Find out what the grasshopper is eating

One of the most famous and favorite songsMany of them had childhood "A grasshopper sat in the grass". Children joyfully sang a simple motive, learning from simple words that, it turns out, the insect is green, that they do not even mind eating ordinary frogs. But what a grasshopper eats, for many of us and in adulthood remains a mystery. As well as what in general eat many of the representatives of insects. Let's learn about the grasshopper menu in detail.

what is eating a grasshopper
This insect is common on all continentsworld except Antarctica. There are more than 6800 species of grasshoppers of various colors and sizes - from very small to giant specimens in Africa. I wonder what eats a grasshopper of such a huge size?

Those who consider representatives of these specieswholly herbivorous, will not be quite right. Because grasshoppers eat not only leaves and grass, although they also enter the diet of these winged insects. But, as it turned out, it's not for nothing that grasshoppers are related to such dangerous creatures as mantises. Everyone knows an interesting fact that the female of this insect eats a male after mating. So, we must tell you that a grasshopper does not always eat vegetarian food. Simply put, many of the representatives of this species are of a predatory temper.

What do grasshoppers eat?
What do grasshoppers eat? The basis of their diet is smallerinsects, larvae, small butterflies, bugs. A funny story is connected with this food passion. Moldovan scientists somehow noticed that on the experimental beds with potatoes on which the Colorado beetles were fierce, empty chitinous shells left from these pests appeared. Naturally, scientists are interested in who eats the main enemies of any agronomist? As it turned out, the thunder of the Colorado beetle was the most common gray grasshopper. Thus, unlike the locust locust, which destroys the fruits of agriculture, this insect brings real benefits. As you can see, the list of what the grasshopper eats is such a wrecker as the well-known Colorado beetle.

However, it is unlikely that insects are characterized by conceptsethics in matters of food preferences. A harmless looking grasshopper, as it turned out, sometimes even trades with cannibalism. In those conditions when it was problematic to get other food, it turned out that grasshoppers and their own kind were eating. To check it is very easy: it is enough to put several representatives of this species in a closed container and not put any food to them, and after a few days (three or four) you will miss one of them.

what grasshoppers eat
So idealize the grasshoppers, counting themnice and harmless representatives of the class of insects, it is not worth it. They can easily stand up for themselves and occupy in the food chain far from last place, eating not only herbs and flowers, but also other butterfly beetles, not disdaining acts of cannibalism against their own brethren. However, it's not worth while to tell the children who sing a song about a small grasshopper.

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