Wobblers Strike Pro. Why pay more?

Wobblers Strike Pro are fish lures fromworld-famous manufacturer, whose distribution network is spreading already to 60 countries all over the world. Fishermen are happy to purchase these gears, because they are of high quality, huge assortment and acceptable cost.

About the brand

Strike Pro wobblers

Strike Pro began its activities in the1973 year. Then on the island of Taiwan began the production of fishing blosen. The well-known Swedish and American firms supervised the process. That's why the bait from Strike Pro instantly won the market of America and Europe.

Tracking trends in world fisheries,the company's specialists are trying to produce new, unique baits. They meet all the norms and wishes of customers. At the same time, all Strike Pro wobblers are a combination of quality, beautiful design, precise work and affordable price. Particular attention in the development of models is given to all details, even the smallest.

Features of Strike Pro wobblers

Wobblers Strike Pro reviews

All future Strike Pro wobblersmodeled from wood. After all, this is the most suitable material, which allows you to accurately feel the shape, design and even balance of the bait. Then such a product is checked for strength, thoroughly tested. And only then they start production.

Millions of fishermen appreciated the strengths of products from the Strike Pro brand:

  1. Wobblers are made of quality plastic, which easily withstands even serious shocks.
  2. The blades and the body of the product are cast together. This ensures no loosening during operation.
  3. The picture for each model is applied by hand, and on top everything is covered with a special lacquer. Another layer is a unique protective coating.
  4. Hinges for wobblers are made exclusively of stainless wire.
  5. All accessories and small parts are created only from high quality materials.
  6. Before the wobbler from Strike Pro enters the store, he passes the test on the ponds.


The choice of wobblers from Strike Pro is huge.The assortment has more than 250 different models. In this case, each option is of the order of 10-15 colors. Therefore, even the most sophisticated fisher will be able to pick up for himself what is needed.

Strike Pro wobblers for pike

In the directory of the company "Strike Pro" you can choose the following models of wobblers:

  • Shads;
  • minnow;
  • rattliny;
  • krenky;
  • swimbate;
  • composers;
  • Walkers;
  • poppers;
  • jackbates.

Popular Models

The best cricketers of Strike Pro in the opinion of anglers:

  1. Baby Buster weighs only 25 grams. Moreover, its length is 10 cm. It is able to dive to a depth of 1 meter. This is a great option for pike fishing. Price - about 450-500 rubles.
  2. Chubby Crank - Strike Pro wobblers for pike. Available in several versions: weighing 10 and 11.5 grams. They can be buried 0.3 meters.
  3. Wigglin ’Oscar - shallow banks. Well suited for catching perch and other predators. The cost of such a bait is about 250-300 rubles.
  4. SH-002 - several options for poppers of various sizes. Such a lure is unique in that it has a hydromechanical system that emits a noise that simulates a feeding fish.
  5. Midge is a good wobbler for even wiring. This is an ideal option for fishing podleschikov, rudd, perch, asp. Equipped with its own noise system and plays beautifully in the water, which especially attracts the predator. Price - about 200-300 rubles.
  6. Pygmy Joint is a wobbler designed for ultralight fishing. Its length - 3.8 cm, and weight - 3.2 grams. With such bait you can hunt perch or other small predator.

Wobblers Strike Pro: reviews

Best Strike Pro Wobblers

Let's get to know the opinion of anglers. The fact that Strike Pro wobblers are very effective, say reviews. You can meet the opinions of not only amateurs, but also true professionals. All especially note the reliability of these lures: strong coating, high-quality manufacturing.

Someone even considers himself a fan of wobblers fromStrike Pro. After all, they help to catch the maximum number of fish in a short time. At the same time, there are baits in the assortment that are suitable for fishing both from the shore and from a boat.

All Wobblers Strike Pro perfectly thrown. In addition, there is no need to wait long, and when they sink into the water. This happens quickly. Therefore, you can immediately begin posting.

The undoubted advantage of products from the companyStrike Pro all fishermen consider an affordable price. Unlike other well-known brands, Strike Pro does not overstate the price. Therefore, you can purchase in your collection at once many different cranks for any occasion. Especially since the range allows you to do this. Any fisherman will appreciate the effectiveness, quality and catchability of these baits, whether professional or amateur.

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