Why do doctors wear tattoos "Do not resuscitate"? Message to colleagues

Daily Globe Doctors Fight for Lifehundreds, thousands of patients. They are doing everything possible and impossible to conquer death, to pull the patient literally from the next world. It is not by chance that in one Soviet song about people in white coats there are such words: “Eternal feat, he is on your shoulder!”. But the doctors themselves, being terminally ill, are not ready to go the way of their wards. In the United States of America, it is increasingly possible to see an unusual tattoo on a medical chest (medallion, pendant). So why do doctors wear tattoos "Do not reanimate"?

why doctors wear tattoos don't reanimate

Colleagues, I pray you!

This is a warning to colleagues: at the moment when the carrier of the inscription will be in a critical condition, it is not necessary to rush headlong to help. No systems, injections, defibrillators, heart massage. As they say, let me die in peace. This refers not only to the moment of “H”, but is a general principle of world perception. Doctors believe: it is better to spend your last days, weeks, months in the family, among relatives and friends, than in intensive care. This is their main desire.

They are too aware of what is happening toallow all available methods of modern medicine to support life, when virtually nothing can be done. Someone does not agree with this approach, say: you need to fight to the end. But this is a deliberate choice, not needing "variations" on the topic: "Why do doctors wear tattoos with the message" Do not reanimate "?"

Artificial launch

Indirect heart massage. It is made when clinical death occurs. "Motor" is trying to run a rhythmic pressure on the chest, in the place where it is relatively mobile. During manipulation, it is pressed against the spine, and then released. The movements are repeated exactly as many times as required to artificially support the movement of blood in the vessels, in the hope that the body will begin to perform its function independently.

why do doctors wear tattoos with a message not to reanimate

One of the American doctors of medicinecommented on a precedent like this: “Physicians categorically do not want to be subjected to an indirect heart massage in the case of a clinical outcome. As well as chemotherapy courses. Moreover, they treat their treatment without any initiative. No active action. That is why doctors wear tattoos "Do not reanimate."

Do not worry. It's too much

It would seem that: people who at one time gave the Hippocratic oath (“Do no harm!”) should first of all understand that such an approach harms themselves. After all, treatment rooms are closer to them than to anyone else. They know the treatment regimens, they can correctly apply them. But prefer to leave without fuss. All this is because they are clearly aware that any serious treatment is not complete without heavy losses.

As a result, continue to resist death, ifwe are talking about the sick, but do not oppose her at all. "Many knowledge - many sorrows"? They do not think so. Competence allows you to take things calmly. Why panic, worry too much, explain to surprised onlookers why some doctors wear “Do Not Reanimate” tattoos. This is not their destiny.

why many doctors wear tattoos don't reanimate

An old woman with a scythe can be driven away

Cancer holds a leading position in the top ten diseasesleading to death. In recent years, he confidently walks the planet, hitting the elderly, young and even children. There is evidence that in countries where the income level of the population is consistently high, in terms of the frequency of sad outcomes, it follows cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease and stroke. The trouble can happen to anyone. That is why doctors wear tattoos "Do not reanimate" (do not pump out).

No one argues: it is sometimes possible to ward off an “old lady with a scythe” for a while. Chemotherapy courses are aimed at this. But doctors are aware of the side effects of a “massive drug attack” on the disease: hair falls out, patients experience indescribable fatigue, etc. There is a fear of a session, which is suppressed with medication. But the majority of patients do not even think about refusing treatment.

And only they ... Why do doctors wear tattoos "Do not reanimate"? A doctor from Southern California, whose reasoning we quoted above, told the fate of his orthopedic colleague named Charlie. He personally found a seal in his stomach. Diagnostic manipulations confirmed pancreatic cancer. The patient was given a chance of from five to 15 percent, which, against the background of intensive, including surgical, treatment, he can stretch for five years.

But Charlie acted differently. He retired from medical practice, refused treatment, and devoted the rest of his earthly existence to his spouse, children, and died while in his own home.

More cancer doctor fear procedureindirect heart massage. When it is produced intensively (it is about life and death), the patient’s ribs do not stand up, break, which leads to disability.

why some doctors wear tattoos don't reanimate

In war, as in war

Perhaps it is good that the relatives of those whose liveshanging in the balance, and it must be urgently rescued, they do not fully understand that the war for the renewal of the heartbeat does not know pity: it is either won, or ... 2 groups). A California doctor remembered only one patient who left the hospital "on his own two feet". This man before the experienced clinical death was completely healthy.

But relatives, clutching at a straw, askdo everything just save a loved one. They can be understood. And doctors will take action. They will not leave the patient a single step until they make a kind of “flight into space” in the name of saving an elusive life. But they themselves will ask colleagues: “You'd better kill me, but don’t bring it to that.”

Boundaries reasonable

There is evidence that not only think soAmerican doctors. Such speculative conclusions are characteristic of the majority of medical workers, who at least once found themselves on the verge of life and death and understand the intricacies of resuscitation. Russian surgeon Cookihin explained why doctors wear tattoos "Do not reanimate"? There is no fear of treatment, but the fear that in the heat of the battle for life is "overwhelmed."

why doctors wear tattoos do not reanimate do not pump out

She calls the rejection of attempts to return tosomewhat reasonable. But only in the case of incurable diseases and deep old age. At the same time, an intensive approach does not prolong life, but greatly reduces its quality. She, like the American colleague, thinks: to reanimate a patient who has stage 4 oncology in diagnosis is to completely retreat from the boundaries of reason. This is forbidden for benign reasons.

The doctor says: if there is at least one chance in a thousand, not a single patient will refuse to live. But doctors are special people. They also do not crave their death, but they are clearly aware of its inevitability. And prefer quiet care. We think now the reader can understand why many doctors wear tattoos "Do not reanimate."

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