What is an electronic cigarette? Refueling for electronic cigarettes. Doctor's comments

Of course, every smoker at least oncelife was thinking about how to quit a bad habit. And if some people give up nicotine easily, others can not boast the same. And today, more and more people are interested in the question of what an electronic cigarette is. After all, it is no secret to anyone that this advertised product is becoming more and more popular among consumers. So how does a device like this work? What are its benefits? Is electronic cigarette use safe for health?

What is an electronic cigarette?

what is an electronic cigarette

Not everyone knows what constitutesThis is a relatively new invention and how to use it. Immediately, it is worth noting that an electronic cigarette is a kind of inhaler, inside which a special liquid is converted into vapor, which is somewhat like cigarette smoke to smokers. Thus, this device, developed with the help of new discoveries in microbioelectronics, can be described as an electronic ultrasonic inhaler that helps to simulate the process of smoking.

Why do we need electronic cigarettes?

best electronic cigarettes

If you are a smoker and are interested in the question ofWhat is an electronic cigarette, you probably have more than once thought about how to quit such a pernicious habit. After all, smoking harms not only your health, but also the well-being of everyone around you. Electronic cigarette is a kind of simulator, or a substitute.

Of course, smokers get addictedfrom nicotine. On the other hand, the introduction of this substance into the body in other ways (for example, nicotine patches or chewing gum) does not always bring relief. This is due to the fact that dependence in people is not only physical, but also psychological. The electronic cigarette helps to imitate the process of smoking, thereby satisfying the emotional need.

In addition, it is known that in ordinary cigarettescontain a relatively large number of carcinogens. Moreover, the smoker constantly inhales the products of combustion of tobacco and tissue paper, which naturally has a negative effect on the respiratory system. The electronic cigarette has no such disadvantages. Some manufacturers even claim that such a product can not harm the health.

There are some other benefits fromuse of this invention. For example, there is no characteristic smell of cigarette smoke, an unpleasant odor that almost always remains on clothing or on hair. Yes, and you can smoke an electronic cigarette even in public places, since the device does not pose a threat to the health of people around you.

History of creation

If you are interested in questions about whatelectronic cigarette, then surely not be superfluous information about the history of its occurrence. Not everyone knows that the first patent for such an invention was registered in 1963. Nevertheless, the first electronic cigarette, similar to the modern one, appeared only in 2004. The invention of this went on sale in Hong Kong thanks to the work of Hong Lika.

Of course, the first models had somelimitations. To begin with, it is worth noting that the low nicotine content did not satisfy all smokers. In addition, such a device was too inconvenient to use. For example, it had to be refueled too often, which was not always possible (say, on the street). Moreover, the liquid for electronic cigarettes could spill in your pocket.

But technology is constantly evolving. And a modern electronic cigarette can please customers not only with convenience, but also with taste, which lasts much longer.

Operating principle

liquid for electronic cigarettes

A regular electronic cigarette consists of lithiumbattery, heating element and cartridge, which is a container for liquid. How does a similar invention work? When turned on, the battery begins to supply current to the heating element. Under the influence of temperature, the liquid in the chamber begins to heat up, forming vapor, which, in fact, the person inhales. Together with the steam, the dose of nicotine necessary for the smoker enters the body. By the way, most modern models have a “tip” with a light bulb (it can be white, blue, orange or red), which glows during a puff, creating the appearance of a burning process.

Battery and its varieties

Of course, the battery is one of the keyelements of the whole structure. And if you are looking for the best e-cigarettes, then you should pay attention to the type of power source. The battery provides electrical current to the evaporation system, providing fluid heating and vapor formation. Here are the main technical and functional characteristics:

  • First you should talk about the control scheme. Today, many electronic cigarettes, this process is automated. The battery is activated when there is a rarefied airflow (puff). Unfortunately, such a scheme of work is not considered reliable, and in some cases is even dangerous, as it can cause a fire. A more convenient type of control is manual - the battery is activated by pressing a special small button.
  • Another important point is the capacitybattery, which ranges from 80 to 6000 mAh (in most cases, this figure is 650-1000). Thus, the charge of the power supply system is equivalent to 1-2 packs of ordinary cigarettes.
  • Some batteries also have a voltage change function. Thus, a smoker can change the amount of steam produced and even the intensity of taste sensations.
  • Today, there are also batteries with the possibility of replacing batteries.
  • There is also a battery of direct power, which can be used even during charging.

Electronic Cigarette Vaporizers

you can smoke an electronic cigarette

The evaporator, or atomizer, iscomplex consisting of a heating element, a fluid supply system and an evaporation chamber. By and large, this part of the electronic cigarette is responsible for heating the liquid and the formation of vapor.

For a start, it is worth noting that the atomizer forE-cigarettes can be both serviced (requires user participation and special care) and unattended (these models are more convenient to use, but also cost a little more).

Today, there are several different types of evaporators:

  • A little outdated model is an atomizer with a cartridge. This technology is not used today, as the price of its use is too high.
  • More popular today is the cartomizer onsintepon. In this case, for the manufacture of containers used sintepon, which eliminates the possibility of fluid leakage. On the other hand, such models are short-lived, which is a significant drawback.
  • Cigarettes with so-called tank-makers are also produced, which, however, are not very practical, as they often flow.
  • The most popular and promising onToday is clearomizer. In such models, the vaporization chamber is combined with the container for the liquid. In addition, it is possible to replace the heating element if necessary.
  • As for the DCT-tank, there isseparate container for liquid. The advantages of this model are durability and no leakage. On the other hand, refueling procedures are more complicated here, which is far from being suitable for every buyer.
  • The most difficult to use today is considered a model called "Genesis". It uses a metal mesh as a heating element.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes and its composition

The chamber inside this device is filled with a special liquid. What is an electronic cigarette refill? What is its composition? These questions interest many buyers.

electronic cigarette refill

  • First of all it is worth noting that mostcigarettes contain nicotine. As you know, this substance is a alkaloid of plant origin, which is contained in tobacco and some other plants of the family of nightshade. Nicotine affects specific nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, which leads to an increase in adrenaline levels in the blood. Refill may contain from 24 mg / ml to 6 mg / ml nicotine. There are also non-nicotine fluids.
  • In addition, the dressing contains up to 40% purified distilled water. The main function of this component is to create a more liquid chamber content, which improves the process of vapor formation.
  • Another ingredient is glycerin. Its main function in this case is to soften the taste, as well as to facilitate the process of vaporization.
  • Virtually every gas station for electroniccigarette contains propylene glycol - it is a widely used food additive in the industry. In this case, this substance is used to dissolve the essential oils. However, it has an equally important function - propylene glycol causes the same sensations as when irritating nerve endings in the upper respiratory tract, thereby creating the same effect as regular cigarettes.

Opinion of doctors and research results

electronic cigarette Price

Despite good advertising and a huge selectionvarious models, the safety of electronic cigarettes has not been proven. Yes, research has shown that with the help of such an acquisition, people can much more quickly give up their bad habit or at least limit the amount of consumption of regular cigarettes. During recent testing, it was noted that the experiment participants reduced the number of cigarettes by an average of 88%, which, you see, is not so bad.

On the other hand, reviews of doctors about this product.far from so rosy. For a start it is worth noting that such a passion can not get rid of nicotine addiction. On the other hand, during the research it was found that the filling for electronic cigarettes of individual manufacturers still contains some carcinogens, although in much smaller quantities. Therefore, it is impossible to call them completely safe.

Today, advertising electronic cigarettesbanned in many European countries, as well as in Russia. Well-known scientists in many countries say that this product cannot be admitted to the market until it undergoes a complete pharmacological examination.

Most Popular Electronic Cigarettes

If you are looking for the best e-cigarettes, then you are probably interested in today's popular models. So which product would be the best option?

Today are quite popularEgo electronic cigarettes. This is a new development that has a lot of advantages. For a start, it is worth noting that this model looks very unusual and stylish. It has a rather large size. On the other hand, it is precisely because of such non-standard dimensions that this model can please with the brightness of taste, as well as with a long battery charge. Ego electronic cigarettes will cost, or rather, the entire set (charger, liquid, etc.) of about 3,000 rubles.

ego electronic cigarettes

Of course, there are some other popular ones.models. For example, Joyetech e-cigarettes are considered to be no less popular. They stand out among their fellow original designs. Here the vaporization system is a clearomizer. The battery capacity is 280 mA / h, and the full charge time is two hours. Price ranges from 4000 rubles.

More affordable financially areelectronic cigarettes Pons. The cost of the kit (two cigarettes, gas station) is about 2500 rubles. By the way, one of the advantages of this model is the ease of maintenance. Of course, other models are on the market. For example, some smokers like Joye e-cigarettes, which also have a ton of benefits.

It is worth noting that when choosing a suitable "inhaler" it is worth first of all paying attention to the technical characteristics, as well as how easy it is to refill a cigarette.

Customer Reviews

Actually reviews about this product are prettyvarious. Some smokers confirm that with the help of it, they have really abandoned the habit to be relatively painless. Others, on the contrary, consider this money wasted. In any case, an electronic cigarette has both a lot of advantages and some disadvantages.

As for the cons, the first isIt should be noted that not every smoker can thus satisfy his need for nicotine. In addition, the market for this product in the country is not too big. And to electronic cigarettes constantly need to buy gas stations, which are not always easy to find. In addition, not everyone likes how much an e-cigarette costs. Its price, depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 2500 to 6000 rubles. Naturally, there are more expensive models that are popular mainly in Europe.

However, the merits in this case are undoubtedlymore. To begin with, it is worth noting that you can smoke an electronic cigarette almost anywhere. It does not leave behind the aroma of smoke, and the unpleasant smell from the mouth is also absent. Moreover, you can constantly change the flavors, as well as the level of nicotine. Some buyers also note that this cigarette looks more stylish. But in any case, it must be remembered that smoking is not only an addiction to nicotine, but also psychological dependence. Therefore, in order to permanently abandon the habit, we need not only artificial substitutes, but also a sincere desire and some strong-willed efforts.

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