How to cure a throat for one day

There are many effective ways to cure a sore throat. And they all eliminate the symptoms of the disease quite quickly. It is only on the very first day of the illness that it is good to work on your own.

When starting pains in the throat, it's enough to sucka mixture of honey and lemon juice. Keep it in your mouth for about ten minutes, then swallow. If the procedure is repeated several times within an hour, then there is a significant improvement in the well-being, and the pain in the throat does not bother.

A good and fast effect is provided by a steam bath withbroom. Fir or eucalyptus oil can be added to the pelvis with water. Thermal procedure and aromatherapy simultaneously allows you to cure a throat for one day.

And what if there is no way to steam, even rinse your throat, warm your feet in hot water? If you are on the road, outside the house, how to cure a throat, in such a situation?

You can use lollipops with sage and mint. Only better lollipops are slowly sucking, keeping them under the tongue to less cause irritation to the stomach.

It is very important to ensure the flow of blood to the patientbody, it will warm it, deliver food and oxygen to diseased tissues, which is important for recovery. To do this, perform breathing exercises and gymnastics for the throat.

Try to breathe at the same time with your nose and mouth,a bit unusual, but useful. Exercise "lion pose" can do even children, it helps to relieve the pain in the throat when swallowing, which is so important in the treatment and feeding of the baby. During this exercise, you have to get up. Legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders, arms forward and to the sides, fingers of the hands bent in the form of the paw of the beast. Open your mouth, tighten your throat muscles and exhale strongly to sound "Y", then relax and repeat this exercise several times.

In order to cure a throat for 1 dayuse Mongolian means of traditional medicine. Half a cup of cumin seed is poured into a glass of boiling water and boiled for half an hour. The resulting thick mixture is filtered and added boiled water, brought to a boil, cooled and only then add a tablespoon of cognac. If you take a decoction of 1 tbsp. l every half hour, then the pain in the throat goes four hours later.

During the day, alternate the rinsing of the throat with a soda solution (1 tablespoon per 1 glass of water) and eat slices of fresh lemon.

Everyone knows how to cure a throat by rinsing, but very rarely anyone does it often to get the desired effect. A rinse from time to time does not bring any benefit.

You can gargle with a decoction of potato flowers, a solution with salt, soda and iodine, a decoction of chamomile, sage, furatsillina solution.

And how to cure a throat when you are at the dacha? You can grate fresh beets on the grater, add a tablespoon of table wine 9% vinegar, insist about four hours and strain. With the juice obtained, rinse the throat several times every three hours during the day. Usually this is enough for a cure.

For one day, at the very beginning of the disease, you cana glass of warm water, add a quarter teaspoon of hot red pepper and gently rinse your throat. If there is severe burning, then the procedure should not be done. If the rinse does not cause severe discomfort, then rinse for two hours every fifteen minutes to a positive result, but do not get carried away.

In general, recipes are chosen here, how to curea throat for a day. That is, they should be used in the first hours of the illness, and not in the period of its height. Sometimes it is hard enough to work hard to stop the development of the disease, than then to treat it for a long time.

A great way to treat the throat can becooked mulled wine, which will warm and give a good mood. Tasty and useful to take lemon juice with honey, drink tea with ginger. But it is much more effective to suck a piece of ginger root in fresh or dry form. It refreshes, warms and disinfects the throat.

Try, choose what suits you best. And be, really, healthy!

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