How to treat throat

At first glance, start treatmenta cold throat with a strict diet is meaningless. However, this is what folk medicine doctors have been following since time immemorial. After all, when food gets into the throat, it has a thermal and chemical effect on the mucosa, especially if it is inflamed. Even in ancient times, doctors used this method of treating the throat.

For example, many healers forced the patientEat five raw eggs a day. Some gave advice: a cold should drink thawed salo capon. An unusual and most delicious remedy for the fight against throat disease was invented by French healers. In their opinion, a warm quail broth with warmed red wine was considered an excellent treatment for colds.

There are some rules that eitherotherwise it is worth sticking. The food should contain small portions to reduce the mechanical effect on the sore throat. At the same time, you should try to use well-ground foods. Vegetable purees, cereals, kissels are the ideal food for treating throat. Products containing starch gently envelop the sore throat, preventing irritation of the mucosa. The daily diet should not contain spicy, salted or roasted foods. After all, these products only increase throat disease, acting on the loose surface of the pharynx, increase swelling.

Drinking regime as well as sparing diet,has a special significance during the treatment of the throat. It is necessary to give preference to liquids that moisturize the mucous membrane and "wash off" the destroyed cells and substances released by microorganisms on the mucous tissue. According to the recommendations of doctors, a person who gets sick a day must drink at least two liters of water.

According to the old folk tradition, manycolds, which are thought, than cure the throat, use a plentiful drink of hot water. . At the same time they make a mistake. To give preference, of course, is better than a warm liquid. It is worth paying attention to the acidic environment. When choosing a liquid for drinking, you need to ensure that it is alkaline or neutral. Acidic environment provokes the multiplication of microorganisms in the throat. You can drink plain water, warm tea, cocoa, decoctions of medicinal plants, berry nectars.

It is not recommended to drink cranberry juice, juicescitrus, because such products strongly irritate the throat, favorably affect the conditions of life of dangerous microorganisms. Disease of the throat does not allow drinking carbonated and alcoholic beverages, the harm of which lies in their great aggressiveness.

Gargle, according to experts, it is necessary at least five times a day. To treat the throat by rinsing with warm infusions is possible, it facilitates the swallowing process.

Purifies the sore throat with an alkaline medium. Therefore, the throat can also be treated by rinsing the pharynx with water and salt. Excellent cures iodine solution; it can be prepared at home. But this rinse can not be used for people suffering from thyroid disease.

Preparation of various kinds of inhalations andfurther use of them speeds up the process of recovery. But inhalation must be used carefully. Doctors warn that inhalation with boiling water will harm the throat, as her steam will cause a cough. Inhalation solutions should have an alkaline medium. Therefore, if a cold makes inhalation a decoction of medicinal herbs, then this solution should contain salt or soda. Inhalation lasts at least five minutes. After the procedure, you can not drink and eat for a while.

There is a method of "potato wrapping"which allows you to treat the throat more effectively. Potatoes in a uniform must be crushed and put in a bag. Then, the resulting puree is used as a compress for an hour.

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