Design of leaflets. Principles of development

A leaflet is a printingwhich contains the printed information. It can advertise a product, introduce it to a new company or company, and offer a variety of services.

Leaflets in everyday life

At first, with their help, people could hear news andvarious political information. Over time, technology and the media reached a high level of development, and leaflets began to be used as advertising.

Design of leaflets

The design of the leaflets was constantly changing and evolving. From the original size of A4 to modern, which is several times smaller. Density was also used differently. Thin types of paper proved to be the best.

Leaflets can be filled with one or two sides, black and white or colored.

Advantages and disadvantages

A significant plus is the costleaflets. Due to its small size and low density, the price has appreciably decreased. This allows for more money to print more copies.

A variety of formats also play a role indevelopment of this type of printed products. On the leaflet you can put text or a graphic drawing. This makes it possible for the organization to open its mind most widely on a small area of ​​paper.

Unfortunately, most of the leaflets are discarded by users after the delivery. It depends on many reasons. The most common is the wrong design.

The design of the leaflets depends on many factors. To make quality and useful products, you need to determine the nature of the message. There are promotional, image, information leaflets. Most often in the hands of products from the first category.

Advertising leaflet

It promotes goods or services for a specifictarget audience. It is very widespread and has great versatility. Most often found in mailboxes, on sales, in stores, crowded and lively places.

Advertising leaflet design

The design of the leaflet primarily depends on the information contained in it. It includes:

  1. Information about the company or company.
  2. Advantages of services or products.
  3. Discounts and promotions.
  4. Instructions how to get there or how to get there.

The more competent and understandable the message is, the more likely that the leaflet will interest the client. It should contain the maximum amount of information.

The leaflet is not enough just to print. In today's world, there is no place that is not occupied with advertising. Therefore, the ordinary and gray leaflet will be lost among similar ones, and will not fulfill its main function.

However, if it is issued in an unusual way, thenimmediately cause interest in the potential client. Therefore, the design of leaflets must pass a responsible and serious stage of development. This will help to stand out and not replenish the ranks of unclaimed paper products.

Development of leaflet design

The information should be locatedharmoniously. Do not use variegated colors. Bright colors attract attention, but their excess will lead to the opposite reaction. Therefore, the selection of brightly colored keywords on a calm background is ideal. This will give the printed product an attractiveness and harmony.

Development of leaflet design

The product should have a wide demand, since the leaflets are designed for a large audience. There is no point in globally spreading the product, which is necessary only for a certain layer of society.

Information should be submitted along with the pictures. They complement each other and attract the attention of a person.

There are several simple and effective rules that will help to properly implement the design of leaflets:

  1. Identify the specific audience for which the flyer is designed. For different services or professions a certain style of advertising is used.
  2. The leaflet does not allow using various polygraphic ways of attracting attention, so the picture must be spectacular and attractive.
  3. A stylish and catchy headline will cause a person's interest, and will not allow him to throw the paper into the urn.
  4. On a small format, there should be clear answers to all the main questions. For their clarification it is necessary to indicate the phone number and contact details.
  5. Leaflet itself should provide benefits to the client. For example, when presented, a bonus or discount is given.

A leaflet with a thoughtful design will not be lost among the rest, and it will help to add recognition to the product or service. Calling positive feelings, she will turn potential customers into real ones.

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