"Nimesil" - this is what? Instruction, analogues, reviews about the drug

Modern pharmacological firms are full ofa variety of pain relievers and antipyretic agents. Similar preparations for certain are in each house first-aid set. They help the patient to quickly get rid of the pain and heat that may appear suddenly. Practice shows that one of the most effective and popular drugs is "Nimesil". Instruction, reviews and description of the drug will be given for your attention in today's article. You will also learn how to replace this tool.

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What is Nimesil?

"Nimesil" is a powder that is producedGerman pharmacological firm. It contains a medicinal substance nimesulide. The preparation is packaged in sachets, each containing 100 mg of the main component and 2 grams in the total volume. The producer here uses additional ingredients: sucrose, citric acid, ketomacrogol, maltodextrin and orange flavor.

"Nimesil" is a drug that hasanalgesic and antipyretic action. It is also able to eliminate the inflammatory process that occurs in the body. The drug is included in the list of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are sold without a prescription. The cost of 30 bags is about 700-800 rubles. Some pharmacies sell the sachet by the piece.

Manufacturer of medicine

The annotation says that the remedy "Nimesil" is a great way to get rid of the pain caused by different reasons. The medication is applied when:

  • I have a toothache;
  • the head is split;
  • there is pain after surgery or minimally invasive interventions;
  • the patient is diagnosed with arthritis or other pathology of the musculoskeletal system accompanied by pain syndrome.

The medicine effectively eliminates the fever thatcan occur with infectious diseases or for other reasons. The use of Nimesil powder is a way to eliminate the inflammatory process that occurs in the joints and soft tissues. Also, the drug is used for vascular, gynecological and urological pathologies.

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Contraindications for use

Before using the medicine Nimesil,Instructions for use (reviews say this) should be carefully read. Particular attention should be given to the point where contraindications are stipulated. If you have at least one, then the use of medication should be discarded. Powder "Nimesil" is contraindicated:

  • at a high sensitivity of the patient's body to the active substance or other components;
  • ulcerative lesions of the intestine or stomach;
  • bleeding in the digestive tract;
  • pregnancy, since it can have a negative effect on its course and the formation of the fetus;
  • Breastfeeding because of unhindered penetration into milk;
  • increased pressure;
  • renal failure.

It is forbidden to use the medicine in pediatrics, unless otherwise stipulated by the doctor individually.

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Nimesil: application

Reviews about the drug say that its prettyPleasant to accept. The medication is used internally in a liquid form, it has a sweet taste and does not cause disgust. The instruction recommends the use of the medicine only after eating, since the active substance can adversely affect the gastric mucosa.

A single dose of the drug is 100 mgnimesulide, which is equal to one sachet. In case of acute need, a portion of the medicine can be doubled. The daily norm of the drug is 200 mg, it should not be exceeded independently.

Before taking the medicine, it is necessary to prepare. How to breed "Nimesil", the instruction tells in detail. To do this, you need 250 ml of clean drinking water. Pour the powder into a container and mix thoroughly. Drink the solution when the granules dissolve completely. Do not store the finished medicine. Before each intake, dilute a new dose.

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The consequences of therapy

It is expected that the drug will have a positiveaction on the human body in the form of a decrease in fever and elimination of pain syndrome. The drug blocks the synthesis of prostaglandins in the focus of inflammation. The tool lasts no less than 6 hours. But for some people, the medication acts differently. It causes side reactions, which can be expressed as follows:

  • disorders of the digestive system (heartburn, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, nausea);
  • influence on the central nervous system (dizziness, headache, fatigue and drowsiness);
  • allergy (skin rash and itching, anaphylactic reactions);
  • violations of outflow of fluid (edema, malfunctioning of the kidneys).

When one or more of the symptoms described appear, you must immediately stop treatment and seek help from a medical facility.

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Additional information about the drug

The manufacturer tells about the preparation of a lot of important information that must be taken into account, if you are going to accept the claimed means:

  1. Nimesil is not assigned to younger childrenunder no circumstances. Treatment of adolescents can be carried out, but only if the appointment is made by a doctor, taking into account the benefits and risks. In each situation, an individual dose of medication is selected.
  2. Patients with gastrointestinalanamnesis should be used with extreme caution in using the medication, as pathologies can become aggravated. To reduce the risk, you need to take a minimum dose of the drug with a short course.
  3. The preparation contains sucrose in its composition. This should be paid attention to patients suffering from diabetes, intolerance to fructose or people who adhere to a low-calorie diet.
  4. Do not combine Nimesil with other NSAID drugs.
  5. Medications that reduce blood clotting, taken with "Nimesil", strengthen their action.


Replace the drug with similar products based on nimesulide. You can choose the following medicines:

  • "Nimulid" is a syrup that has been approved for use in children since the year;
  • "Naise" - tablets containing 100 mg of active ingredient in each pill;
  • "Nimesulide" - granules for the preparation of solution;
  • "Nemux" - granules that can be used in children from the age of 12;
  • "Aponil" - tablets of 100 mg;
  • "Nimika" - tablets are dispersible.

If for some reason you do not fitthe preparation "Nimesil", tablets can be chosen on the basis of another active substance. More safe means are considered drugs based on ibuprofen and paracetamol. Trade names of such medicines: "Kalpol", "Panadol", "Nurofen", "Ibuklin" and so on. You can buy them without a prescription in almost every pharmacy chain. You can replace the medicine "Nimesil" with "Diklovit", "Ketorol", "Ketonal" and many others. If the claimed medicine does not suit you, contact a specialist to choose an alternative remedy.

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Reviews about the drug

Consumers in their majority are satisfiedresult of treatment. The medication is effective and in a short time copes with its task. It eliminates inflammation and pain, normalizes body temperature. The medicine is nice to take. Nimesil has been operating for a long time. In some cases, the patient does not need additional medication.

The main drawback of the drug is itsa negative effect on the digestive tract. People who have pathologies in this department can feel all the "charms" and consequences of using the claimed medication. Many patients told that the medicine caused them stomach pains. It is known that preparations based on nimesulide are banned in many foreign countries. But the remedy "Nimesil" is not a tablet, but a suspension. It is believed that it is not so detrimental to the gastric mucosa, like a pill that decomposes in the digestive tract.

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To sum up

Whether to take the drug "Nimesil" or not - personaleveryone's business. It is known that this medicine effectively copes with its task. But at the same time, the drug has a negative effect on the digestive function, which can be noted by many patients. The medicine "Nimesil" won the trust of many consumers, becoming a permanent guest in the home medicine cabinet. If you decide to use the medication yourself, then follow these rules:

  • do not exceed the declared dose;
  • do not dilute the medicine with anything other than pure water;
  • with the goal of achieving an analgesic effect, take the drug no more than five days, and with a fever - no more than three;
  • if you feel unwell or if there is no positive effect of therapy, be sure to show your doctor;
  • Before using the medication, read the instructions for use carefully.
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