Preparation "Ceraxon": reviews and instructions for use

The drug "Ceraxon" is unbreakablemeans, designed to protect the nerve tissue and to normalize its condition. There are many similar drugs that have a similar effect and differ in the composition of active active ingredients, for example, preparations "Kogitium", "Gliatilin", "Nootropil".

Preparation "Ceraxon": instruction

Expert Reviews and Instructions for Usegive information that the activity of the drug is determined by citicoline - the main substance that is part of the drug. This component is a natural forming membrane of cells of nerve tissues and, in the event of any deviation, participates in their recovery, reduces the concentration of free radicals. As a result, the area of ​​tissue damage decreases, its breathing and nutrition improve.

The use of the drug "Ceraxon"

The comments of therapists characterize the medicine asan effective agent in the treatment of pathologies of the nervous system, which are based on a vascular or degenerative origin. The medication is used to treat ischemic stroke, with cognitive disorders, craniocerebral trauma.

Contraindications and dosage of the drug "Ceraxon"

Reviews of pharmacists and the instruction report ondosage and application rules. The medicine is produced in the form of a solution, both for internal use and as injections for intramuscular or intravenous administration. With the help of the drug in the first place, adults are treated because tests for patients under the age of eighteen years have not been performed. Do not use solutions for vagotonia, as well as for individual intolerance to the components of the product. It is not recommended to use the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding, since the influence of the neonatal on the health of the fetus and the baby has not been studied.

The drug is administered orally between dosesfood, spreading before use in half a glass of water. In stroke and brain disorders it is recommended to take 10 ml of the drug every 12 hours for a month and a half.

Side effects of the drug "Ceraxon"

Reviews of patients taking the drug sayand about some negative manifestations. Most often, unwanted effects occur in the form of allergies, starting from the rash and ending with anaphylactic shock. Due to the effect on the autonomic function of the nervous system, patients may experience sleep disorders, dizziness, fever, digestion and appetite disorders, possibly lowering blood pressure.

The drug "Ceraxon": reviews

Statements on the effects of drugthe funds are controversial. The most actively discussed drug in the area in which it should not be used according to the instruction - in pediatrics. Many parents talk about the prescriptions of the drug "Ceraxon" for children. Feedback on the consequences are also varied. Usually, the medicine is prescribed in the presence of organic damage (hemorrhage, birth trauma). The effectiveness of the drug is not confirmed by everyone - some do not notice any improvement from taking, others complain of the appearance of hyperactivity in the child. However, there are also positive reviews about the preparation "Ceraxon". In children taking medicine, there are significant changes in the development of both speech and motor.

In any case, treatment of abnormalities of the nervous systemis a rather complex and delicate process. For this, many drugs and techniques have been developed. And to choose the optimal solution, you need extensive knowledge and experience. Therefore, prescribe the drug "Ceraxon" or other neotrop should only a doctor.

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