Classic and electronic cigarettes "Vogue": description of the brand and consumer reviews

Vogue cigarettes soon celebrate their age-oldanniversary. This brand appeared in 1932 and today is incredibly popular in the United States and many European countries. Not so long ago, in addition to classic tobacco products, Vog electronic cigarettes became available to customers, designed specifically for those who are not ready to give up their bad habit completely.

Vogue: light as a feather

Cigarettes vog
Russian smokers of Vog cigarettes wereknown in the days of the USSR. For the first time this brand appeared on the domestic market in 1987, but it received national love in the 90s. It was in this troubled period for the country that wealthy citizens began to think about emphasizing their status as respectable accessories. Vogue smoking has become prestigious and fashionable. This is not surprising, because, in addition to the mild taste and stylish design, these cigarettes differed from all other high cost. They cost almost twice as much as other popular brands. For a long time the marketing campaign was based on a loud slogan: “Vog” - light as a feather! ”. And indeed, the use of only high-quality tobacco and the finest paper allows you to minimize the harm from smoking these cigarettes. Another distinctive feature of the brand is bluish smoke. And most importantly, it was Vog cigarettes that first appeared in a wide range, in addition to varieties of different strengths, menthol and flavored tobacco products became available to buyers.

Vogue Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarettes vog reviews
Nowadays, a sign of a successful person isnot the presence of an expensive pack of cigarettes in your pocket, but a complete cessation of smoking. Taking care of your health is incredibly fashionable. It is for this reason that people who are unable to quit smoking immediately will switch to less harmful electronic cigarettes. Offers such products and brand Vogue. The assortment of the brand disposable cigarettes and options with interchangeable cartridges and the ability to recharge the battery. An interesting fact: the classic Vog cigarettes with tobacco are products targeted at a female audience, and their electronic counterparts are often chosen by men.

Customer Reviews

What do buyers say about products?produced under the tobacco brand Vogue? These cigarettes are unique in their taste and variety of aromatic variations. The brand has a lot of fans choosing these tobacco products over the years. Cigarettes "Vog" reviews are also negative. Some consumers consider them unreasonably expensive and do not notice significant differences in taste compared to cheaper brands. As for the electronic cigarettes Vogue, reviews mostly positive. These tobacco substitutes are popular with anyone who has tried them.

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