"Atom" is a bicycle for active recreation. Assortment of goods and customer reviews

In modern times, when cycling is activedevelops and improves, quality and appearance remain the main factors that buyers are guided by when choosing vehicles. "Atom" is a bicycle that occupies a leading position in the domestic market among numerous competitors. The products of this company are often ahead of time, delighting customers with innovative products and stunning quality.

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A short digression into the history of the brand

Recently, the bicycle "Atom", a photo of whichpresented in this article, is not inferior to expensive models, not only in appearance, but also in quality. After all, the company, whose homeland is Russia, is recognized as the first domestic producer of mountain type bicycle transport. This brand has been around for 16 years. The history of the company dates back to the time when the first bicycle was launched - in the distant 2000.

Since the beginning of the label, its production has beento win recognition and respect of customers, thanks to the production of a line of bicycles, among which everyone who wants to find a reliable and high-quality satellite for active pastime. A brand with the same name pays much attention to the quality of frames and attachments, as well as price policy and availability of goods for the masses.

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"Atom" - a bicycle that deserves recognition and approval of customers, thanks to the stunning quality of products and the widest range of models:

  • Kangaroo. Model of the vehicle, which is designed for cross-country. The frame is made of high-quality alloy steel. The bicycle is equipped with a two-suspension shock-absorber, a spring-elastomer fork and a non-integrated steering column. Wheel rims are made in a reinforced version of the construction of aluminum alloy. The number of speeds is 6 units.
  • Fox. A vehicle in which the frame is made in steel interpretation. The steering column is not integrated. There is no depreciation in this product, and the wheel size is 16 inches.
  • Matrix. Bicycle with a steel frame, rigid fork, threaded column of non-integrated design, rim brake and wheels, the size of which is 20 inches. The number of speeds of the vehicle is 1. The bicycle is equipped with chain protection, a comfortable footrest and a capacious sturdy luggage compartment.
  • Pony. A vehicle with a steel frame interpretation, a non-integrated threaded steering column. The bicycle fork has a rigid construction. The wheel rim is single. The wiring cord is made of metal. The bicycle handlebars are adjustable in height.
  • Puma.A vehicle in which there is no depreciation. Its frame is made of alloy steel. The wheel size of the latter is 20 inches. The fork of the vehicle is rigid, the steering column has a threaded structure.

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Price policy

"Atom" is a bicycle that is differentunsurpassed quality of parts, amazing assembly and quite low cost. The price range of vehicles of this brand ranges from 9 000 to 25 000 rubles, which indicates the availability of the latter for a wide range of customers.

Bicycle "Atom": customer reviews

According to the independent opinion of a large numberbuyers of the vehicle, "Atom" - a bicycle that is the embodiment of amazing quality and excellent appearance. Despite the fact that the brakes are fairly simple, they perform their functions smoothly. The speed switches work gently, but accurately. Long and active operation of the vehicle does not cause breakdowns and does not require replacement of components. The frame of the bike is distinguished by its strength. Therefore, he is not afraid of jumps and extreme tricks.

atom bike

In addition to the positive moments with whichusers of the vehicle face daily in the process of exploitation, there are some complaints. Among the latter it is necessary to attribute the rapid abrasion of tires, which entails their frequent replacement, as well as the imperfection of the construction of the seat, its fragility. Users argue that all bike flaws are easily eliminated, and breakages can be easily alerted.

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