Slavic tattoos and their significance are increasingly popular

Slavic tattoos and their meaning
Tattoos, permanent or temporary, werepopular with many peoples and in different eras. These were either security signs, or symbols of belonging to a particular group or stratum of society, clan or caste. Tattooed for beauty, both male and female. Nowadays, tattoos (if this is not the case, connected with prisons and the like) are made more often in order to stand out, to give your image something special.

Slavic tattoos and their significance with eachyear are becoming more and more famous and popular. Of course, Scandinavian symbols are known to many, but the Slavic culture is gaining more and more admirers. Ancient and exciting, it is rich enough, original and interesting. And one of the most notable parts of it are the Slavic runes. And their significance, and their influence - a purely cultural issue, but they all symbolize different aspects of the universe, they require bright thoughts and purity of mind and soul.

Slavic tattoos and their meaning are associated withmagic. Each sign, each image gave the opportunity to deeper and better to see and understand the surrounding world, to feel its very essence. These symbols - runes - seem to open some invisible doors to certain knowledge and give them a person. Our ancestors believed in this and used amulets not only from wood, metal and stone. Runes were used in embroidery, writing, drawing - this is a special system of preserving culture, traditions and knowledge.

Slavic runes and their meaning

Tattoos Slavic are signs,symbolizing Mother Earth (Bereginya), home, love, good and fertility, fire and truth, power, roads and peace. All these images serve as an amulet, a kind of information field, as well as a link to their own history and people.

Slavic tattoos are gaining in popularity, and their importance is also becoming more and more known. Perhaps, more often than not, drawings are used for this purpose, namely wards - runes.

The most basic of them, perhaps, is the rune "Mir",transmitting the image of the Tree of the Universe. This is a fairly common image in world cultures. He and our neighbors are Vikings. The rune "Peace" personifies the desire for order, the inner essence of man, and also gives protection and protection of the gods.

tattoos are Slavic

Its opposite is rune "Chernobog".These are the forces of Chaos, destructive, tearing bonds and bonds. Well, all the forces of destruction and order revolve around the center of the world, runes "Alatyr". This is the center of everything that exists, where everything comes from, and where everything that comes from comes from.

Rune "Rainbow" is a road, an endless path tothe center of the world. Defines this way of fighting the struggle of the forces of Chaos and Order - Flame and Water. This fleece helps in traveling, in the favorable resolution of difficult situations and complexities. The road in this sense is not just a path, but also a special state of mind where there is no end or beginning, but there is both a source and a finish.

Slavic tattoos - and their meaning, and theirproperties - are studied by many venerable scientists and history buffs. Stand out among them and the rune of the Lower World "Viy" - a symbol of fate, inevitable and inevitable fate, death and darkness. They are faced with everything. This rune - a kind of prohibition, constraint of action, coercion, bonds and fetters. Well, the hand "Crud", in contrast to it, symbolizes the revelation, purification, liberation.

Slavic tattoos and their meaning are not studiedonly culturologists. They are popular among modern people who are hungry to find some roots, an intangible spiritual connection with their ancestors, with nature, past and history. And of course, it's just beautiful.

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