Salpingoophoritis is an inflammation of the ovaries

Salpingoophoritis is an inflammatory process in the appendages. The disease is also called adnexitis. There is a malaise due to an infection that affects the epididymis in women.


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Salpingoophoritis is an ailment that often occursdue to overcooling, for example, because of prolonged lying or sitting on a cold surface. Also, the legs, which are wet during the cold period, can provoke the development of the disease.

Pathogens of the inflammatory process atadnexitis can be both normal microorganisms, and those that are transmitted through sexual intercourse. Often these are gonococci and chlamydia. When such bacteria enter the female reproductive system as a result of infection, they tend to the uterine tubes from the vagina, whose acidic environment is unfavorable for their vital activity. Where there are chlamydia, the cylindrical epithelium is located. These pathogens are quite resistant to the action of the human immune system.


Salpingoophoritis is a disease, the signs of which are manifested as:

1. Blunt or sharp aching pain in the lower abdomen of a woman. Sensations have a property to intensify on the eve of or during menstruation.

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2. Pain at the time of coition or with a lowered sexual desire.

3. Violations of the menstrual cycle.

4. Weakness and fever.

Possible complications

Infertility is the most dangerous complication thatleads to a salpingo-oophoritis (a photo of what the female reproductive system looks like in pathology, is located on the right). It arises from the defeat (in the process of inflammation) of cells of the epithelium of the fallopian tubes. For this reason, deviations occur in their functions. The most sad outcome in this case is the scarring of the tube and, as a consequence, its complete unfitness for the process of conception.

For that period of time, until the capsules of the ovariesthey fight the inflammatory process, connective tissue grows. As a result, the walls thicken and compact. Because of this, the ovary capsule may not burst at the time of ovulation, and the egg will not come out of the follicle. In this case, pregnancy is also excluded.


Salpingoophoritis is a disease that is treated exclusively in a hospital. A sick woman should observe bed rest, eat light food and drink

how to treat salpingo-oophoritis
a large amount of liquid.

How to treat salpingoophoritis, the doctor decides onthe basis of the clinical picture and data analysis. There are two types of therapy: medication and surgery. In the first case, drugs of anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action are used. In addition, desensitizing and immunostimulating drugs are prescribed.

The surgical method of treatment is used if the patient has a tumor. After surgery, therapy is carried out using detoxification and antibacterial drugs.

It is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication inflammation of the ovaries. Otherwise, the consequences can be deplorable.

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