We prepare gifts for the wedding anniversary to her husband. Tie and Butterfly

A tie is a very important piece of clothing for men. Appeared in ancient Rome, this decoration helps to emphasize the style and personality. It turns out that a tie or bow tie is easy to do with your own hands on your wedding anniversary to your beloved husband. A beautiful accessory will give your spouse the appearance of perfection and elegance.

wedding anniversary gifts to her husband

Wedding anniversary gifts to her husband. Tie

1. For work, you should prepare a piece of cloth (preferably satin or silk), canvas, pencil, paper, iron, scissors and, of course, a needle and thread.

2. First, take a canvas and cut it according to the pattern for a tie. The canvas will give the future tie density and shape.

3. To make a loop, cut a strip of fabric 4 centimeters wide, fold it face down and pin it down.

4. Sew the stitch in the center of the strip, turn the blank on the front side and iron out carefully.

five. Mark with needles the future seam on the tie and iron it. Put the canvas blank into the form, straighten all the corners and pierce with pins in the center. Now sweep through all the seams and remove the pins. Pencil mark the lines on which you will sew the future tie.

6. Sew a line starting at the corner of the blank. Remove any remaining pins and iron thoroughly.

7 It now remains to sew a loop on the wrong side of the tie. She will need to maintain a short tip of a tie. Sew a loop about 30 centimeters away from the beginning of the wide edge, grabbing a centimeter of fabric.

8. Remove the tie, sew the remaining seams, first on the narrow side, and then on the wide side. Tie ready.

do it yourself wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary gifts to her husband. Butterfly

1. To make a beautiful bow tie, you will need a piece of satin fabric 15 centimeters long and 10-11 centimeters wide, a needle, scissors, threads, an elastic band and a button.

2 In order to make their own hands beautiful gifts for a wedding anniversary to her husband, it will take a little time. First, take a rectangle of satin fabric, fold it along, with the seamy side up. Sew three sides, leaving 2-3 centimeters so that the workpiece can be turned out.

3. Through the hole turn the workpiece on the front side and notice the hole with neat stitches.

4. Now we find the middle of the resulting rectangle and stitch it so that we get a bow.

5. We will sew a rubber tape from the seamy side of the bow, as well as a button and a loop to the tape. We overcast the edges, and our butterfly is ready.

sms congratulations on your wedding anniversary

So, make unforgettable anniversary giftswedding husband with his own hands is quite simple. If you know how to sew and have patience and imagination, then you will make a beautiful piece of clothing in the form of a tie or butterfly in just an hour. Come up with romantic sms congratulations on your wedding anniversary, send to your spouse, and he will definitely appreciate this luxurious gift on the most wonderful and memorable day of the year. You can choose a tie in color to his beloved dress, and then go together to a restaurant to celebrate a long-awaited holiday.

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