"Grasshopper" simulator: design, principle of operation

Every decade marks a new "creative"and a technological tool, as well as a device for classes and sports games. Among such inventions - a trampoline, an expander, a skateboard, rollers, a surfboard, and also other various adaptations. Such devices include the simulator "Grasshopper", the photo of which is presented below, it is also Pogostick. This is a special device designed for jumping and consisting of a handle for support, an elastic spring, a base and reliable pedals. The man stands on the platform and presses his feet against the spring. In response, the latter gives him a back impulse.

simulator grasshopper

"Grasshopper" simulator: construction

The device is equipped with a strong core, to whichjoin two steps and handles. A spring is then attached to this basis, which provides the "lifting force" for it. These springs are of three types:

  • inside the core steel, the least load-lifting and most common, intended for adolescents (children);
  • for jumpers external carbon-plastic;
  • there is also a piston system - in it pressure changes inside the piston, providing a good height of the jump, as well as more interesting sensations from it.


There is a legend aboutthe way the simulator "Grasshopper" appeared. According to her, a German traveler on Burma stopped for the night in a small village and saw in the morning a daughter of the owners with an unusual stick, equipped with a bar at the bottom, famously jumping for some of their business. It turned out that this device was made by the father of the girl, so that the little girl's shoes would wear little on stony paths. Upon his arrival to his homeland, he designed the same toy as in Burma, but with springs for the highest jumps. Later he patented his invention, calling it Pogostick.

grasshopper simulator child

"Grasshopper" in Russia

In the USSR there was also a similar toy "Grasshopper"- a children's simulator, very similar in principle to the action on Pogostick. It was intended for children up to 65 kilograms. The mass of the device itself was 3.8 kilograms.

Simulator "Grasshopper" for today entersin the list of sports equipment required in primary school for physical education. The device perfectly develops dexterity, coordination of movements, and also simply entertains children, making the learning process fascinating for them.


This game over the last years by popularity allmore and more close to urban extreme sports, for example, such as skateboarding. There is even an Internet community of pogers. Passes and the World Championship on "jumping" on Pogostick ("Grasshopper" - a simulator for children or adults), which is called Pogopalooza. Pogers at the competitions reveal the strongest in 4 possible categories: Tech (best technique), Big Air (jump duration), High Jump (the highest jump) and Best Trick (the best trick). To date, there have already been eight such championships.

tricks on the grasshopper simulator

It should be noted that the death affects favorably on the emotional state and physical form of adults and children, namely:

  • trains the vestibular apparatus;
  • develops balance and coordination, dexterity and endurance;
  • brings joy and pleasure;
  • involves the necessary muscle groups.


Tricks on the simulator "Grasshopper" are very reminiscent ofextreme with bicycles and scooters: turns with the foot, grips, inversion (opposite passage), turns through the leg, somersault, coup, etc. The best jumps for today: about 12 minutes "the fastest mile", in time - about 10 hours with a five-minute break after every hour, about 2.9 meters - the highest jump.

The "Grasshopper" simulator allows you to jump to twohalf a meter, but it depends on the training of the athlete. Kids - fun and noisy jumps in the yard, improving posture, strengthening muscles and correcting the coordination of movements. Adjusting the height and strength of the jump helps to normalize metabolism, losing weight. This device is popular not only in Russia, but also in America and Europe.

simulator grasshopper photo

To master it is simple enough. Here are the simplest initial tips:

  • a firm dry surface is required;
  • It is necessary to lean on the footboard with one foot, the second pushing away from the surface;
  • to withstand vertically the axis of the simulator (to begin to press it tightly to yourself);
  • to enable the body to feel balance and balance;
  • look forward;
  • in case you fall - jump off.
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