is necessary during the first day every hour. Later, this treatment has practically no positive results.
  3. Kefir.This tool is known to quite a few people, but they give him only a positive evaluation. So, you need to heat 1% kefir in an enamel saucepan to a temperature of 40 degrees and rinse your throat. Repeat this need a few hours five to six times. Then the pain goes away completely.

Also for the treatment of sore throat can be appliedthermal procedures, but they must be agreed with the doctor. This is the use of foot baths, mustard plasters and inhalations. The frequency and dosage are set by the gynecologist.

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