Such a contradictory biography of Pushkin

Genius is always indisputable and impeccable, so believehis admirers, denying him the right to be an ordinary person with simple weaknesses and quirks. But each of those who went down in history by virtue of the gift of heaven - talent, lived the same simple life, consisted of the same flesh and blood as any philistine. Biography of Pushkin says that he is no exception. In his life, there was a place for simple human passions, for high spirituality, for cynicism, and for the mystical beginning. What to say - the son of the era ...

biography of Pushkin

AS Pushkin: an interesting biography

Pushkin family - non-titled Russian noblemangenus. The poet repeatedly mentioned in his works about his aristocratic family, faithfully serving the sovereigns, but not recognized by merit and even persecuted. The image of the great-grandfather on the maternal line, the African Abram Petrovich Hannibal, who was patronized by Peter I, was also reflected in the poet's work. This relationship, Alexander Sergeevich is due not entirely Slavic appearance and black curly hair. Pushkin's biography is inconceivable without the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, in the walls of which many great poets were brought up. Strange as it may seem, the future genius was accepted into the Lyceum thanks to the patronage: his uncle Vasily Lvovich Pushkin put in a word for his nephew before the curator of the Lyceum, Minister Speransky. Perhaps, my uncle repeatedly regretted this step: strangely enough, Alexander studied badly, and only Russian literature and foreign languages ​​were interesting to him. Grandmother Maria Alekseevna Hannibal wrote about him: "I do not know what will come out of my eldest grandson. The boy is clever and the hunter is up to books, but he is studying badly; then it does not move, then suddenly it turns and diverges, that nothing can not kill it: from one extreme to the other it rushes, there is no middle to it. "

Pushkin interesting biography

Biography of Pushkin: young years

Talent meanwhile developed its own way, not knowingobstacles: after all, he had so little time ... According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Alexander Sergeyevich already in his youth became a famous poet. A rebel by nature, sympathetic to the Decembrists and common people, he nevertheless was not with them on the Senate Square. There was too much life in him to give himself up to the whole idea. Since 16 years he has known love, and until the end of his days remained a passionate admirer of women. And I was, I must say, very illegible in connections. Being wholeheartedly in love with the secular beauty, he could give attention and the girls of easy virtue. Being married to a beloved woman, Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova, the mother of his children, he fell passionately in love with other women and wrote fervent confessions to them. His success at women could envy any secular lion. Very ordinary appearance, short stature, quick-tempered and fickle, with a poisonous tongue, he possessed some unknown attractive force. His snooty temper was known to everyone. They remembered that the poet had about ninety duels - he did not feel worth insulting a person, or take offense at an empty word and call someone to a barrier. Pushkin believed that his providence kept him. Perhaps providence at some point turned away from a rebellious poet.

biography and work of Pushkin
Life biography and work of Pushkin alwayswere shrouded in a flutter of mysticism and recklessness at the same time. Another of his passion - the cards: he was a player and always bogged down in debt, which was also the subject of numerous quarrels and duels. One can only guess what an unbearable burden it is to be the wife of such a great and complex person.

Mysticism of the Last Day

It is noted above that his whole life was markeda kind of mystical light. Alexander Sergeevich believed in signs and talismans ("Keep me, my talisman ..."). During duels, he always put on his finger his favorite ring, which he considered his amulet.

biography of Pushkin
And on that fateful day, going to the Blackriver, put on another ring, with a cornelian - a gift of a beloved. As it turned out, the insert was made from the funeral stone of the Karaites ... In general, in this duel with Dantes was a lot of incomprehensible. The cause of the quarrel was jealousy, meanwhile Dantes was married to his cousin Pushkin's wife. In the chronicles they wrote that Dantes was rescued by a button on his uniform, but contemporaries assumed that he was wearing chain mail. But there was no additional investigation.

It is no accident in the life of genius - and life and death.Pushkin's biography ended in 37 years - a fateful, mystical age for Russian poets. Who knows, maybe he left, because he did everything that was inscribed to him. Left his work, his name - and left to stay forever.

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