The drug "Exoderil": the analogue is cheaper?

Fungal diseases are verycommon. Previously it was very difficult to cure them. Now there are effective drugs that quickly kill the fungus and prevent it from spreading. One of the best for many years is considered to be Exoderil. Analog cheaper than it, too, can be bought, since this same active substance is part of several other drugs. This need arises in many patients who do not have the opportunity to pay 600-700 rubles for a medicine.

Characteristics of the drug "Exoderil"

This antifungal agent for externalapplication. Produced "Exoderyl" in the form of cream, gel and solution. The active substance of the drug is naphthyfine, which has a harmful effect on the fungus. In the bloodstream, it does not penetrate, and for a long time lingers on the surface of the skin, preventing the spread of infection. Therefore, you only need to use it once a day.

It is for this advantage that many likethe drug Exoderil. An analogue cheaper than it may not have such properties and not be so effective. To the positive qualities of the drug "Exoderyl" is a small number of contraindications and side effects, as well as high effectiveness against various fungal infections. It is very convenient to use, no complicated procedures are required: simply apply the remedy to the cleaned and dried out affected area.

This medicine is one of the most popular remedies for fungal infections of the skin and nails. But many patients are not satisfied with the fact that the price is too high for Exederyl.

exoderyl analog is cheaper

Analogue of the preparation: how to choose

Why do drugs of a similarcomposition and action, but very different in price? This can be explained by the fact that when the original drug is manufactured, its cost includes all costs for research, patent and advertising. After a few years, drugs with a similar composition begin to produce other campaigns. And they are much cheaper. It is impossible to say whether these drugs will be equally effective. Therefore, before choosing an analogue of a medicine, it is better to consult a doctor.

Cheap drugs with the same active substance

Medications with the same composition are calledsynonyms. They are usually interchangeable and have similar effects. But their price differs because they are produced by different pharmaceutical campaigns.

The active substance naftifin is the main component of the drug "Exoderyl". Analogue cheaper than it with the same composition is easy to find. Naphthyfine is found in such antifungal agents:

  • Cream "Mikoderil" of Russian production can be bought for no more than 400 rubles, and the effect is the same effective;
  • "Naphthyfin" in the form of a cream or solution is able to cope with a fungus within 2 weeks;
  • you can still find the drug "Mycoderm", which is also a complete synonym for "Exoderil".
    exoderil ointment analogues

Similar means

But most often choose from a large numberantifungal agents the right remedy in the event that for some reason it is impossible to buy Exoderil. Analog cheaper can appoint a doctor, since there are many effective drugs against fungal infection:

  • funds based on terbinafine - "Lamizil", "Fungoterbin", "Lamikon" and others;
  • preparations with ketoconazole - "Dermazol", "Nizoral", "Kenazol";
  • drugs based on clotrimazole are the cheapest - "Candide", "Candisan", "Clotrimazole" - they cost about 100 rubles.

loceril or exoderyl

The best analogues of "Exoderilus"

Most often for the treatment of fungal infectionswide-spectrum drugs are used. They are effective for the treatment of most diseases, like the "Exoderil" ointment. Analogues, most commonly used, can be:

  • cream "Atifin" is active against many fungal infections and almost does not cause side effects, costs about 250 rubles;
  • "Batrafen" is widely used not only for the treatment of fungal diseases of the skin and nails, it also helps in the presence of rhyhomonads and other parasites on the genitals, costs about 400 rubles;
  • "Lamisil" is effective even with a vast area of ​​damage, but not much cheaper than the "Exoderil" - it costs 550 rubles;
  • cream "Termikon" has a wide range of effects, costs 220 rubles;
  • alcohol solution "Nitrofungin" is most often used with a foot fungus, costs 280 rubles.

exoderil price analog

Which is better: "Loceril" or "Exoderil"

Antifungal drugs are now not producedonly in the form of ointments. For the convenience of patients, solutions with special applicators, varnishes, plasters and other products are sold. One of the most convenient to use and effective is the solution of "Loceril". It is not a direct analogue of "Exoderil", since its active substance is amorolfine. Therefore, when choosing the most effective drug is better to focus on the advice of a doctor. Moreover, "Lotseril" is not cheaper than "Exoderil", but 2 times more expensive.

When fungal diseases are not worth pursuingself-medication. Despite the fact that there are many effective and safe drugs, it is better if the doctor appoints the doctor depending on the type of fungus, the area of ​​the lesion and the features of the course of the disease. And to replace the drug on its own initiative is also not recommended, as this may reduce the effectiveness of therapy.

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