Who are panseksuals and how do they differ from bisexuals?

The theory of gender relations is constantly evolving,there are new terms and concepts that were not previously available. The concept of "panseksual" is introduced in connection with the understanding that society is changing and gradually recognizes that there are people who do not identify themselves as a man or a woman.

who are pansexuals

Who are pansexuals?

Pansexuality, or omnisection (secondname of this orientation), is a sexual, romantic and emotional attraction to people regardless of their gender or gender identity. Panseksual can treat himself as a man without sex, arguing that gender and gender are not the determining factors in his romantic or sexual attraction to others. This is a rather complicated concept.

pansexual and bisexual

At its core, this kind of gender identitycan be considered a sexual orientation of the new time. Both panseksual and bisexual are somewhat similar concepts, because they experience the type of sexual attraction that is unnatural for heterosexuals. This orientation is not a sexual perversion, which is recognized by both psychiatrists and sexologists.

Differences between pansexuals and bisexuals

Some experts consider pansexualityas a form of bisexuality, to indicate an alternative sexual orientation. Panseksuals are individuals open to relationships with people who do not identify themselves as strictly men or women (agents, transgenders). Unlike a bisexual, a pansexual does not look at the sex when choosing a sexual partner, his attraction is completely independent of the sex of the person.

For this reason, panseksuality rejects the theorygender bi-narity (the existence of only two sexes). Often this term is regarded as a broader concept than bisexualism. To what extent is the term "bisexual" a broader term than the term "pansexual", discussed within the LGBT community, especially in bisexual communities.

than panseksual differs from bi

Answering the question about what the pansexualdifferent from bi, we can say that a bisexual feels the difference between the sexes and identifies himself as a representative of one of the sexes, but he is attracted to both men and women.

Omnisexuals are looking for a partner,from personal qualities of character, common interests and emotions, obtained from communication with him. The adherents of pansexualism separate themselves from bisexuals: they are attracted to the male and female sex at the same time, while panseksuals do not at all see the difference in the partner's gender. This is the main difference between bisexual and pansexual.

Self-awareness of Omnisexuals

Men, women, androgynes, intersexuals,homosexuals, transgenders, agents - all these definitions of gender do not have any sense for panseksual. Omnisexuality ignores the difference between gender, focusing only on spiritual intimacy, mutual understanding, respect. Sometimes panseksuals do not understand their own sexuality or reject it, confusing themselves with bisexuals or considering it a paraphilia, although neither one nor the other is.

 pansexual and bisexual difference

Public opinion

To understand who panseksuals are, you need toproceed from the fact that the European community recognizes the existence of not only male and female gender and their respective gender identity, but also other types of sexual orientation. For example, the UK fully recognized all the rights of people of non-traditional orientation in 2005, including legal marriage. However, not every country recognizes the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people. Their rights differ from countries by full legalization of same-sex marriages and homosexual partnerships to prison terms and the use of the death penalty.

Rights of people with non-traditional orientation

European legislation on datapersons and their rights include: the full recognition of the country's relations that go beyond the traditional, the legal right to openly serve in army units, the right to bring adopted children to same-sex parents. However, there are countries where measures are being taken to deport these individuals and lobbied for discriminatory laws. In America and Europe there is a program to curb hate crimes against people of non-traditional orientation. For example, in many countries of the East and Africa, individuals who are not part of the traditional concept of sexuality and gender can be sentenced to death.

Etymology of terms

The prefix "pan" comes from the ancient Greekthe words "all, everyone", "omni" comes from the Latin word "all". The hybrid words "pansexualism" and "pansexual" were first attested in 1917 to refer to the idea that sexual instinct plays a paramount role in all human activity, as well as mental and physical. These terms are attributed to Sigmund Freud, as he attached great importance to sexual activity in the early stages of psychological research.

differences bisexual from panseksuala

A literal dictionary definition of bisexuality(based on the prefix of the Latin prefix "bi", which means "double, double") is a sexual or romantic attraction to both sexes (men and women) or to several gender (for example, to transsexuals).

Pancexuality (based on the prefix "pan") -this is a sexual attraction to a person of any gender or gender. Using these definitions, pansexuality is defined differently, obviously, including people who are intersex or any persons who are not part of the traditional binary system.

The essence of pansexualism

In simple language answering the question thatmeans "panseksual", we can say that this is a person who, when choosing a sexual partner, does not look at his sex, his sexual attraction and love are not tied to the sex of his second half.

what does pansexual mean

Scientific studies argue that pansexualscan attract sexually bisexuals, cysts (a new concept for people with traditional sexual orientation), transgender people, intersex and androgynes, and that the term "pansexualism" is generally considered to be a broader term than bisexualism.

There is also an opinion that this term inliterally can be interpreted as an "attraction to everything." People who identify themselves as panseksuals, as a rule, do not suffer from other sexual deviations (paraphilias). Pansexualism does not include such deviations as zoophilia, pedophilia and necrophilia by definition. It is emphasized that the term "pansexuality" describes only intimate relationships by mutual consent of adults. In fact, panseksuals are people who are "blind" to gender as such, they do not see the difference between the sexes. This is very important for understanding the nature of those who are panseksuals. Such gender blindness can be caused by a variety of factors. The LGBT community even created a flag and symbols for pansexuals and bisexuals.

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