Kent - cigarettes with a great future

Nowadays, quite often on the shelves of tobacco shops you can find packs with the short name Kent. Cigarettes with the same name have a relatively short but very interesting history.

The way of becoming a brand

Many believe that Kent - cigarettes pureEnglish But it is not so. Popular products in recent years have their own history. For the first time, goods under such a brand were released by the American company Larilard. They went on sale in the form of cigarettes with a length of 70 millimeters, and the firm used the name of its then head, Herbert Kent, as the name of the novelty. It happened in 1952.

kent cigarettes

At that time, scientists sounded the alarm that smokingcauses severe cancer. Tobacco companies in search of a way out of this situation began to produce products with a small addition to the design in the form of a filter. It turned out that Kent - cigarettes, which, with the exception of Viceroy, had a similar detail. In those years, asbestos was used for the manufacture of filters, which cannot be called an absolutely harmless element. However, their popularity from this did not become less.

After a couple of decades, a well-known brand acquiredfamous corporation "British American Tobacco Group". Since then, the whole world has learned about Kent products. Cigarettes were in high demand and were very popular in the market. This became especially noticeable when the company’s specialists developed a new type of Micronite filter, in which harmful asbestos was completely absent.

Product range

Today, more than seventy countries in the world are buying Kent cigarettes. The types of this product on the Russian market are represented by a variety of varieties. Among the most famous are:

1) Kent Nanotek. For the first time about them became known in 2007. Later, experts worked well on them, and after 7 years packs with a completely new design appeared on the shelves. In addition, the design of the usual two-piece carbon filter was replaced by a new one called Taste +.

2) Kent Convertibles - cigarettes with double taste. They appeared in 2010 and immediately attracted attention. In these models, inside the filter is a special capsule. The process of smoking becomes more interesting. At any time, a person can slightly squeeze the filter with his fingers, and instantly the taste of smoke will be completely different.

3) Kent HD - cigarettes with a classic taste and filter Taste +, which, in addition to cleaning, makes the aroma more vivid and rich.

cigarette kent kinds

4) Kent HDi came to us only in 2012 and represent premium products.

5) Kent HDs - super slim version of cigarettes.

Any of the proposed products can be considered a worthy choice.

Opinions of smokers

In our country, as in the whole world, a largeKent cigarettes are popular. Product reviews are generally positive. Of course, each user has his own preferences. As you know, all tobacco products differ in the content of the main elements: tar, CO and nicotine. In addition, menthol and other flavors are used as flavors. Many buyers say that these cigarettes are pleasant to smoke.

cigarettes kent reviews

Of course, because they were originally designed asproducts with a delicate, mild flavor. This is the kind of products known in our country. Fans of products of this brand approve of the novelty used by the company in the form of a refreshing capsule. Interestingly, depending on the intensity of pressing, the taste that results from this may be completely different. The range of popular products is so rich and diverse that the product you need can be found both by a novice and a smoker with experience. For example, opponents of any additives and fragrances usually choose Nanotek. It has a rich taste, which successfully emphasizes the quality of the tobacco used.

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