Detensor-therapy: description, indications, application and reviews

Back pain laid on a hospital bed outsidedepending on age and lifestyle. Everyone faces this problem at least once. The treatment may take years or require surgery. This is followed by rehabilitation, which also takes time, effort and finances. Even adherents of a healthy lifestyle and fitness cannot be sure that they will avoid a prolapse of the disc, intervertebral hernia, or pinching of nerve endings in the spine. Recently, there has been a method that promises to change the situation and promises a painless solution to many problems with the spine.

Problems of existing methods

Today, there are many techniques, devices foralignment of the spinal column, reduce the effects of injuries, relieve pain, but they all work for a limited period of time and do not help everyone. There is also another problem: all procedures are not carried out independently, require the participation of medical personnel, medical supervision.

The human factor often becomes greatera problem than a disease, and the consequences of a non-professional or inattentive approach can bring additional trauma. Anyway, there is no ideal way to solve problems with back pain without serious consequences.

detenzor therapy indications


There are methods by which the state cansignificantly improve, and even get rid of the painful pain. One of them is gaining popularity and shows positive results in the fight for health with the safety of use. Detenzor therapy is the name of a new treatment for spinal diseases.

It is designed by Professor K. Kinlein (Germany), the pursuit of the result was his own problem scientist. In the 70s, the scientist received numerous spinal fractures, all the options he tried to mitigate the effects of injuries did not bring a significant result. The situation required a solution, and it was they found. Kinlein's spouse took part in research and development, and as a result, a constructive mattress (mat) was invented to help relieve pain, improve general condition and avoid the accumulation of further complications.

detenzor therapy


The detenzor therapy is a stretching of the spine,which happens with a special device that can be in every home. Mat Detensor is a structure consisting of soft ribs made of polyurethane foam. The location of the edges is inclined, the inclinations of different directions begin with a segment on the mat where the lumbar region is located.

Lying on the mat, the patient does not feeldiscomfort, the ribs gently, under the influence of weight, begin to move apart, thereby pulling the spinal column. This leveling method is more gentle, because it does not cause overstressing of ligaments, muscles, pain syndrome from the application is excluded, which often happens with other methods of extension (underwater, mechanical using a loop system, etc.).

Detenzor therapy is a technique that allowsreduce pain after surgery, useful for spinal curvature, causes relaxation of the muscles running along the back, decompression of the intervertebral discs, which leads to a decrease in hernias, removing pinching of nerve endings

detenzor therapy what is it

Operating principle

Detenzor therapy involves stretchingintervertebral space sparing way, the main factor in which is the patient's body weight. When developing samples, clinical trials were conducted on patients with different weights. As a result, devices were developed with three degrees of stiffness of the ribs for adults and two for children.

To understand the principle of the method, it is worthto decipher the name itself - detenzor-therapy. What it is? Translated from the Latin language de - "withdrawal", "delete", and tensor means "tense". That is, the essence of the method is to relieve tension, relax muscles and ligaments, which leads to a therapeutic effect.

Patient fit on mat, fit bodyoccurs along horizontal moving ribs with a degree of rigidity that does not allow them to be folded in a horizontal plane. The intervertebral space is in the gaps of the ribs of the mat, under the action of the weight of the body, the ribs set in motion, thereby stretching the spine. The process is physiological in nature, does not carry tram positions, and the sensations are very pleasant, the body quickly relaxes.

Dettenzor terpiya indications and contraindications

Indications for use

Detensor therapy indications and contraindications also has, like any method of exposure. This type of exposure will be useful for the following diseases:

  • Dystrophic changes in the structure of the spinal column (osteochondrosis of any department).
  • Constant tension of the muscles of the back, fatigue, diseases of a chronic nature, generating back pain.
  • Intervertebral hernia (both in exacerbation and remission).
  • Intervertebral disc prolapse, structural damage.
  • Congenital and acquired spinal curvature (scoliosis).
  • Fractures of the spine in any department.
  • General muscle tension, tightness resulting from stress, depression.
  • Pathology in the development of the cervical spine in children.
  • Migraines and bronchial asthma.
  • Bedsores and prevention of their appearance.
  • Diseases of the spine of various etiologies (except as stated in contraindications).


Detensor therapy is a method with a small number of contraindications. It is completely unacceptable for the following diseases:

  • Any tumors (benign, malignant) of the spinal column, spinal cord in the stage of dying off of the membranes.
  • Freshly received sharp back injuries in any department.

Relative contraindications for which detenzor-therapy is prescribed on the recommendation of a specialist:

  • Rheumatic diseases in the acute stage.
  • Some types of scoliosis (alternating, etc.).
  • Some congenital pathologies of the development of the spinal column.
  • Certain diseases of the cervical spine (spondylolisthesis, etc.).
  • In ankylosing spondylitis, the degree of severity of the detenor mat is selected.

Due to the almost complete safety of his methodbegan to be widely used in specialized institutions - sanatoriums, clinics, hospitals. The Cosmonaut Training Center also uses the relaxing and healing qualities that detensor therapy gives (the indications were given above). Positive dynamics is observed after 3-4 sessions, each of which lasts an average of 30 minutes.

detenzor therapy reviews

The result of the action of the method

Detenzor therapy has a complex effect on the entirean organism. This happens due to the improvement of the spine, it often happens that the clamped nerve endings simulate pain in any organ, the corrected posture eliminates such phenomena. The human body in a horizontal position is stretched by increasing the interdisk distance to physiological limits. Cartilage tissue is restored, gets enough moisture, nutrients.

With regular use, offset disksoccupy the necessary position, are not clamped by muscles. Intervertebral hernia disappears, releasing the nerve roots, pain syndrome disappears. The soft extension under its own weight relaxes the muscles, the spine unloads and takes on the structure and position determined by nature, the blood supply to the tissues improves, and as a result, regeneration occurs. Prolonged use of detenzor-mat stabilizes the condition and causes a lasting healing effect.

detenzor therapy in osteochondrosis

With osteochondrosis

One of the most common diseasesbone tissue - dystrophy, i.e. osteochondrosis. Detensor therapy for osteochondrosis is often included in the physiotherapy complex for treating a disease, as well as in the postoperative period of rehabilitation. The use of the method is due to a mild corrective action on the spinal column, relief of pain and improvement in the work of most internal organs.

During the session in patients with osteochondrosislymphatic drainage and microcirculation of fluids in soft tissues are improved, elasticity of ligaments increases, and nerve endings relax - all this is a positive effect that detensor-therapy has. What is it, from the point of view of a specialist? A safe method that can strengthen the basic treatment and help the patient regain health.

detenzor therapy is a stretching of the spine


In many specialized institutions, wheredeal with the problems of the musculoskeletal system, in practice, applied detenzor-therapy. Reviews of patients with a positive rating talk about the result after several sessions. They argue that the painful sensations resulting from osteochondrosis have significantly decreased in some, and in others they have completely stopped. Patients who suffered from back problems, but did not address specialists to this issue, experienced a detenor-mat on themselves, were satisfied with the improved health.

Negative reviews were left by people who did not feel any action after the procedure and doubt the feasibility of this method.

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