Dresses in the floor with an open back: the best models (photo)

Spectacular and seductive dresses in the floor withopen neckline on the back excites the minds of men no less than clothes with a deep neckline. In addition, psychologists point out that frank cutouts in the decollete or feet area lose slightly to the bare appearance of the female back in evening dress. More and more Hollywood stars go on the red carpet in chic dresses with an open back. This indicates that the fashion for them is in full swing. However, like any other extravagant wardrobe item, such a dress should not only be able to choose according to the type of figure, but also learn how to wear beautifully, as befits a real star.

The history of dress with an open back

Fashion for clothes with bare back came in 1957year. The beginning it put a provocative and unknown at that time the fashion designer from France - Guy Laroche. He created a new collection of spicy dresses, sarafans and overalls, which is significantly different from the then fashion. Presenting his clothes to the public, he amazed the present gentlemen and all influential people. Nobody could remain indifferent, and progressive avant-garde artists completely came to the real delight of seductive dresses.

Guy Laroche did not despair that only a small partthe spectators liked his outfits. Anticipating success, he continued to improve and improve his models. The legendary dress style in the floor with an open back became a symbol of the Fashion house couturier called Guy Laroche. A very short time passed, and all Hollywood actresses and secular lionesses of the modern era began to crowd together with the fashion designer. They set the fashion for dresses with an open back and helped Guy Laroche become legendary. The stars of the cinema dreamed of shocking the audience, so piquant dresses then climbed to the top of their popularity.

dress with an open back and a train

The most famous dress of cinematography

The most candid dress Guy Laroche gotpopularity in the film "The tall blond in black shoe." It was a black dress in a floor with an open back and long sleeves. The depth of the dress cut was 2 centimeters below the tailbone. Even now, very few people will dare to wear such a seductive outfit, and for the then public, and at all such attire was nonsense. However, actress Mireille Dark was not afraid to look extravagant and was right. The dress only added to her appeal in the eyes of viewers and famous directors. The image of her character became a real symbol and standard. Even after many years the style of the dress in the floor with an open back remained unchanged.

black dress in the floor with an open back

How to wear a dress with a cutout

Dreaming of a luxurious long dress, you should think about many things that may not give you the full enjoyment of the image. Among these factors it is worth noting the most important:

  • Skin condition.

Deciding to wear a frank evening dress,It is worth making sure that the skin is okay. On the back there should be no peeling, acne, wounds or scratches. Otherwise, the whole effect of the seductive dress will be completely inverse. Instead of showing the world a beautiful and smooth skin that will emphasize the bend of the back, everyone will see only its imperfections.

  • Figure.

Not every woman can affordput on a dress in the floor with an open back. The cutout opens all the folds and rollers on the sides. But, this does not mean that a woman will have to be forever from this luxurious style. It is enough to choose only a dress from a suitable fabric and a cutout of the correct form and depth.

  • Hairstyle.

Hairstyle has always been an important attributeevening image. Wearing a dress with an open back, it is worth taking care of her choice in advance. It should emphasize the beauty of the back and not in any case not close the cutout. Ideally, it should be a high hairstyle from the collected hair. Elegant hair is, of course, a huge advantage, but when you go out into the light in such a dress, you should decide what will be the main advantage of the evening - the dress or the length of the head of hear.

  • Bra.

Underwear is another important nuance thatcan affect the perception of the whole evening dress. The bra should not be visible. Therefore, you need to choose seamless models with transparent clasps.

dresses in the floor with an open back

The most popular bra for open dresses

This title wears a silicone bra. This is the most popular bra model, suitable for almost every dress in the floor with an open back. Most stylists are advised to wear it only for appearances. On such a bra there are no straps, fasteners and even a back. The only thing that keeps him on the body is silicone cups. They effectively raise their breasts, and are also completely invisible even under the thinnest fabric. Despite the obvious advantages of a silicone bra before the usual, even he has one serious drawback. It consists in the fact that the calyx often falls from the chest, especially with a long sock. Therefore, it is better not to wear it for long-term activities. After 6 hours, the silicone bra begins to peel off from the body, but judging by the numerous reviews, this happens even earlier. The skin under his cups does not breathe and begins to sweat intensely, which contributes to the rapid decay of the bra.

Other types of bras for a dress with an open back

Regular bra, suitable for everyday useclothes, to the evening dress with a bare back is not suitable. Therefore, for such a case, it is worth choosing a special option that can be worn under any styles of evening dresses.

  • Bra with silicone back.

This model can be both with shoulder straps, andwithout. A distinctive feature is the silicone back and transparent clasp. In such a bra a woman will feel more confident, putting on, for example, a lace dress in the floor with an open back. It will be possible not to worry that the bra will fall off at the most inappropriate moment. But this bra is not perfect. The back of the bra in this model, though made of transparent silicone, but still visible, even in dim lighting.

  • Decorative.

This kind of brassiere differs significantly fromother variations. The highlight of the model is that its back is made of decorative material that adorns the dress. The back can be made from an elegant lace or chain. A variety of decorative bras allows you to choose the option that is most suitable for an evening gown.

What to wear under an open dress, if there is no suitable bra?

If a suitable version of the bra does notis, and the dress already waits, when it will put on, the ordinary body can come to the aid. This unremarkable wardrobe item can play a role when there is no time to search for a bra, and a release is expected in the next few hours. The secret of the body is that usually its back has a very deep neckline. Putting it on an evening dress with long sleeves, you can not worry about how the breast will look - the body will pull up the figure and even help to hide the small wrinkles on the body. It is only necessary to make sure that the straps from the body do not look through the dress on the shoulders.

dresses in the floor with an open back

Evening dresses in the floor with an open back

Going to be the star of the evening, not necessarilybother with hair or paint your face with bright makeup. It is enough just to put on an elegant guipure dress in the floor with an open back. This outfit will take all the attention on itself, make the woman mysterious and seductive. Dresses in the floor should be chosen by the ladies who want to emphasize the beauty of the back, to emphasize its bend.

guipure dress in the floor with an open back

Fortunately, the variety of styles and fabricsallows you to choose the right model for each woman. Regardless of the growth, figure or occasion of the festive event, you can choose the perfect evening dress that will emphasize all the advantages of your mistress. Usually evening dresses are decorated with rhinestones, drapery, embroidery, various ruffles and lace. The cut on the back can be deep or not at the same time. Its depth depends on the occasion for which the holiday is arranged.

lace dress in the floor with an open back

How to dress up at the prom?

Going to the prom, you needcarefully think over your outfit. Choosing a dress for the event in the floor with an open back, it remains only to determine the shape suitable for the shape and color of the outfit. For the prom, it's better not to take a dress with an open neckline below the tailbone. Such models are more suitable for parties. But a small mysterious incision, emphasizing the posture, will look great. It is worth remembering that the neckline of such a dress should not be deep, otherwise the image will turn out to be too vulgar for the prom.

evening dresses in the floor with an open back

For such a holiday, whitedress in the floor with an open back, which will symbolize the tenderness and youth of her mistress. Gorgeous will look gorgeous dress from tulle. A multi-layered skirt will make the image of a young girl romantic and touching. In this dress everyone can feel like a princess.

white dress in the floor with an open back

Choosing a dress for your birthday

To celebrate a birthday, the choice of dress will bepass easier. At your own party, you can wear whatever your soul desires. For the chosen dress, you can set the style of the entire holiday, for example, ask guests to dress up in the images of the 1920s. Dresses reminiscent of the era of jazz, mean bright and shiny dresses with an abundance of shining accessories. Various fur capes, long gloves, perfectly combined with tight dresses in a floor - dress with an open back and train, will make the birthday girl the star of the evening and will attract a lot of enthusiastic looks.

golden dress in the floor with an open back

Dresses for social events

Going to join a society where there will be a lotphotographers and famous people, the choice of attire should be approached responsibly. First, it is very important not to overdo it. Too extravagant dresses can attract the attention of all photographers, but in fact it is completely out of place at this event.

black dress in the floor with an open back

Choosing a dress, it is necessary to determine the purpose of exitin the light. If you want to become shocking and make a splash, then it really is worth choosing something unusual as an outfit. But if you plan to impress everyone with your beauty and sense of style, it is better to give preference to classical dresses. For example, a velvet dress in a floor with an open back will make its possessor a real example of elegance and femininity.

velvet dress in the floor with an open back

Evening dresses for a photo shoot

Many girls love to be photographed. Even without being a photomodel, everyone wants to get beautiful shots from the studio in a stunning image. The main detail in this image will, of course, be an evening gown. Usually for the sake of a photo shoot, the girls go to the store and take a few dresses for rent. This is very profitable from a financial point of view, because not all have enough money to please yourself with a new outfit. Evening dresses are also quite expensive, and for the sake of a photo shoot such a purchase does not justify itself.

dresses in the floor with an open back

In a photo studio, you do not have to worry about the styledress, and choose any model you like. A golden dress in the open-backed floor is considered the best model of this season. Not every girl decides to go on holiday in the image of a goldfish, but to photograph herself in a photo will be a wonderful idea.

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