Costa Brava, Mercury Hotel 4 *: photos, prices and hotel reviews

Hotels under the brand Mercury Hotel 4 * can bemeet in many cities around the world. The Mercure network (managed by Accor Group) includes more than 700 three- and four-star hotels located in 52 countries (including Russia).

This article contains descriptions, prices, photos and reviews of tourists regarding the Mercure (4 *) hotels in Spain (Costa Brava), Egypt (Hurghada) and Bulgaria (Sunny Beach).

International hotel chain

Accor Group of companies is a French company,founded in 1967, has been successfully managing a hotel chain for almost half a century (totaling about 4,000 hotels of various classes) and restaurants (Ticket Restaurant and Luncheon Vouchers), as well as many casinos and travel agencies.

Accor Group hotels are designed for differentcategories of tourists - this is an institution from the class of luxury (Sofitel) and the highest class (Novotel) to standard budget hotels (Ibis) and motels (Motel 6). The Mercure network is designed for middle class visitors.

Accor Group is a huge company witha multimillion-dollar turnover that can afford to invest in the development of personnel and the material base of its enterprises, so the Mercury Hotel 4 * is very popular in various countries.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava, or "Rocky Coast", is a place on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia (Spanish kingdom).

It is interesting that the district acquired this name only at the beginning of the 20th century, when one local journalist called it "the shore of rocks" in his article.

In addition to the picturesque cliffs on which standslender pine and fir, there are many cozy coves and snow-white beaches (sandy and pebbly), and in the mountains you can see ancient buildings of stone boulders (dolmens), ancient monasteries and ruins of medieval castles.

Mercury Hotel 4 * (Costa Brava) is located in one of the most ancient and interesting places of the province - the city of Santa Susanna.

Santa Susanna

The city of Saint Susanna was founded in the 12th century and is located near Barcelona (1 hour drive).

Tourists are attracted by the warm and calm sea,The golden and white beaches and coniferous forests that Spain is famous for. Hotel Mercury Hotel 4 * is built in the large resort center of Costa del Maresme, on the coast of the Balearic Sea, where the climate is much milder than in the south of Spain, because the mountains protect the area of ​​the beaches from the wind.

Summer is warm, but not hot (+29 aboutC), and in winter it is not cold at all (+10 aboutC), so the tourist season begins in May and ends in November.

Fans of outdoor activities with pleasureare engaged in surfing, boogie boarding (riding on a small board of foam plastic), diving, scuba diving, yachting and water skiing, windsurfing and parasailing (parachute flying after a boat), and also participate in kayaking on the mountain rivers.

Curious tourists visit numerous sights, and family groups with children find here the most hospitable reception.

Places of Interest in Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna stands on eight hills, and from anywhere in the city you can see the blue sea and green parks and gardens.

Tourists who live in the Mercury Hotel 4 * (Santa Susanna) can make exciting excursions to the castles, chapels and palaces of the ancient city, where they will see many interesting things.

For example, the church of the patroness of the city is decoratedpaintings painted on canvas, which are covered with a thin layer of real gold. In the chapel of St. Isidore, the monks annually organize a "fraternal supper" (May 15), which can be attended by any stranger, and in the chapel of the Holy Christ, motorists gather and pray for protection from accidents and traffic police.

It often hosts funny carnivals, a variety of festivals and crowded fairs that adorn the city and attract visitors from all over the world.

Mercury Hotel 4 * (Santa Susanna)

The hotel is on the first coastline (less than two hundred meters from the sea) of the Costa del Maresme, 40 km from Barcelona Airport.

mercury hotel 4

Nearby - a city beach with white sand (sun beds, umbrellas and mattresses paid). The hotel has two swimming pools with free awnings and sun loungers.

In the area of ​​the hotel there is a parking lot under constant supervision.

The hotel has the following infrastructure units:

  • bars, cafeterias and restaurants;
  • a hall for conferences and banquets;
  • computer center;
  • concert hall;
  • exchange office;
  • ATM;
  • tour agency;
  • television room;
  • Fitness Centre;
  • Luggage storage.

The food is organized according to the type FB ("full board") and HB ("half board"). Breakfast is served as a buffet.

During dinner, fish or meat is baked (or grilled) in the restaurant. Drinks in the evening are paid.

Rooms and services

In the five-story building Mercury Hotel 4 *(Santa Susanna) 324 rooms (all for non-smokers). Of these, 309 are standard, a maximum of four people, 12 suites (a bedroom and a living room) and 3 rooms for people with disabilities.

Each room has a modern TVwith a LCD screen (satellite TV), a bathroom with a shower (there is a hairdryer), air conditioning, safe (charge), a refrigerator (fee) and a telephone, and access to wireless Internet.

mercury hotel 4 santa susanna

It should be noted that the standard set of furniture includes a desk, which is not so common in hotels of medium price.

All rooms have a balcony with a view of the sea or the city.

Guests of the Mercury Hotel 4 * can be provided with the following services:

  • delivery of newspapers and magazines;
  • round-the-clock registration registration;
  • service for people with disabilities;
  • room service;
  • concierge services;
  • rent of cars, bicycles and horses;
  • dry cleaning and laundry services;
  • special crib for babies;
  • the nurse for children;
  • a variety of animation programs.

Entertainment in the hotel

The hotel complex is perfectly equipped for leisure activities. In the hotel you can play billiards, mini-golf, tennis and petanque (throwing metal balls in the open area).

The hotel guests can visit the swimming pools, solarium and fitness center, arrange a barbecue evening, go fishing or diving, go biking or horse riding.

The hotel organizes excursions, hiking in the surrounding area, discos, concerts and theme shows.

For children, a special pool, a popular club and a games room, animation programs and discotheques are available.

 spain hotel mercury hotel 4

Prices and Reservations

The minimum cost of living in the Mercury Hotel 4 * is about 2000 rubles per night.

For the use of a refrigerator and safe, you have to pay 20 euros per week (and 10 euros as collateral).

Please note that when you check in or check out of the hotel you will need to pay a city tax of 1 euro per person per night (excluding children under 16).

It should also be noted that, in accordance with Spanish law, the amount of cash payments in this hotel can not exceed 2500 euros.

The ticket for a flight from Moscow to Barcelona and back costs 8220 rubles (or 21,800 rubles for a charter flight).

Many websites can be bookedrooms at the Mercury Hotel 4 *. "Booking system" allows you to do it quickly and as comfortable as possible. The hotel operates an automatic system of communication with international booking sites, which provides information on available places at the current time and registers all incoming requests.

After reservation of numbers via the Internetit is recommended to contact the hotel in advance by e-mail and receive confirmation. Only a place in the hotel is booked, and the administration informs which room will be provided, only with direct check-in.


Many tourists who have visited the city of Santa Susanna, have a positive impression of living in the Mercury Hotel 4 * (Spain). Testimonials indicate the good organization of the hotel.

According to tourists, the building is well located inthe very beginning of the Promenade (the main street along the sea) - on the contrary there is a bus stop for excursions and a railway station for electric trains, near the underground passage to the beach.

mercury hotel 4 spain reviews

If you go to the mountains, you can find largesupermarkets "Liddle" and "Carrefour" with a variety of products, as well as a medium-sized shopping center, where there is a liquor store and a selection of clothes. Also, the respirators had time to look into many other shops and shopping centers located throughout the resort.

The hotel has friendly staff. Travelers are particularly pleased that there are employees who speak Russian. Leisure is organized for tourists.

mercury hotel 4 reviews

Good food: a standard European set, lots of fruit.

The beach is covered not with sand, but with fine pebbles. Although this does not interfere with tourists. As they note, there are no sharp fragments of shells and large stones. A clean and warm sea can not but rejoice.

Thanks to the proximity of the railway station, travelers often travel by train to Barcelona (10 euros round trip), Girona, Andorra, Figueras and even to France.

Alternative opinions

But nowhere is everything just fine.Some inconveniences were noted by tourists here. For example, in some rooms old linen and plumbing, the air conditioning does not work at full capacity and the balcony does not close (therefore it is necessary to pay for the safe for the sake of safety of valuable things).

In the rooms on the first floor there is a noise from the dishwashers (if the room is located above the kitchen).

There are three sockets in the room, and two of them are occupied by a TV and a fridge. The Internet is slow, access to the network often breaks down.

The road to the beach goes through a dirty undergroundtransition, and on the approach to the sea there is sometimes a smell of sewerage. Great depth begins two meters from the shore, so the beach is considered uncomfortable by tourists with children.

Mercury Hotel 4 * in Egypt

Hotels in the Mercure hotel chain work in manycountries, including Egypt. Mercury Hotel 4 * (Hurghada) is built on the first coastline in close proximity to the sea and 20 km from the airport (10 minutes drive). Nearby is the village of Hurghada (12 km).

The hotel complex consists of twelve three-story buildings, in which there are 312 rooms.

The hotel has the following units:

  • first-aid post;
  • dry cleaning and laundry;
  • hairdresser and beauty salon;
  • the shops;
  • exchange office;
  • conference hall (130 seats);
  • rental and car parking;
  • library;
  • Internet cafe.

The food is organized on the principle of All Inclusive (from 7 am to midnight). There are numerous bars, cafes and restaurants.

The standard room has a balcony and has a TV (cable TV), refrigerator, bathroom with shower, air conditioning, telephone, minibar and safe.

Near the hotel there is a private beach with good sand (sun loungers, umbrellas, shower) and a children's pool (heated in winter).

For tourists with children, babysitting services are provided, a children's playground and a club are open, animation programs and discotheques are organized.

Guests of Mercury Hotel 4 * (Hurghada) can relaxin a Turkish bath or sauna, do aqua aerobics, horse riding, surfing, diving and other water sports. Those wishing to visit the gym and various show programs, as well as playing tennis, beach volleyball, squash and billiards.

Hotel in Bulgaria

The Mercury Hotel 4 * is located in Sunny Beach in the center of the resort (but not on a busy street) next to the bus stop and 30 km from the international airport.

mercury hotel 4 bulgaria

The beach is nearby - just 5 minutes walk.

Standard rooms in Mercury Hotel 4 * (Bulgaria)designed for 4 people and have a balcony. They have a TV (satellite broadcasting), refrigerator, mini-bar, telephone, air conditioning and a bathroom with a shower. The room has Internet access, as well as hairdryer, iron, kettle and coffee maker.

mercury hotel 4 booking

The hotel has a separate TV room, fitness center, swimming pool, children's playground, billiards and a conference hall. Massages and delivery of food to the room (room service) are provided.

The food is organized on the principle of "half board" and "all inclusive". The hotel has a restaurant for 200 people (with a separate hall for non-smoking visitors) and a bar in the lobby, as well as a cocktail bar and a night bar.

Tourists, vacationing in Bulgaria, likeaccommodation in Mercury Hotel 4 *. Reviews are mostly positive. From the negative impressions you can mention not quite new bed linen and a noisy cafe on the corner on the way to the hotel (but with the balcony closed in the room quietly).

Tips for tourists

  • Holidaymakers in Hurghada need to take with them funds from ants, which are many in the hotel rooms.
  • In Spain, in large cities (Barcelona, ​​for example) you should carefully look at your things, especially in the markets (they can cut or snatch a bag).
  • For quiet leisure is best to bring a laptop and flash drives with movies, books and games. In hotels, good plasma TVs, in which you can also insert a USB flash drive.
  • It's better to go on excursions by yourself, without a tour operator. You can always search the information on the Internet and go to the right place on the bus or train.


Mercury Hotel 4 * is a cheap hotel with an acceptable level of service and value for money.

Most of all the hotel is suitable for active and inquisitive tourists who are not going to sit in it all day, and plan a lot of entertainment on the beach and excursions to interesting places.

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