The shocking outfits from Vivienne Westwood

Brand Vivienne Westwood released the firstcollection of women's clothing in 1981. Today, the fashion designer presented the world with a line of men's clothing, women's dresses, shoes and handbags, ornaments. Wedding dresses from the shocking designer and ancestor of punk-fashion Vivien Vetwood are very popular. And where did it all begin?

The history of becoming a young designer

Vivienne was born in 1941 in the provincialthe town of Glossop. After graduation she entered the Pedagogical College in London, married Derek Westwood and even managed to work as a teacher. However, the dullness of everyday life and hopeless poverty literally destroyed the future designer and poisoned her life in order. As a result, Vivian decided and at once changed everything.

In 24 years she meets the future producerof the musical group Sex Pistols. Malcolm McLaren was struck by the style of Westwood and invited her to design stage clothes for the band's soloists. She agreed. This is how the well-known shocking diva and ancestor of punk Vivienne Westwood was born.

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The first boutique of informal clothes in London

It should be noted that the proposed clothing groupliked. Performers of punk rock with pleasure dressed in ripped jeans, hung with massive chains, leather jackets with rivets, colorful stretched T-shirts. Success inspired Vivienne and she, together with McLaren in 1971, opens in London a boutique of his clothes Sex.

The name was completely reflected in the designshop: as a decoration used posters from pornographic magazines, toys from sex shops, rubber products decorated window glass. Conservative Londoners were shocked by this phenomenon and avoided the indecent shop. But he already had his own clientele: various informal people, maidens of easy virtue, musicians.

The publication of fashion collections

Exit to the podium of high fashion designer VivienneWestwood was held in 1981. The world saw in unusual clothing style and met a collection of designer things in the spirit of punk fashion called "Pirates" with interest. The uniqueness, absurdity, insolence of clothes were embodied in the ensuing collection of "Savages". The next line, entitled "Tramp" was not inferior to courage and unconventionality. The title of "Fashion designer of the year" was found by Westwood in 2007 after the launch of the men's clothing line.

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Wedding punk fashion

In 2012, the light was again shocked by the brand VivienneWestwood. Dresses for the campaign under the crown, created by the designer, brought her to a new level in the fashion world. Her brides went to the podium in lush skirts from tulle and narrow corsets. The traditional white color, of course, was used by the designer, but was not the main one. Dita von Teese chose for her wedding a bright purple dress with voluminous drapery. The outfit of ivory with gold embroidery flaunted the heroine of Sarah Jessica Parker on her wedding day. This image of Kerry Bradshaw liked and women of fashion, and critics.

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Collection of bags

Vivienne Westwood handbags produces the mostvarious. So, in different collections there are also bright printed models, and restrained stylish specimens. The Africa bag series was created directly on the hot continent in Nairobi. Local residents thanks to the London brand were able to improve their financial situation, making tailoring collections. This action caused a response in the hearts of comrades-in-arms and pop stars. They enthusiastically bought bags of scraps of skin, flaps and scraps of old banners. Of these, Vivienne Westwood created unique specimens in punk style with echoes of the African ethnos.

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Today, the designer is already over 70, but she remains onpeak of popularity, not only releasing new collections, but also raising the issues of world ecology. Each new model of the English rebel is not only a stylish, unique thing, but also a dumb question posed to the world community.

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