Means "Aquamaris" (spray). Instructions

The drug "Aquamaris" (spray) is sterilethe Adriatic Sea. The solution is isotonic, it contains various trace elements. Active components contribute to the stabilization of the nasal mucosa. With regular use of "Aquamaris" (the instruction contains such information), the viscosity of phlegm decreases, the functioning of goblet cells is normalized. Microelements included in the drug (magnesium and selenium, in particular), stimulate local immunity. Due to useful properties, mucolitic clearance is also normalized. When used, mucus evacuation is improved by activating the ciliated epithelium.

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The drug helps to eliminate harmfulforeign components provoking allergic processes. Sodium chloride and iodine, also present in the solution, have antibacterial action, effectively reduce inflammation and swelling. The medication is used not only to treat pathologies of the nose and paranasal sinuses. With its regular use, soft mucosal care is provided. The nasal spray and the throat are produced. The latter is used for prevention and in the complex treatment of acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and larynx (tonsillitis, adenoiditis, pharyngitis, laryngitis); for prevention and in the complex treatment of acute respiratory viral infections (including during pregnancy and lactation).

The drug "Aquamaris" (spray), Instruction, Price.

The cost of the medicine varies within 200rubles. A remedy for the treatment of acute, chronic inflammatory pathologies of the infectious nature of the paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx and nose has been recommended. The medicine is prescribed for children with enlarged adenoids. Indications include rhinitis of different origin. The "Aquamaris" (spray) tool recommends to prevent infections after surgical interventions on the nasal area. The drug effectively accelerates the restoration of physiological functions in the nasopharynx. The medication is indicated to eliminate discomfort and improve nasal breathing on the soil of mucosal dryness. In the epidemiological period, the drug is used to prevent respiratory diseases.

aquamaris spray instruction

Dosing regimen

The tool "Aquamaris" (spray) instruction allowsuse from year of life. Patients under seven years of age are recommended to use 1-2 irrigation three to four times a day. Injections are produced in each nasal passage. For patients from seven years, two irrigation is recommended no more than six times a day. For adults, the irrigation frequency is increased to eight per day. The duration of application is usually two to four weeks. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the course of the pathology. A month after the end of the therapeutic course it is desirable to repeat it. To prevent the development of infectious inflammatory pathologies, the drug is used no more than six times a day. The duration of prevention is a week.

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Contraindications and side effects of the drug "Aquamaris" (spray)

The reviews of many patients and doctors indicategood tolerability of the agent. Seldom can there be an allergic reaction, due to intolerance to any components of the drug. During pregnancy or during lactation, the medicine has no restrictions on the use. Nevertheless, therapy should be controlled by the doctor. The drug is not assigned to patients with hypersensitivity. Drug "Aquamaris" (spray) instruction does not recommend children under one year.

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