The world's largest wild boar: amazing stories about wild pigs

Virtually every hunter dreams ofhis prey was the world's largest wild boar. Agree, such a trophy is not only an occasion for pride, but also a direct proof that a person can overcome even the most formidable beast. However, do not forget that getting a carcass of such an animal will be very difficult.

For the most part this is due to the fact thatThe big killed boar in the world weighed about 500 kg. Therefore, in order to get the title of a new record holder, you need to try hard and look for a larger specimen of this beast. And yet there is always a chance, most importantly, do not give up and believe in yourself.

the world's largest wild boar

Wild wild boars in the nature

So, the range of this animal is just impressive. They can be found both on the snowy expanses of Siberia, and in the hot tropical jungle. It is difficult to say where the largest wild boar in the world lives. Photos of giant pigs are found practically in all countries of the world.

For example, in China there was a pig with the nicknameChun-Chun, weighing just above 900 kg, it is true, raised her at home. But there are similar giants in the wild, but they are not found so often. And nevertheless for today there is not one hundred stories about how lucky people could see wild boar-overgrown.

Boar as the purpose of hunting

It begins with the fact that the wild pig is alwayswas considered a tasty morsel for hunters. Why is that? In fact, everything is quite simple. Firstly, this animal differs from other forest dwellers in its huge size, which, given the meat obtained, is a clear plus. And secondly, such hunting always involves a certain degree of risk, which can not but excite the blood of the pursuers. In addition, the population of wild boars is very extensive, which means that everyone can get their game.

 the biggest wild boar in the world

However, this is a very formidable beast. Because of his violent temper, he can attack the first person on the way, not to mention those situations when he has to fight for his own life. And in his arsenal there are two weapons: fangs and enormous power. Even a small animal can easily cripple an adult, not to mention what is capable of making the world's largest boar.

Therefore, before going to the forest, a personyou need not only to dream about future production, but also to remember your own safety. Otherwise, fortune can play a rather evil joke and change the hunter with the victim in some places.

The largest wild boar in the world

And here we come to the most interesting, namely toto where exactly the giant boar was killed. But before we reveal the whole truth, let's make a small indentation and talk about the previous record holders. After all, their victories were no less grandiose than those that are in the hands of the current leader.

So, you should start with the one who first decidedshow everyone what the world's largest wild boar can be. The name of this man was Eric Slezirak. It was this Frenchman who in 1983 decided to create a sculpture dedicated to the wild pig.

For the embodiment of his dream, it took him 11 years, butit was worth it. As a result, he managed to make a boar with a height of 9.5 m and a length of 11 m, and weighed this wonder-making as much as 11 tons. And although it can not be called a living being, the fact remains that it is the world's largest boar known to mankind.

the largest wild boar in the world

History from The New York Times

In 2004, the famous American newspaperpublished an article stating that a huge boar had been shot by hunters from the state of Georgia. The most interesting thing in this story was that the wild pig was considered a monster, because it had very large fangs, and to be more precise, their length was 70 cm.

Such a hunting trophy quickly glorified hisowners to the whole world. What is true, a bit of tar in the barrel of honey planted scientists who took the DNA from this boar. After all, according to their data, it was not a purebred wild beast, but rather a cross between two species, one of which was an ordinary domestic pig.

And yet for a long time it was this miracle-animal that possessed the title of the best hunting trophy from the category of wild boars. But soon something happened that radically changed the current order of things.

The most amazing story about hunting wild boars

In 2011, there was news that he was killedthe biggest boar in the world. Photo with the beast was seen by all who were interested in hunting. Although for the sake of justice it is worth noting that people far removed from it, with astonishment, delve into what is happening.

And it all started with the fact that the 11-year-old boyHe decided to go hunting with his father. It was in the town of Pickensville, which is in the state of Alabama. By the way, the boy was dragged into tracking down the beasts and his first game was extracted as early as 6 years of age. However, this time a special surprise awaited him in the forest.

the largest killed wild boar in the world

So, following the trail of his prey, he came acrosson a huge boar standing a few meters away. Fortunately, Jamies did not lose his head and shot before the beast could understand what was wrong and rush to the intruder. Sharp shots of the guy piled the boar on the spot, providing the hunter world-wide fame.

Thus, the boar killed by him weighed 490 kilograms, and histhe length was 3.5 meters. This is the largest individual that has met a person, at least, so say the scientists. As for whether there are larger individuals in nature, then the luminaries of science are silent, so who knows how great the next boar will be, met by a brave hunter.

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