Bookmark-lisse - what is it?

When you buy a diary, you can oftensee attached to it a tissue strip. This is the so-called bookmark-liasse. What is it and how to use a similar object? What does this term mean? What is convenient for this device? In this article you will learn the answers to all these questions. After all, very often, when you read books, you use bookmarks in order to not forget which page stopped. Strictly speaking, practically for the same is used and liasse. What is it and what is the difference between such a bookmark and the standard one? Now you will find out about it.

What is the lysee?

lissa what is it

Many people do not know what a lissa is, butcan imagine this subject - they simply do not have an association with the specific term "liasse". What it is? This is the name of a special type of bookmark, which is often made of cloth. The tape is attached to the back of the book so that it is always in place and not lost. Such a bookmark has quite a high popularity. It is used both in books, and in diaries, notebooks and other similar objects, while carrying both practical and decorative functions. It is highly appreciated. Now you have a general idea of ​​a tab called "liasse" - what is it and what is different from the usual bookmarks. However, there is still a lot of useful information that you should study.

Origin of the term


Now that you know what it is,bookmark-lasse, you can focus on the details - for example, on why it's called that? After all, so many people see this tab, but they can not call it right. There are two variants of the origin of this term. In accordance with the first term derived from the German word Lesenzeichen, which is translated very simply - "bookmark". However, not everyone agrees with this explanation - there are a large number of supporters of the theory that the given word in Russian appeared not from German, but from French. It's about the word lacet, which translates as "string" or "braid." Both theories look plausible, and it is hardly possible to find out which of them is true. The main thing is that now you know what "liasse" is in diaries, notebooks and other similar things.

How is it used?

edged blade

It's time to figure out how to properlyuse this tab. As you already knew, it is attached to the back of the book or diary, but it is important to clarify that the fastening is always in the upper part of the spine. The length of the bookmark should exceed the height of the book to which it is attached. This means that such a bookmark will always be in favor of the lower edge. Lyssa is convenient because you can always use it both from above and from below to quickly and clearly open a book or a diary on the page you need. In addition, the liasse can also serve for decoration - because of the fabric can be made in a variety of shapes, equipped with a variety of patterns.

Variety of bookmarks

linings are self-adhesive

One of the biggest advantages of this typebookmarks is their limitless variety. As already mentioned above, for their manufacture, you can use a variety of materials, give them unusual shapes, add patterns and textures. At the same time they are still very practical, and most importantly - they are not lost. Of course, the most common and practical are simple options that can be found in diaries and notebooks. This is a straight narrow strip of light fabric, the maximum decoration for which is the "fluffy" tip that looks out from the bottom of the book. Such bookmarks are used most often, while the more beautiful ones are usually made either manually or on order.

Self-adhesive option

what is the liasse in the diaries

It was mentioned above that the bookmark-lissaattach to the back of the book. However, it should also be noted that the fastening can be varied. Most often, bookmarks are sewn to the root - this is the most reliable way, but its drawback is that the bookmark can only be used once. If you want a more versatile option, then you should pay attention to other bookmark-flax - self-adhesive. Their difference lies in the fact that they are not permanently attached, that is, you can attach them to the root of any book you want to read, and then disconnect when you want it. Naturally, the fastening is not as reliable as in the case of ordinary lay-ups, but it provides other possibilities. What is more suitable for you is to choose already.

Decorative function

Separately, it is worth looking at those bookmark-liasse,which perform a decorative function. Naturally, their first function is to divide the pages of the book into those that have already been read, and those that are yet to be read. However, even the most ordinary cardboard tabs can be decorated with various photographs and drawings. For a long time these accessories are used not only as a functional object, but also as a decoration. The same applies to the liasse - these bookmarks have a huge potential in their decorative function, since they can be made from a wide variety of materials of different colors. You can attach various forms to a bookmark - and at the same time they will retain their functionality. So it's safe to say that lay-ups are very common, they can be both functional and decorative. This is why they are very popular all over the world.

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