Leaflets: what is it and how much does it cost?

All entrepreneurs from their own experience canconfirm that advertising is an indispensable part of the business. In our time, there are many ways of mass dissemination of information. But the most effective means of advertising are leaflets. What is it is described in this article.

What are leaflets

This is a type of printed matter. Leaflets are an information leaflet of the A4 format, which is bent several times. They are printed on both sides.

The main ways of adding these leaflets -in half, delta-like or accordion. A printed product of 10 x 20 cm holds enough information and does not take up much space, thanks to the bending. So, the ready-made leaflet is placed in an euroformat envelope.

All such information leaflets should contain three components: visual series, basic information about the company or product / service and contact details.

The main feature of the leaflet is the absence of fastenerselements: staples, glue, springs, etc. Thanks to this feature, most customers of printing products prefer exactly the leaflets. What is it, already know many. Thus, leaflets are usually used for the production of promotional products, presentation leaflets, guidebooks, prospectuses.

leaflets what is it

Popularity of leaflets

Leaflet is considered the most popular typeadvertising polygraphy and is designed for a mass audience. It is compact and informative. Also, the leaflet is one of the most profitable ways of advertising. Beautiful design often bring greater efficiency when using such a leaflet.

Employees of printing enterprisesargue that over the past 5 years, demand for leaflets has skyrocketed. What does it mean? Experts explain this fact by the increased need of enterprises to advertise their services or products. Also, the volume of orders increased. If earlier bought several hundred copies of leaflets, now such leaflets are printed in tens or even hundreds of thousands for one client. And large companies sometimes order even a million copies. Basically, such volumes are necessary for banks and insurance companies.

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Ways to Execute a Leaflet

Possibilities of modern printing technologyare great. The client has the opportunity to order any leaflet, its design can be either quite ordinary or very memorable. So, the leaflet can be printed on one or both sides, be black-and-white or multicolored. In addition, the customer can choose paper of different thickness, white or with a colored background, smooth or textured. For an additional amount, printing companies perform cutting or embossing. But since leaflets are considered to be a product of mass distribution, it is inadvisable to invest big money in their production.

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Types of leaflets

The most common classification of leaflets- by the way of folding. But many printing companies often divide the leaflets into two categories: image and mass. Image flyers are used to advertise large organizations. They are a kind of person of the company. Therefore, the customers of these flyers, as a rule, put high demands on the products. High-quality designer paper, different finishing methods, expensive type of printing, selective varnishing - these parameters can be used to identify image leaflets. What is it, in this way, is known to many from various specialized exhibitions, presentations and closed business seminars. These leaflets are very expensive, but the result is always justified.

Mass leaflets are mainly used forinforming a large number of people about the conduct of shares, drawings, or simply for the advertising of some service or product. Such leaflets look very simple and are made from the cheapest materials. When ordering mass leaflets, the customer is guided by the cost of a single copy. The more circulation, the cheaper the print will cost.

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Manufacture of leaflets

To create leaflets in the printing house, two methods of printing are used.

  1. Digital. For the production of leaflets in this way, laser printers are used, with the help of which it is possible to obtain a more saturated color than with offset. The main advantage of this method is the ability to make changes to a given template. Digital printing is beneficial to use only in small print runs. Also, the digital printer allows you to print on different types of paper, including on metallized paper, with design elements. During printing, each sheet passes separately through the stove, thanks to which the paint dries almost immediately. Thus, leaflets can be immediately processed further.
  2. Offset printing is the most profitable way. With large volumes of printing, the cost of one leaflet is not large. Among the shortcomings can be identified poor color saturation. Also, in offset, it is very difficult to track color rendition. And the sample is very expensive. Therefore, the customer can as a result receive a slightly different leaflet, the template of which was initially more colorful.

Leaflet Pattern

How much does a leaflet cost?

The price of printing leaflets for all printingenterprises is different. Its cost is influenced by the type of paper, the additional processing of leaflets, and the method of printing. The latter factor plays the most important role. So, the printing of 300 pieces of leaflets from a finished model on paper with a density of 160 g / m² on average costs 6,900 rubles. The larger the print run, the lower the cost of the order.

Printing of the leaflets on both sides with offset printing costs 6500 rubles per 1000 pieces. As you can see, offset is much cheaper. And if you order even more leaflets, the price will be significantly lower.

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