Folk methods: how do they gargle with throat?

Such a disease as acute tonsillitis, moreknown among ordinary people under the name "angina". Symptoms of it are extremely unpleasant, and in addition to the general unhealthy condition that exists for colds, tonsillitis is characterized by:

- persistent sore throat;

- Redness of the mucosa of the mouth and larynx;

- In particularly difficult cases - the appearance of a white coating on the glands and secretions from them caused by pathogens.

than rashchut a throat at an angina
In general, angina is a pathological conditioninflammation of the tonsils (glands), which occurs when affected by staphylococcus, pneumococcus, hemophilic rod or other types of bacteria or viruses. Most often, the cause of the development of such inflammation is either the hypothermia of the body, or a temperature drop, a violation of nasal breathing or poor nutrition and beriberi.

Very often, with angina, several agents are prescribed to relieve pain in the throat. One of them are all kinds of rinses. Than gargle with angina?

First of all, we turn to medicaldrugs designed to alleviate the suffering of patients with acute tonsillitis. The most famous remedy from their arsenal is tincture of calendula. This medicinal plant in the form of alcohol solution effectively removes irritation of the tonsils and does not differ too much taste, and therefore it can be easily applied even to young children.

folk methods of treatment of angina
Than rinse throat with sore throat? Of course, tincture of eucalyptus. This is a well-known tool. Its cooling properties and anti-inflammatory action give an excellent result in the fight against angina. In addition to it, also an effective way to relieve inflammation is rinsing propolis tincture.

A lot of benefits bring with the correct application of folk methods of treatment of sore throat. Such, for example, as:

- rinse with beet juice, mixed with 9% vinegar. Just do not forget to dilute the resulting mixture with water before rinsing;

- the old, still "grandmother's" recipe for what they rinsea throat at an angina, it is an iodine with salt. In warm water, you should dissolve three to four drops of iodine and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. By the way, salt is better to take immediately iodized;

- if the sore throat is accompanied not only by the pain in the throat, but also by swelling, they can be removed by a decoction of chamomile, which should be gargled four or five times a day.

And finally, you should bring the general rules of rinsing, under which the sore throat will be cured more effectively:

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  1. Rinse your throat with warm water only. Both cold and hot will only intensify irritation.
  2. During the rinse, the sound "Y" should be pronounced, then there is a better erosion of the bacteria from the throat and oral cavity.
  3. When rinsing, the head should be thrown back, so that the medicine gets better into the larynx.
  4. It is necessary to wash the throat and nose in turn - these organs are interrelated and most often have a common inflammation.
  5. One rinse should last at least thirty seconds.

Now you know what the sore throat with angina. Do it right, do not overcool and be healthy!

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