Egg diet for 4 weeks: detailed menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

One of the popular ways in our days to lose weight -egg diet for 4 weeks, a detailed description of which you will find in this article. But this option will require carefully prepared for it and observe strict discipline.

To schedule such an event shouldin advance. The month chosen for the diet should be free from any serious physical or mental tests and long trips. This is due to the fact that, like any diet, the offered by us gives the body a considerable load. If the recommendations on nutrition are violated, then the spent efforts are not fated to bring the result.

What is the essence of the egg diet?

As the name suggests, it is based on admission to thequality of food of eggs. Nutritionists tacitly consider it to be among the most balanced. Because of this (provided that the regime is observed correctly) the use of additional minerals and vitamins will not be required. That is, the chosen food option does not belong to mono-diets. Since the menu contains a lot of low-calorie fruit, sometimes it is called "egg-orange diet for 4 weeks."

Traditionally, eggs refer to products that aredigest with difficulty. There are even suggestions of their harmfulness to the human body. In fact, this is a delusion. Importance of the accepted diet and the observed regime in human life can not be overestimated.

egg diet for 4 weeks detailed menu

The ease or complexity of digestibility dependsand on the way in which the products were prepared. The stomach most easily accepts those eggs that we eat hard-boiled. That is why the yolk of this egg is the traditional lure of the baby in the first year (after teething).

Another argument of opponents of this approach -allegedly increased caloric content of a product such as eggs. But this is also a mistake. Egg of medium size contains no more than 100 kcal. The lion's share is in the yolk - after all, it serves as a real storehouse of useful nutrients.

Despite the low caloric value, the valuesuch a product as eggs, is not questioned. They perfectly satisfy hunger and serve as a full-fledged protein food. If breakfast is made up of eggs, you can eat and eat a lot less food. Below is a description of the egg diet for 4 weeks with a detailed menu.

What can we expect

Some nutritionists believe that for a successfulweight loss should definitely eat them in the morning. Of course, no one will argue with the fact that egg yolks and proteins are just a storehouse of all substances necessary to the body (from most existing vitamins to a wide range of trace elements).

At observance of an egg diet sharp loss of weightis expected within the first two weeks. The other half of the term is intended to consolidate what has been achieved. As already mentioned, the egg diet for weight loss is calculated for 4 weeks, and it is recommended to resort to it no more often than once a year.

It is based on chicken eggs in combination withfood of vegetable origin (low in carbohydrates and protein). That is, in the egg diet for 4 weeks - fruits and a lot of vegetables. According to various sources, you can lose weight up to 25 kilograms. It depends on its initial figure.

And what to be afraid of

Of course, there are contraindications in the form of kidney or liver disease or allergy. This diet is not suitable for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

You should also remember about sanitary measures.After all, eggs are not a product that is subjected to careful pretreatment. First of all, get them right. Discard the purchase if the shell is damaged or stained with chicken litter.

Keep them as indicated on the packagingdates, and separately from dairy products, and do not forget to wash before cooking. And the cooking time should not be shorter than 5 minutes. And refrain from buying eggs that are not labeled with the stamp of a veterinarian.

egg diet for 4 weeks detailed menu in the table

Additional points

When observing an egg diet for 4 weeks, a detailedmenu - not all. The success of the process and the reliable consolidation of the result contributes to the physical effort. Weight control should be done in the morning on an empty stomach. Lunch, dinner and breakfast are not allowed to change places. Watch for drinking regimen. You can use spices, but you can not - butter and vegetable fat.

Under the ban and alcohol due to its highcaloric content. Coffee and tea are allowed only without sugar. The very name of the "egg-orange diet for 4 weeks" refers to the use of only those fruits and vegetables that do not contain a lot of calories. Avoid bananas, figs and grapes, and from vegetables - potatoes.

On the pros and cons

The main advantages of the egg diet:The taste of chicken eggs, as a rule, is pleasant and familiar to everyone. In addition, this product has quite democratic prices. Cooking dishes from eggs can be in a variety of options, which makes the menu a certain variety. The process of cooking can not be called a long or particularly difficult.

Contained in eggs, protein along with calciumsignificantly improves the condition of nails, skin and hair. With such a diet, you do not have to give up training - any of the fitness trainers will tell you about the benefits of protein nutrition.

Negative points: carbohydrates in food with a diet will be in a certain deficit, which is fraught with headaches, problems with digestion and, possibly, an unpleasant odor from the mouth.

Egg diet for 4 weeks: detailed menu for each of the days

Let's look at what exactly nutritionists have devised for these 4 weeks.

During each week breakfast - two eggs withhalf a grapefruit (as an option, a large orange). That is, in the mornings we eat quite monotonously. That's why it is sometimes called "egg-grapefruit diet for 4 weeks." And below we will look in detail the composition of each lunch and dinner.

boiled vegetables

Week One

It is most difficult to transfer it, because the organism is in the process of adapting to an unusual food regime. Here is an approximate analysis of the days of the week.

On Monday for breakfast is prepared from the alreadymentioned pair of eggs any dish. In addition to the hard-boiled version, you can make an omelet in a bag or steam, as well as cook poached eggs. Lunch is the so-called monofruit. That is, only a certain kind of fruit is allowed - pears or apples. The quantity is not limited.

Do not forget that figs, bananas and grapes are banned. For dinner, prepare yourself a small piece of meat (low-fat). It should be baked with spices or cooked on a grill or steamed.

Tuesday.Breakfast, as mentioned above, is the same. Lunch consists of a slice of turkey meat or chicken without skin, baked in a sleeve or grilled. For dinner, there is a certain variety - boiled vegetables or processed with heat, for example - tomatoes, cooked on a grill (or zucchini, or pepper), something from a pair of eggs and one fruit from citrus fruits, having an average size.

On Wednesday, have lunch with a medium-sized tomato, frya toast with low-fat cheese. Cheese sandwich is convenient to cook in the microwave. At maximum power, set the timer for 15 seconds, and ready - the cheese on the bread will perfectly melt. You can have dinner with a piece of boiled meat.

On Thursday, lunch is similar to what was served inMonday. That is, we will eat only one type of fruit. Dinner on this day is also not too rich - a little boiled meat, accompanied by lettuce leaves.

On Friday for a dinner the cooked vegetables with the additive submitfrom a pair of eggs. They are prepared hard-boiled and crushed into the resulting mixture. As a dinner, a fish with a garnish of salad or sea kale, and an orange will serve as a dessert.

On Saturday, lunch can also be made fruit, but try to choose something different from Monday and Thursday. For dinner, cook a turkey on your grill.

Sunday lunch is presented with a baked or boiled chicken with a garnish of vegetables. Supper with a light salad of fruit without any refueling.

egg-orange diet for 4 weeks

Second week

On Monday, cook meat for lunch (but not fry) with cabbage or vegetable garnish. We dine with grapefruit, any dish from eggs and a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.

On Tuesday, we have lunch with low-fat meat with a couple of tomatoes. We are having supper with a steam omelette with an additive from the vegetable marrow. As a dessert - an apple or an orange.

On Wednesday, lunch should consist of meat, a supplement - a fresh salad (cucumbers and tomatoes). For dinner, we prepare ourselves a toast of low-fat cheese, egg dishes and grapefruit dessert.

On Thursday, in the lunch menu, granulated cottage cheese, a steam omelet and boiled vegetables are added. For dinner - poultry meat, two soft-boiled eggs and an orange.

On Friday we have lunch with baked meat with tomatoes and have dinner with grapefruit and poached egg.

On Saturday, we have lunch the same as on Thursday or Friday - to choose from. We dine with a light fruit salad without any refueling.

Sunday's day meal consists of a chicken cooked in the oven or on a grate with a garnish of vegetables. We eat the same for dinner.

Let's go to the third week

The role of eggs gradually decreases.These products are allowed to use in arbitrary quantities. So Monday is a fruit day. Under the ban, only carbohydrate (already listed bananas, figs and grapes).

Tuesday is a vegetable day, but potatoes should be avoided. Vegetables are cooked in a multivark or a couple.

Thursday is a fish day. The fish boils, it is possible to make a light meal. You can supplement it with cabbage.

Friday is devoted to meat, of course, low-fat variety. Accompany it with vegetables.

All remaining days we adhere to a diet from one kind of fruit in unlimited quantity.

egg diet for 4 weeks detailed description

And here's week four

Its main rule is a smooth transition to food diversity. These products are allowed to eat with any consistency, adhering to only volume restrictions.

So, let's begin.On Monday, the menu for the day includes four pieces of chicken or beef meat, each weighing about 75 grams, a can of canned fish, a couple of tomatoes, three cucumbers, some raw cabbage, a slice of bread and one orange.

Tuesday and for lunch and dinner - boiled meat(or steamed) - about 200 grams, tomatoes in the number of several pieces, three cucumbers and half-packs of grainy cottage cheese (about 50 g), a slice of bread and an orange are still allowed.

Wednesday is devoted to boiled vegetables (amount - 400 g). In addition, we eat a couple of tomatoes and a couple of cucumbers, half a cup of cottage cheese, a slice of bread and grapefruit.

On Thursday it is allowed to use half a small chicken, three or four tomatoes and one orange. A similar menu can be made for yourself and for all the remaining days of the week.

Indulge yourself, for example on Saturday, boiled chicken fillet and a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes without dressing. The complement will serve kefir, cottage cheese (1 packet) and orange.

On Sunday, you can again eat a can of canned tuna, and also afford a spoonful of cottage cheese, a small amount of bread and the same grapefruit.

Recipes in the theme

And now we offer you a few simplerecipes of those dishes that you can eat while observing an egg diet. One of them is meat in foil. Stock up with veal fillet, a young, medium-sized carrot, one or two garlic cloves, herbs (parsley, onions, basil) and spices that are customary for your taste.

Meat is cut with a knife, and the cuts must benarrow and deep. There are laid garlic with carrots, then the whole piece is salted and peppered. On the leaf of the foil lays green, and on top - a prepared piece of meat. All tightly wrapped and placed in a preheated oven for 200 degrees for an hour.

Omelette with steamed vegetables

It will take him a couple of eggs, about 300a gram of vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli) and, of course, spices. First of all, we prepare the vegetable mix using a multivark or a steamer. Then everything is poured with the egg mixture prepared for the omelet and for another quarter of an hour it is brought to full readiness.

egg grapefruit diet for 4 weeks

Cooking vegetables on the grill

Ingredients in the form of any vegetables (for example,eggplants, tomatoes, etc.), mine, cut and cook for 40 minutes in the oven on the grill at the same temperature. At this time, we press garlic, mix it with spices. Dressing from the garlic mixture is added to the finished vegetables.

Salad of chicken and vegetables

Boil the chicken meat in the amount of 200 grams.Take, in addition, carrots, one egg and a quarter cans of green peas, as well as half onions and your favorite spices. Carrots and eggs are boiled, crumbled with meat and onions, everything is mixed with the addition of green peas.

The correct way out of the diet

If you break the egg diet, kilograms of almostprobably return to their usual places. In addition, these rules need to know in order to prevent diseases of the digestive tract. Here are the most important of them:

  • Boiled vegetables are gradually replaced with fresh, the volume of fish and meat products after that slowly increases.
  • Then carbohydrates are introduced into the diet, preferably, complex ones.
  • Without exercise, the diet is ineffective, but they should be moderate.
  • Compliance with the drinking regime requires at least one and a half liters of liquid daily.
  • Meals are best divided into many small (up to 6 times), the last - about 3 hours before going to bed.

They leave the diet most often during a period of time equal to one or two weeks. Recommendations dieticians should be followed in the future, so that the results do not stop you happy.

Egg diet for 4 weeks: detailed menu in the table

Many readers are used to receiving information instructured form - so it is easier for them to use it. Especially for these lovers, we tried to streamline and such a topic as our egg diet for 4 weeks. The detailed menu in the table below will help you quickly navigate with daily cooking.

egg diet for 4 weeks fruit

What achievements can you expect?

Results of the egg diet, for 4 weekscalculated, largely depend on the severity of compliance with the regime and the initial weight of those who lose weight. It is believed that with careful adherence to the rules, it is possible to lose weight up to 20 kilograms.

People often share reviews about a variety ofproducts and services, not an exception and the considered diet. Among them there are both laudatory and negative. Those who managed to lose weight, actively recommend this option to a wide range, give the numbers of their original weight and rules, thanks to which an impressive result (up to 20 and even 30 kilos dropped) will be achieved. "Testers" diet are advised to take additional vitamins and visit the sauna or sauna.

Of course, a lot of negative reviews. Those who did not manage to lose weight with the help of the egg diet, they are also left. But we must remember that there is no absolutely effective for all method.

Doctors-nutritionists to this method of losing weightare treated with sufficient respect. A protein-based egg diet for 4 weeks, with a detailed menu of which you are now familiar, gives the body everything you need for a normal life and productive work. It should only be remembered that the panacea for all ills is still not - for a normal weight loss approach should be comprehensive.

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