Categories of fitness for military service.

At present, certain categories of fitness for military service are used in the Russian Federation to determine the ability of a citizen to undergo military service.

Primary medical examination and examinationis held at the age of seventeen years when citizens are registered for military registration. After that, a commission is made to assess the state of health of the citizen with the determination of his fitness for the passage of military service.

It is worth noting that the category of validity will be definitively determined only when reaching the draft age (eighteen years).

Commission of doctors conducts a full medicalinspection of the draftee. If there are suspicions of any diseases, directions for additional diagnostic manipulations are sent out to clarify the diagnosis, as well as to determine the validity (if this is necessary). As a result of the procedures performed, definitive diagnoses are made (in the presence of pathological conditions). When the commission passes, on the basis of the received results on the state of health of the conscript, its category of fitness is determined (the citizen's ability to carry military service).

What are the categories of fitness for military service?

There are five main ones:

Category "A" indicates absolute healthconscript and his suitability for service in the army. In this case, no diseases and pathological conditions prevent the citizen from passing through the service.

The category "B" is set in the case when yThe person identified some health problems, which, however, do not create obstacles to his service in the ranks of the Russian army. To this category of fitness for military service, conscripts with gastritis and peptic ulcer (mild), as well as with myopia and other diseases can be referred to. A list of criteria defined and approved by normative documents characterizes one or another category.

The category "B" indicates some restrictions toservice passage. The service on conscription is possible only at desire of the recruit, otherwise he is released from it and automatically enlisted in the reserve. Previously, this category provided for periodic (every three years) repeated examinations of the state of health of a citizen, and in the event that the category was withdrawn (with curing or alleviating the course of the disease), the citizen returned to the ranks of conscripts, however, at the present time, RF Government Decree No. 123 abolished repeated surveys (surveys), as a result of which, when classifying a draftee as "B", he is considered unfit and is credited to the reserve.

The presence of certain diseases and the set category "B" allows you to get exemption from the call.

The category "G" indicates the status of the draftee,at which he is temporarily unfit for service. This includes people with acute transient health problems, such as fractures of bone, dystrophy or obesity. Such diseases are not persistent, so when recuperated, the conscript automatically becomes fit for military service.

The last category "D" indicates the presence ofa citizen of severe acute or chronic pathologies, in which military service is not possible (for example, chronic cardiac or renal insufficiency, heart attacks or strokes in the anamnesis and other diseases). As a result, when a citizen is classified as "D", he is considered unfit for military service.

As a result, it is worth noting that the categories of fitness for military service are indicative for determining the ability of citizens to undergo the same in the army.

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