"Flies" in the eyes - a sign of a serious disorder?

Every person has experienced a feelingcalled the appearance of "flies" in the eyes. Sometimes it may seem like evidence of some sinister eye disease. Yet in most cases, "flies" in the eyes appear for completely harmless reasons and are not a sign of pathology. However, it also happens when black “flies” in front of the eyes mean that peripheral vision has been impaired. And this is a problem ...

flies in the eyes

What formed these strange signs? Black "flies" in the eyes, small spots or dots appear in the case when a person looks at a fuzzy background, for example at a blue sky or a wall of monochromatic color. It is in this situation that the smallest objects become visible, which, by turning the head of a person or moving an eye, move by inertia in the same direction, after which they smoothly descend and settle.

Perfectly healthy people have "flies" in their eyes.may appear after a long sleep or stay in the dark - when the eyes get used to changing the brightness of the lighting. However, there are a number of cases where this symptom speaks of health problems that can lead to serious complications.

These include osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.spine, which is the most common cause of the appearance of "flies". This is due to the fact that with this disease the blood flow in the vertebral arteries is interrupted and the pressure in them decreases. These blood vessels are known to supply blood and oxygen to the brain.

black flies in the eyes

"Flies" in the eyes may appear with moredangerous acute pathologies, such as internal bleeding. In this case, white dots appear before your eyes, which can often be the only manifestation of this dangerous syndrome. The cause may be anemia, due to which the level of oxygen entering the brain decreases. Because of it, the metabolism is also disturbed, including in the retina. Anemia also leads to the appearance of white spots before the eyes and impaired vision. These "fad" appear at a critical lowering of blood pressure, when the blood vessels are not enough. White dots appear also in traumatic brain injuries.

In case of acute poisoning, toxic substancesmay affect the nervous system, including such a part as the optic nerve. This pathology can lead not only to the appearance of "flies", but also other visual disorders, for example, a split in the eyes.

black flies before eyes

In case of decompensated diabetesthere is a deep damage to the retinal vessels of the eye and brain, which also leads to the appearance of "flies". Hypertensive crisis often leads to a similar vascular lesion due to excessive stress. In this case, the exchange between the bloodstream and tissues weakens. At the same time, the retina of the eye is one of the most sensitive to such circulatory disorders of tissues.

If the "flies" in the eyes appear in the second half of pregnancy. This may indicate the presence of such a disease as eclampsia, which is dangerous for both the mother and the fetus.

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