BQ Strike 5020 smartphone: specifications and description

BQ Strike 5020, whose characteristics will bediscussed in this article, - Russian-made smartphone. The assembly is carried out in the Middle Kingdom. Retail price does not exceed 5,750 rubles ($ 100). It is this low cost that makes this gadget attractive to most buyers. And what characteristics can it boast? Let's figure it out.


Smartphone BQ Strike 5020 looks quite commonwhich does not cause any negative emotions. The back panel has a matte surface, so that even the black version is not easily soiled. The metal plate runs through the center of the case. It performs several functions at once: removes heat and gives rigidity. The side frame is plastic, has an arched shape. Although it is convenient to hold the device in your hand, the dimensions (145 × 73 × 10 mm) and weight (174 g) are a little upsetting. It is not very clear why the manufacturer made the case so thick. As a rule, this is dictated by a capacious battery, but not in the case of this model.

bq strike 5020 Specifications

On the front side there is a panel withnavigation buttons. They are not highlighted. Positive feedback users noted assembly. Even if you press hard on the cover, the deflection is not formed. Gaps, backlash and creaks are missing. The only thing that spoiled the impression of interaction a bit was the brand screen. Prints on it are erased quite problematic. This disadvantage is dictated by the lack of oleophobic coating.

BQ Strike 5020: Specifications

In order for the smartphone only pleaseduser, you need to pick it up, focusing on the technical characteristics. Buying BQ Strike, do not make an exception. Immediately, we note that the equipment of the phone fully corresponds to its cost, so do not expect miracles from the “filling”. So let's consider the main characteristics of the BQ Strike 5020.

bq 5020 strike reviews

  • Screen. Comfortable 5 ”diagonal sizeoffered in this gadget. High detail, wide viewing angles and realistic color reproduction are provided with IPS matrix. HD resolution worthy of praise. Includes film.
  • Camera. Excellent performance pleased the mainstream.module that is based on a 13 megapixel sensor. There is autofocus, there are no comments to his work. With poor lighting, you can turn on the flash for a more detailed picture. For selfie, a 5 megapixel camera is offered.
  • Hardware platform. The system row is 32 bits. The main chipset is the MT6580 manufactured by MediaTek MT6580. To work with graphics used Mali-400 MP. Memory volumes are quite modest. And if users are still willing to put up with one gigabyte of RAM, then not everyone agrees with the available 4 GB of built-in (only 8 GB). The only thing that reassures is the presence of support for flash drives up to 64 GB.
  • Battery. This is the weakest side of the gadget. Battery capacity - 2000 mAh. With a small load of one charge will be enough for 24 hours. In order to restore battery life, it will take 2.5 hours.
  • OS Branded shell is missing. The phone is running Android 6.0.

BQ Strike 5020: reviews

Most buyers consider this smartphoneattractive. Of course, price plays a significant role. For relatively little money, the manufacturer offers a good screen, a high-resolution camera and the latest version of the operating system.

smartphone bq 5020 strike

Buyers also highlighted the presence of an independentmemory card slots, so there is no need to give up the second SIM card. Some do not reach the performance characteristics of the BQ Strike 5020, but you can put up with the price / quality ratio. The system functions quite tolerably; no serious malfunctions were noticed. But if all of the above can be safely attributed to the merits, then the battery is clearly the weak side of the gadget. Owners will have to get used to the fact that you need to connect a smartphone to charging every evening.

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