"Polidex" (nasal spray). "Polidexa" preparation: instructions, reviews

Surely many people have heard of such a drugas "Polydex". It is an effective drug that simultaneously reduces inflammation, constricts blood vessels and eliminates pathogens. This is a local antibacterial drug, which is a fairly serious drug that needs to be treated only with the consent of the doctor. Today we will learn the basic facts about the drug "Polydex": instruction (nasal spray and drops have different indications for use), reviews, admission rules and much more.

Form of issue

The tool is produced in two forms:

1. Spray.

2. Ear drops.

Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes either the first or second form of this drug.

polydex nasal spray


The drug "Polydex" - nasal spray,able to overcome diseases of the nasal cavity, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and vasoconstrictor action. Due to the presence in the composition of the drug antibiotic, it affects a large number of microorganisms that provoke infectious-inflammatory processes in the organs of smell and hearing.

Indications for use of aerosol

Polidex spray with phenylephrine is prescribed by a doctor for inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, such as:

- Sinusitis (sinusitis).

- Rhinitis.

- Rhinopharyngitis.

Polydex Spray with Phenylephrine

When to use drops?

The drug "Polydex" in liquid form is assigned to get rid of such ailments as:

- External otitis with intact eardrum.

- Inflammation of the ear canal with the addition of infection.

Polydex drops

Composition and form of release

Drops of "Polydex" have the following composition:

- Polymyxin is an antibacterial agent that injects gram-negative microbes.

- Dexamethasone - reduces inflammation, reduces the appearance of allergic reactions, strengthens the walls of cells and blood vessels.

- Neomycin is an antibiotic that suppresses the development of gram-positive microbes, including Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc.

Part of the drug with a spray includes the same components, but one more is added - phenylephrine - it narrows blood vessels, enhances the effect of adrenaline.

How to apply the spray

The bottle should be held straight, vertically and, without turning it over, inject the medicine into each nostril. Adults, as well as adolescents from 15 years of age should be performed by 1 press 3 to 5 times per day.

Children from 3 to 15 years old should do 1 pressure 3 times a day and only under the supervision of a doctor. Therefore, the child at the time of therapy is determined in the hospital.

The duration of treatment is from 5 to 10 days. After determining the drops in the ear, you should bow your head to the other side, so that the tool does not flow out.

polydex spray for children

"Polydex": instructions

Spray nasal is suitable for the treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis. And to get rid of otitis medication should be applied with the same name, only in a different form of release - in the form of drops.

The drug in liquid form is introduced into the ear canal.

Adult patients are prescribed from 1 or 5 drops to each ear in the morning and evening for 5–10 days.

Babies should be given 1–2 drops twice a day for 6–10 days.

The drug must first be slightly heated in the palm.

Negative manifestations

"Polydex" - nasal spray, having a littleside effects are often well tolerated by patients. However, sometimes patients may experience negative manifestations after treatment with this drug. For example, in some cases, you may feel dryness in the nose, itching on the skin, urticaria. Systemic side effects occur only under the condition of long and uncontrolled treatment, without the necessary recommendations of the doctor. So, a person may have a headache, tachycardia, pallor of the skin, insomnia.

Pediatricians always warn parents about the spray"Polydex" for children: during therapy with this drug, it is necessary to change the schedule of vaccination of your baby. The fact is that this medicine can contribute to the spread of infection. From here it is easy to conclude that the schedule for vaccinating a baby at the time of treatment must be changed.

Contraindications for spray

The medicine in this form of release can not be prescribed for the following features and problems of the body:

- Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

- Viral infections.

- Impaired kidney function.

- Glaucoma.

- Age up to 3 years.

- Pregnancy.

With extreme caution and only under the supervision of a physician can use the drug for people with hypertension, heart disease and hyperthyroidism.

polydex nasal spray instruction

Restrictions on the use of drops

It is forbidden to prescribe a medicine in this form of release if the patient has such health problems:

- Mycosis of the ears.

- Viral diseases of the organ of hearing.

- Perforation of the eardrum.

- Individual intolerance.

Analogue drops "Polydex"

Very often in the absence of a drug in a pharmacyto which the article is devoted, the doctors prescribe another medicine, referred to as the medicine “Maxitrol”. As well as the composition of Polydex ear drops, it contains components such as polymyxin, dexamethasone and neomycin. It turns out that in its structure it is analogous, but the identity is only in composition. But the purpose of the drops "Maxitrol" is a little different - these are diseases associated with ophthalmology: conjunctivitis, keratitis, sclerites. Therefore, you should be very careful and do not self-medicate, and when the pharmacist tries to sell another medicine instead of the drops to which the article is dedicated, you should refuse such an offer until the attending physician does not give this good.

What can replace the spray "Polydex"?

This medicine has a similar remedy.effects on the body, and its name is the drug "Isofra." What is the similarity of both drugs? Despite the fact that they have different composition, however, both sprays are used as a treatment for sinusitis, rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis. But in no case should one run to the pharmacy and buy Isofra medication if the Polidex products are not available. In terms of composition, these are two completely different medications, so if there is no drug to which the article is dedicated, you should call or come to the doctor and consult with him. A good specialist will recommend a good alternative to the drug "Polydex". Spray, analogues of which must also be purchased by the doctor’s prescription, should be applied strictly according to the recommendations of the otolaryngologist, otherwise the situation can only worsen. Therefore, one does not need to take the initiative or follow the advice of relatives and friends, and the only option is to go to the doctor and discuss further treatment with him.

polydex nasal spray price

The cost of the drug and its analogues

"Polydex" - nasal spray, the price of whichIt differs depending on which pharmacy to buy it, you can buy an average of 300 rubles (bottle of 15 ml). For comparison: the drug "Izofra", which can be administered with the same diagnoses, on average costs 250 rubles for the same amount of medicine.

If you take a drop of "Polydex", then their valuewill fluctuate between 180–200 rubles (the volume of the bottle is 10.5 ml). And an analogue of this drug - the drug "Maxitrol" - can be purchased on average for 300 rubles. The difference between these two funds is more than 100 rubles.

Opinions of people

"Polydex" - nasal spray, the price of whichIt is quite acceptable, given the diseases that can cure the drug, the reviews deserved mostly positive. As the patients themselves note, the effect after applying this remedy comes quickly enough: after 3-4 days, green nasal discharge ceases, the person begins to breathe well, headaches disappear.

A lot of positive feedback is left by those peoplewho were diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. If earlier in this case, the experts appointed the operation - puncture of the maxillary sinuses, but now the treatment technique has changed. Initially, an otolaryngologist can prescribe the drug "Polydex" - nasal spray, able to overcome the disease. And even if this medicine does not help, then the person lies on the operating table. But judging by the numerous reviews of patients who were diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, they did not get it so far, and they were limited to only the means of "Polydex". Therefore, if we are interested in those people who have been treated with this medicine, they will all unanimously say that now there can be no talk of any kind of puncture. Such patients are grateful to the manufacturers of this medicine for the fact that now you should not be afraid of sinusitis and surgery associated with it, because it can be avoided by purchasing the “Polydex” product in time.

But, despite the fact that this drug is so praisedmany patients do not run headlong to the pharmacy for him. After all, this medication is an antibiotic, and besides, it is also a hormonal agent. First you should go to an otolaryngologist reception, go through all the examinations prescribed by him, and only after the doctor decides to prescribe this medicine, you can safely get it. And self-medication is unacceptable, especially when it comes to kids.

Polydex ear drops also deserve a lotnumber of positive reviews. Thanks to them, both adults and children quickly got rid of otitis, and there are no complications after taking this drug.

polydex spray analogues

Special recommendations for the treatment of sinusitis

Despite the positive reviews about the drug"Polydex", nasal spray should not be the only method of treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis, do not need to be limited to this medication. In any case, at the reception the doctor, in addition to this means, will prescribe additional measures against these illnesses. Usually, in parallel with the treatment with “Polidex” spray, the specialist prescribes the rinsing of the nose with a special solution or, in general, with sea or food salt, diluted in a glass of water.

This must be done in order to pus fastercame out of the nose, and thus the infection is cleared from the body. Also, a specialist prescribes physical therapy and diet - only if these points are observed, a person will have a real chance of success in treating such a complex ailment as antritis.

This article has reviewed such majormoments that are worth paying attention to people who have decided to be treated with the drug "Polydex": instructions, reviews, contraindications, composition and forms of release of the drug. Judging by the numerous reviews that people leave in various forums, this tool is popular and effective in patients suffering from chronic sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis. Therefore, if the doctor, after receiving the results of the patient's analyzes, prescribe this medicine, then it is better to buy it and treat it so that there are no complications.

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