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Light and compact cameras with elegantdesign and interesting color solutions, often become impulse purchases. The same can be said about the recently appeared Samsung NX Mini model appeared on the market. Reviews of the first buyers indicate that this is not all of its positive characteristics. For such a modest size, the camera's capabilities are simply impressive. Yes, and she's doing just fine. All this becomes clear already at the very beginning of using the Samsung NX Mini. The model overview is presented in more detail below.

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The novelty appeared in the domestic stores inbeginning of 2014. At that time it became the most compact camera of all those models that are equipped with a replaceable lens and are on the market. And it's true, even with the installed optics, it can be hidden in the pocket of your jacket or jacket, not to mention the women's purse. The only exception is the option with a wide-angle fix. However, such compact dimensions did not have the best effect on ergonomics. More specifically, the grip handles are not quite enough, so to prevent the camera from slipping out of your hands, you need to support it slightly from the bottom.

general description

The appearance of the Samsung NX Mini in general isclassical. The case and the upper panel are made of magnesium alloy. The lateral and facial sides of the camera, together with the insert under the finger, differ in imitation leather, despite the fact that they are made of high-strength plastic. The model is available in black, white, brown, pink and turquoise. On the back there is a touch screen monitor, whose diagonal size is equal to three inches. If necessary, it rotates 180 degrees. This feature distinguishes the Samsung NX Mini. Reviews of its owners indicate that thanks to this solution it is very simple to create so popular in our time "SELFI".

Here is the classic switch onfive positions, which serves to select the mode of automatic focus, the type of shooting, as well as the information displayed on the monitor. Around it there are buttons for entering the menu, selecting a mode, deleting and viewing files. The key for turning on the video with the indicator can be found under the eyelet intended for the strap.

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The lens extraction button is located on the frontface, and on the left under the name of the camera is the NFC area. The autofocus light and built-in flash are mounted on the metal insert. There are no functional elements on the left panel. On the right side, immediately behind the lid, are the wire connectors - micro-HDMI, micro-USB, as well as a compartment for the battery and a slot for a microSD memory card.

A place for mounting an external auxiliary flash,and a microphone hole are located on the top panel. It should be noted that the ports are covered with a rather dense plug, which is not always close from the first time. Above the controls there is an oval hole with a built-in speaker, as well as a strap eyelet. The lower edge provides a thread for mounting the camera on a tripod.

Equipment and equipment

On the camera Samsung NX Mini installeda matrix of 20.5 megapixels and a touchscreen display with a rotation function to create self-portraits. Moreover, the camera boasts good functionality and modern wireless capabilities, which include support for Wi-Fi and NFC. Buying a model, in a compact box you can find the camera with optics, a cable for charging and synchronizing with computer equipment, a power supply, a small external flash and a thin strap for wearing on the wrist. In addition, discs with software and brief manuals for users are packed separately.

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To create high-quality images, thisSamsung camera is equipped with a number of functions. One of the most interesting of them is Wink Shot. Its essence is as follows: looking into the lens, it is enough just to blink, after which the novelty will take a photo itself in two seconds.

The next function is continuous shooting, which is performed at a speed of six frames per second. The shutter speed is 1/16000 seconds.

Another ability of the camera is called Tag & Go. It provides the ability to wirelessly transfer the captured images to any tablet or smartphone that supports NFC.

Thanks to the Mobile Link program, you cansimultaneously send several photos at once. The Remote View Finder function allows you to control the camera using a smartphone. Pictures can be sent simultaneously to several devices (maximum - 4). Do this allows the program Group Share.

Download photos from the camera directlyyou can not only on social networks, but also in Flickr and Dropbox services. In addition, you can not miss the Baby Monitor mode. Its essence lies in the fact that a smartphone left in a room with a small child keeps track of the volume of the sound in the room and immediately sends the image to the camera's display as soon as the kid wakes up and starts crying or just making noise.

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Interchangeable lenses

The novelty is fully compatible with fifteenLenses that are part of the NX line and sold separately. This is facilitated by a special adapter, called NX-M. Together with this, the manufacturer has released three lenses, which are designed directly for the Samsung NX Mini. The review of each of them is full of positive characteristics. They differ among themselves by the conditions under which each individual copy is adapted.

The first option is a wide-anglelens, which is most appropriately used for self-portraits and landscapes. The second supports wide-angle shooting of photos and video. As for the third copy, it is designed to create portrait photos with a blurred background and a detailed foreground.

Daytime shooting

As already mentioned above, the Samsung NXMini is equipped with a relatively large matrix with an effective resolution of 20.5 megapixels. It is made using DSI CMOS technology, which provides the ability to create photos with a high degree of detail and convincing transmission of tones. As with the maximum, and at the average focal length of the lens during the day, it is difficult to find any chromatic distortions in the photographs.

As noted in the reviews, in order to modelsuccessfully coped with high-contrast scenes, it is recommended to use such functions as HDR and "Automatic brightness adjustment +". Otherwise on the taken photos it will be possible to see loss of details in white colors.

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Photos in low light conditions

Happy owners of this gadget claim thatthe novelty leaves far behind many competitors and in such parameter, as shooting at insufficient illumination. On this indicator, it reaches even to the level of cameras with larger sensors, namely - mirror entry-level models, as well as mirrorless expensive modifications. In this case, the camera reliably transmits even small parts and copes with the red hues, which usually hamper digital touch units. The same can be said about the transfer of gentle pastel and bright fluorescent colors.

Macro mode

Camera Samsung NX Mini, as stated in thereviews, impresses with impressive abilities when applying the macro mode. In the case of the use of a standard lens on objects located in close proximity, it focuses quite clearly, regardless of the focal length. This characteristic becomes very useful when shooting, when the sun is at the zenith or from the side.

Video recording

Video that is recorded with the cameraSamsung NX Mini, saved in MP3 format. With the help of a special codec, it compresses. The maximum possible quality of video shooting is Full HD (the frequency is 30 frames per second). By means of a function called "Multi-movement", you can preset the deceleration or acceleration factor of the playback of the recording when watching movies. Using a mechanical ring in a standard lens, the user is able to zoom in and out of the image when shooting. In the case when single-frame or continuous automatic focusing is selected, the camera will adjust the focus independently. Manual control during the shooting of video is impossible.

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Photo in the room

Pictures taken on Samsung NX Mini in the conditionswell-lit rooms, very high-quality. At the same time, we can not but note the fact that we are talking about cases when the photographs are viewed on a computer monitor or TV, and the picture is reduced. If you increase it to a one hundred percent size, uniform areas suffer a little, namely - there are colored and fuzzy spots.

Price list

An important issue for consumers ishow much is the Samsung NX Mini. Prices for this camera at various points of sales of our country vary. In the company's company store the device can be purchased for 12,990 rubles. In online stores, it costs 13-15 thousand rubles.

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In general, the developers managed to create quite aelegant and compact model, which is also very advanced in its capabilities. The potential of this camera for beginners as they gain experience will gradually be revealed more and more. One can not but note the fact that when buying additional lenses and accessories, the possibilities of the device can be substantially increased.

A large list of functions related towireless transmission of information, allows you to quickly share with friends and acquaintances pictures and videos as easily as with a smartphone. Well, not the least important advantage of the Samsung NX Mini is the price of the camera, which can be called quite affordable and fair for a camera with such capabilities.

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